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Another LD, another WTF am I doing

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 11:49 am

One Room can go in so many ways, so I’m just doing something I like and hoping the Room in it will emerge.

Love Zachtronics games. TIS-100 and Shenzhen I/O are wonderful games that made me want to learn 6502 assembly and NES programming, so I’ve taken this opportunity to write a little naive assembler/VM. No bytecode, just creating instruction list and interrupt bindings, simulate the memory with an array of ints, and have a stepping engine that executes the instructions.

It works. It can do arithmetic. It can read write memory, register fudge, crash, report syntax errors and overflows. Can also make multiple VMs and have them chat over shared memory addresses and run in parallel.

Question is, wtf am I doing and where is the game in this? Need more drinks.

Progress update

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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 9:33 am

This theme really stumped me.. I suppose I need themes to be either more evocative or more directly limiting; Instead this one seems wide open and sort of aimless..

Last time I had a working game within the first 12 hours I was pretty happy with, but with this one I’m fumbling in the dark. What i’ve got so far is a terminal interface with some visual effects and an ascii image renderer, a music system, and a procedural generator that dumps *ludicrous* amounts of detail on fictitious companies, including employees, networks, buildings and their adresses, documents etc. I’m thinking I want to do a sort of hacker roguelike where you’ve got to track down a file/files by being given some clues from an employer. I guess I’m imagining a text adventure of sorts but with some more systems, a pretty vast procedural space to get lost in (if you’re just fumbling around) and some neat cyberpunky sensibilities. This MAY have to segue from the compo into the jam though, I just haven’t hit that same stride I had last time.

This is Flash with some stage3d fluff, written in Haxe 3 using custom stuff or my own open source libraries.



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