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Have to study…

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 11:06 am






After 2 hours of intense coding I managed to crash my computer after trying to run my little stencyl made game, The Necro-games. It was going to be about necromancers competing about who can create the largest army of zombies. Sadly, my little villagers started to use a little bit too much processing power after I coded them to calculate distances between each other (or least I think that’s what caused it).

This project was started 7 hours ago, because I had to be away last evening. That left me with too little time to actually make something proper.

Right now I have moving (and dying) people, the necromancer, the playing area and several dozens blocks of distance calculation code. I have to begin writing an essay for school now, and cant really continue this project until next evening.

This is most likely over for me guys, but I will return next time, and I will be better prepared and more talkative.

What is a villain?

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6:26 am

Had to out and do stuff instead of programing…  But that gave me time to think and plan my game. Due of my rather philosophical nature I started to think about what being a villain actually is. I really wanted to find an odd view to the subject so I could make something least partially unique.

Evil is something that we, people, don’t like to be done to us or others. It’s usually something that causes harm or loss of power and freedom. When a person is described as evil, we usually mean that he does not really care what others think and freely does these evil things, such as steals, kills, destroys and so on.

Villain is, in my opinion, somebody that can be described as evil, harmful to others. They usually do things that we consider bad to reach personal goals, witch are also usually “rather evil” (destroying the world, global domination, money…).

So, typical villain has an evil goal  (personal gain, satisfaction) and evil actions (generally ignoring will and rights of others).

And we can say that typical hero will have good goals (“common good”) and good actions (treats others as equals).

Both of earlier definitions are inaccurate, however. Usually heroes have to do “bad” things, such as killing, to reach their noble goal. And our villains might also be just misunderstood. Robin Hood was clearly a hero (or least shown as a hero), but why today’s pirates stealing for their families to eat aren’t?

Do actions make your goals evil? Do goals make your actions evil? Is a person with noble goal doing evil things to reach that goal a villain? Or is a good doing person with bad intentions evil?

These are the questions in my head right now. I will try to make a game with somehow odd way to view villains. I just hope I can start it soon, ‘cos time is running out…

So, to make sure that my main character is a villain, are evil actions or evil motives enough, or should he/she have both to be a true villain?


Looks like i’m in, and really late…

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 1:29 am

Just found out that Ludum began 6 hours ago… I hope it’s still possible to for me to join in and get a game out in time. First time here and don’t really know what I’m doing.

I will be using Stencyl or GameMaker, because im lazy (and completely out of time) and html skills are rusted. Seems like it’s gona be jam entry then? Or was Stencyl ok for actual compo entries?

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