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Morse Code Morris – Almost Finished

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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 8:00 am

So my entry and my first time doing LD Morse Code Morris.

This Concept and title literally fell into my lap, I was up late the other night waiting for the 2am announcement here in the UK when my Girlfriend Came in from work about 2:15am whilst i was figuring out what to do for the theme i said ancient technology and straight away she responded with Morse Code (she actually said morris code by mistake hence the characters name now) and that was it i began on this little odd one.

The Idea is you have to navigate Morris to a portal that will advance him to the next stage there are 6 portals on each stage 5 kill you 1 takes you to the next. The Name of the Correct Portal is told to you in Morse Code through the audio so the idea is to get a pen and paper decypher the code and go to that Portal. Simple as that also throw in some Enemies to Dodge to and you have a game.

I made it in SEUK (Shoot Em Up Kit) a program i have become quite fond of for Jamming and doing different stuff with.

The Graphics where whipped up in Photoshop and the sound was done with Magix and a Morse code Generator.

Still Polishing it up and working on an accompanying document to help you de cypher the code.

Here is a video of me testing it.

I am in for the first time too

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Sunday, August 21st, 2016 12:40 pm

I am in,

Another person taking part for the first time, i am an award winning film maker who recently made the jump and started making games too, already taken part in a few jams and enjoyed it so booked next weekend free to sit at home and create something weird.

Should be interesting the last Jam i entered i made a game about a Fried Egg trying to escape from Hell, So who knows what i’ll come up with this time :)

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