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Post mortem: “In short”

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Monday, September 14th, 2015 4:17 pm

One way or another I ended up here alone this time. So I decided to convert it into my first Compo – personal mini challenge.

In short, it was like this:

(By the word “collisions” I mean the mechanics of the object’s borders detection and the collisions between objects)


– Woo-hoo! Ludum Dare tomorrow. I totally need to sleep well.


Day 1:

– Are you kidding me?! 3 hours of sleep because of sudden insomnia strike?

– Hello, stream, I’m your sleepy friendly ghost.

– What do you mean “no internet connection”?! OK, no panic, start it offline.

– Hi, welcome back, luckily I have only the game idea, let’s draw it!

– Lunch time!

– I nearly made these collisions.

– I nearly made these collisions.

– Lunch time? No? OK.

– Let’s just call these good collisions and keep going.

– Yay, my own sprites. Me is drawing! I don’t even want to burn these down.

– I nearly made these colli… Anyway it looks better with the sprites.

– Cut scenes! I’ll just ignore the fact that I don’t have the finished game, play it cool.

– Looks nice, next task: don’t fall asleep on the keyboard.


Day 2:

– Morning, guys! Let’s finish it!

– Yay, it’s actually very simple.

– Damn, it’s actually very simple. I need to make the bigger game.

– Lunch time!

– Or… Maybe I’ll finish the game and make a bonus? Something in-between?

– Main part is done. Looks like it even works.

– Bonus level!

– Bonus level that works and actually gives the fun!

– I made these collisions! I made the z-sorting! I’m unstoppable! Let’s finish it gloriously.

– OK, let’s post this. The easiest part – write down the description. Right? Oh…

– Posted!

– Hr-r-r-r… Zzz…


Day 3, bug fixing:

– I nearly made these collisions…



P.S.: you can play the game here

Time lapse of the 1st day of the work process here


First day TIME LAPSE

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Sunday, September 13th, 2015 12:31 pm


It was a big time. I participated in Compo, so I have two days of video of making the game. Here’s the day 1:

Have fun!

Play the game here: Room Chaos Monster


New main Image for the Monster (cover for the finished game)

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 7:27 am

Oh, btw, yesterday I made a new logo image for the game, so here it is.

The game ended up as a pretty short one, and first thing to improve for the post-compo will be better items randomization and bigger table.

Anyway, the bonus level is nice and I can make some extra stuff based on it.

Feel free to review my game and comment on any possible improvements. (link)


I’ll just leave some CHAOS here!

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 1:28 pm

I made it!

I posted my first Compo and third LD game!

Drawing sprites was fun. In fact, I’m a programmer and my graphic skills have always been somewhere between: “I can resize this photo” and “I can make a programm that draws this better than me”. But it ended up much better than it could be.

My monster is now yours.


If you want to check out the process, you can watch the videos from my channel:   DemyHallar

If you’d like to, you can play the game here

a-a-and don’t forget to rate it!






> punch -s post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Sunday, May 10th, 2015 4:12 pm

Ludum Dare 32 is close to the end and it’s time to get ride of the procrastination and summ up some parts of the work we done.

First of all our game was about robots. And Natasha did some nice job developing their appearance:

Robot concepts

Here’s the sketch to the first comic line:


that ended up as this:




She even wanted to add a cover, something like this:


Too cute to die

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 6:52 am

It’s already 3rd day of LD and time is passing very quickly.

But cute robots will never surrender (srsly, they just don’t have such command).

So, we went from this:



to this:


They’re fighting, they’re dying.

If you want to know more about the process you can visit my stream. I’ll be there soon (if you’ll visit it now, you will be entertained by our small shiny fighters).

I have something sweet for you

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 5:58 am
I have something sweet for you

I have something sweet for you

Hi, Ludum Dare, it’s my 2nd time here.

This time we teamed up with awesome artist Natasha.

We already made some nice game parts and you can follow my workflow on my stream.


More than that, we got some Ludum Dare cupcakes!





So, don’t forget to eat and get some sweet ideas!

That was fun

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 12:14 pm

(Sorry for all possible language mistakes in this message)

Ok, I guess it’s time for my first post mortem.

It’s the first time I tried myself on Ludum Dare and it was intense. I never did something like that, that was the whole new experience and it was fun (including not-sleeping and not-eating parts =)).

Thank you all for your reviews and time spent in my game, when I published it I wasn’t expect any good comments – it still hadn’t story or normal user feedback.

That was so fun playing your games, reading your comments.

It’s a post about creation of Whole life on one screen.


How did my work process look like? (long post + bonus)



Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 11:57 am

Work in progress.

Ah, i am so afraid of blaming on my understanding of the theme but i like this application of it.

The whole life of character on one screen via his activities in the Internet, messenger and games.


This will end up as a game or as my own OS =D

#Update 1

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 3:17 am


I can’t stop myself from posting this. One of the first icons for menu. 1 min in Photoshop.

I think it’s the best thing i’ve drew ever =D

No, really, i like this guy.

Hi everyone

Posted by (twitter: @DemyHallar)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 2:20 am

It’s first time i’m participating in this.

Where i live it’s only morning. Theme opened at 6 a.m. in local time and i was so frightened i couldn’t asleep after checking it.

First thing that comes to mind is one screen arcade, and i’m not very good at them so i thought it would be something impossible to me.

But then i got an idea of the time manager- or quest-like game. Sounds much more understandable for me.

I have no idea will it work or will i finish it in time but i will do my best.

One of the complications is that English is not my native language and i’ll need a lot of texts.

Ok, good luck everyone. I promise myself to finish it and fight for it (well, with myself mostly, but still).

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