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ShipShift PostMortem

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Thursday, May 5th, 2016 11:12 am

A little late, but here is it!

go play


What is the game about

This game is about a spaceship that can change its shape. Each one has unique abilities, and you must use them to save the universe in the year of 2344.

It’s a endless bullet-hell like game, where you confront increasing waves of enemies. Btw, what is your score??

Ideas and process

We had just some ideas until we get this one. One of them was a puzzle game where you had to move as quick as possible onto some cell next to you that has the same shape of the player’s current shape (the red rectangle from the image below). We discarded this, as we do not find so much fun on it :p



So we got the idea of a bullet-hell game, using only geometrical forms (as it can be easily generated using SFML lol), so we started the development and we get…. Some shapes on screen


it’s… something

Of course, this was one of the first steps on having a game. A little more effort we got some enemies on screen and started testing the ship movements, including awsd controls, asteroid-like moving through the edges of the screen and, finally, a follow the mouse approach.

asteroid uh?


Long story short, we had some nice ideas for different abilities for each shape, but as the deadline was coming, we just simplified them to get a minimum viable product. See the abilities breakdown:

Triangle (weak, quick)

Attack: quick laser shot

Alt attack: nova (was guided missile)

Rectangle (strong, slow)

Attack: nope (was melee)

Alt attack: melee (was timed invincibility/time warp)

Circle (normal, medium)

Attack: nothing (was mine deployment)

Alt attack: absorbs enemy shots with its shield (was reflective shield)

Also, we did not make any sound for the game. Sorry


not today!

What Went Well

  • We did a game!
  • Learnt some new cool things on SFML
  • Valuable feedback from the community (yay, you!)
  • A more finished game the our last entry
  • Linux, OSX and Windows builds
  • A really cool HUD 😉

What Went Wrong

  • No music
  • No joystick support
  • No shaders :/


Now we will try to finish the game, add some missing features, improve the code quality (generic classes will belong to our “bootstrap” code, helping on future projects), a better collision detection, evaluate game balancing, create some badass audio, all of this considering all your advices <3


ffmpeg FTW!

So go play our game (the jam version, we didn’t worked on improvements yet, but take a look on the code on our github page), follow us on twitter/facebook and have lots of fun!

ShipShift: engaged!

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Monday, April 18th, 2016 11:44 pm

@rogerzanoni and @mdkcore are proud to annouce: our Ludum Dare 35 entry is alive!


You can play, and vote, now on its entry page. For now only a Windows build was provided, but we’ll be adding Linux and OS/X soon. Source code is available too.

If you find any problem, please inform us on the comment section, so we can check if it’s a build problem (linux guys…) or something we did wrong 😉



More details about our journey on the postmortem… Right now, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

From your beloved Dead Body Outline team <3

DeadBodyOutline is: [√] In [ ] Out

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Friday, April 15th, 2016 2:20 pm

Hey all, here we are again!

This time MDK and Zanoni will be drinking bear eating bacon sleeping working together on LD35 😀

Probably we will use vim/emacs (respectively), with SFML (C++) for the development.

Additional tools: GIMP (or open assets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), FL Studio/Audacity/sfxrgitlab while developing (the code will be available on our github when finished), and probably something more, according the theme and our idea.

Also trello for ideas and task tracking, IRC and our Twitter/Facebook  account for updates on our progress.

Let’s go!

Day 1: Mo Mo Mo Monster Fail

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 10:01 am

Yeah, first time using Unreal Engine. We should have done the warm up week.

But we still working on it! Already have a character walking on a basic platform, using Paper2D and a tilemap. The editor also works perfectly on Linux. Pretty cool!

Maybe at the end we will not have a game to submit, but finally we are using Unreal Engine, and it’s awesome!

Here we go again 😀

We are: [√] In [ ] Out

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 1:33 pm

Here we are again, our second time on LudumDare Jam!

And now, Rodrigo and Zanoni will be developing a game on this issue (if not much drunk to do anything).

This time we will use UnrealEngine on c++ for the development, and try to not make the same mistakes from the last time.

For other things, we will do the same as before; use open assets at the begin (opting-out from the graphics/audio category, if so), and make sprites/audio if the time allow us (this time we will try hard to accomplish this).. So, for graphics, GIMP/inkscape , sound/music with FL Studio/Audacity/sfxr. The UnrealEngine is already running on my Linux box, but we will use MacOS/Windows as fallback, if needed. For the code, private git repo until the deadline, and github after. And as we will need to still alive, coffee, bacon and beer will do the job, as usual.

Monster Kill


Other tools include Trello for ideas and task tracking, IRC and our Twitter account for updates on our progress.

Let’s go!

Neat: Nightfall as played by others

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Monday, May 11th, 2015 3:08 pm

The guys from TechValleyGameSpace have played Nightfall. See the video below:

Thanks Omiya Games for reviewing my entry. Also thanks everyone who played Nightfall (soon, post-jam versions will start rolling!).

Nightfall: A Post-Mortem Story

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 5:38 pm

Finally, Nightfall post-mortem :) After some problems, got the game submitted on time. First time on LudumDare!

What is the game about

You control Doctor Sheerin, a brilliant researcher who finds a new and amazing thing: The Darkness. But his new discover didn’t got the attention of the population the way he desire: they want to destroy it. People are afraid of The Darkness, since the planet they live is surrounded by light all the time at each single point of its surface. So Doc. Sheerin must protect the reactor, a huge machine that generate and nurture a practical gun that fire shots of darkness at things, reacting extremely weird at living beings.

How the hell you got this??

Since the theme was announced at 10 P.M. where I live (Brazil, hu3 hu3 I REPORT U), and I was at a friend’s birthday party, I decided to do a beerstorm there. So I did. Got some theme ideas, listed below, with a short description of each one (used Trello to list them):

nice uh?

Ideas and development tracking

  • candy (*): something mixing Katamari with Pokémon, but you throw the candy, enemies with the same color got stuck on it. Then you keep the candy with you, like pokeballs, and use again against other enemies (of course could be a limit of enemies attached to it);sketch of another idea
  • beach: I dunno, was too drunk to think how it could be a good idea;
  • street racing: using the cars as weapons, but each car kills just their driver;
  • music notes: you fight your enemy doing the correct music sequence, realized there are plenty of games like it;
  • birthday (hah!): pretty unconventional, celebrate the birthday of your enemies to the death!
  • cat launcher: like a rocket launcher, but with cats, and you control the cat (based on my cat);
  • change the enemy size: shrink or grow its size, could have been funny;
  • darkness (***): use a darkness burble to surpass enemies on your path;
  • beer hose: like the water hose from firemen, but with beer! Put down your enemies with this delicious beverage;
  • worm launcher: like a rocket launcher, but with worms, and… eh, OK;
  • control the enemy: control the enemy while inside the field of action;
  • the weapon is your character, versus himself: cool idea, but how?
  • object from space (**): annihilate living beings!
  • religion: convert enemies into allies. But if gods decide to interfere?
  • the level (*): use the level as weapon.


MacOS X build!

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 3:01 pm

Another fresh build. But it is quite slow on my machine (not so powerful).

Mac OS X

Since I will not touch the code, I will let it as-is. See you there 😉

Finally, Windows build

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 9:05 am

I finally managed how to build my game for windows, so it’s alive now!

Windows build

Take a look on it 😉

I can’t finish the game the way I want. There are no intro scene, no Game Over screen, no progress update (there are logic to do it already, just don’t show yet). Enemies should appear more frequently after some time, but not implemented yet.

Also, I found a bug on this build: the character do not move and shoot at the same time. It’s strange, as it works on linux. Can I try to fix it and update the build, addressing just this issue? Or let it the way it is right now??

Well, will add more details on the postmortem… Also, I plan to finish the game, but now I want to play all entries! YAY!


Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 12:03 pm

move guys!

Hurry up!

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 4:02 am

Still having to do a lot of things, plus some weird bugs.
Pretty huge GIF file


Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 1:35 pm

nope nope nope
Now, back to work :p

Progress of the day

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 1:41 am

Yesterday when the theme was announced I was at a birthday party, so I did a pretty nice beerstom at the time.
beer \o/





Today, fully rested, I started researching for the concept ideas I had last night (when I could understand what I’ve wrote while drunk). So drawn a basic concept on what I should had on the end of the day.

quick draw

And now I have this:
not my art!

Yay! Note that I’m using OpenGameArt assets (the reactor is just an edit of the original tileset). If I got time at the end, will try to draw my own art.

Anymay, I should have done it some hours ago. There are no moving things yet, and I need to implement the weapon system (tip: the huge reactor has the fuel for the weapon 😉

So, time to sleep now. I need to stay alive to submit the game :p

We are: [√] In [ ] Out

Posted by (twitter: @DeadBodyOutline)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 12:31 am

Our first time on LudumDare Jam!

nephthys, my development machine

Rodrigo talking here. Above is nephthys, my development machine 😉

For this Jam, I will use SDL2 or SFML (c++) for the game development. Probably will focus on the game mechanics (according to the winning theme). But this one will be a relaxed one for me, as I can not be active for the 72h of the Jam :/).

So, as I’m a programmer guy, I will try to create assets only if we get some free time before the deadline (OpenGameArt assets will be our salvation in this case, but opting-out from the graphics/audio category, if so). Anyway, for graphics, GIMP/inkscape will do the job (but I’m bad at pixel art); sound/music will go with FL Studio/Audacity/sfxr (I’m even worse at it). My editor of choice is vim, running on Slackware 64 current (have to finish a windows 8.1 virtual machine install for this platform specific build). Oh, of course, as fuel: coffee, bacon and beer (not exactly on this order).

For the build system, I want to try biicode as multiplatform choice. If get failure on it, plain cmake for it. Git for control version, always. Additional tools/libraries will be used according our interpretation of the theme.

Also, I’ll be using Trello for ideas and task tracking, and will be online on LudumDare’s IRC and Slack channels (nick: rodrigo_golive). Twitter will receive WIP images and comments (@DeadBodyOutline, and on my personal one too), and I plain to write some small progress post every day here.

Well, as LD starts at 10 P.M. where I live, I will do a beerstorm about the theme at the time (a friend’s birthday party). So, really starting coding something on Saturday :p

Good luck for us all!

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