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Renegadeware all-in

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 5:05 pm

Late “I’m in” post for LD 29 compo, just to be clear with what I’ll be using:


Unity3D with NGUI, Playmaker, Mate stuff (https://github.com/ddionisio)

Graphics Gale




Not fully prepared for this one, but let’s see how it goes!

Have fun everyone!

The Chronicles of GitGirl – A Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Sunday, September 1st, 2013 1:39 pm

gitgirl_postmortem(click me to play the game!)



GitGirl is the game I made for the 48-hour Ludum Dare. It’s a 2D platformer game where you, as GitGirl, must resolve the conflict that plagues the repositories scattered across the galaxy. It doesn’t really make sense, but let’s just go with that!  In order to resolve these conflicts, GitGirl must throw a 5 megaton bomb into the heart of the conflict.  These bombs are designated to explode in 10-seconds and you must escape before that.

About GitGirl

There really isn’t much story behind GitGirl, but there is a sort of history.  She was a character I designed for a game jam hosted by GitHub back in November 2012.  The theme of the jam is anything that relates to Git or GitHub.  The little metal face above her is suppose to mimic OctoCat(tm).  The intergalactic space hair represents pushing and pulling. 😛  Let’s just say the game is pretty loosely based!  This is a significant history for me as it got me to discover Ludum Dare when I was researching about game jams.

 gitgirl_bookmark(GitGirl concept art, November 2012)

GitGirl Ludum Dare Edition Postmortem

gitgirl(Early Work-In-Progress of the Post-Compo, stay tune!)

The Good Times

  • Unity 3D – At this point, I have very little problems with Unity3D, in fact, I had no snags working on this game.  I’ve been accumulating a framework I pretty much use for every game development I do with Unity.  This framework is called Mate.  Mate pretty much started since the first Ludum Dare, accumulating useful utilities that I pretty much use a foundation for games I start.  Here’s the repo. Mate has helped me get UI flows, scene management, save states, input done much much quicker than I would if I go with the bare-bones Unity.  I’m pretty happy with it thus far.
  • Production – Getting all the UIs, game-flow, and art assets working together was pretty fast during the compo, I pretty much blazed through those.  In fact, I had to…because putting them together was pretty much during the final hours! 😀
  • GitGirl – After getting all of the mechanics of the game out of the way (which took a long while), I was pretty much demotivated.  I decided to think about what sort of character this game will have.  I was looking around for inspiration and seeing old sketches of GitGirl, I knew she was going to star in this Ludum Dare!  (mostly because she’s fun to draw)
  • Art – Speed drawing was the most fun I had for this entry, even though I still need to work on my art skill 😛  I’m getting more comfortable drawing with a stylus and using Graphics Gale.  But for pixel art, I use mouse pretty much 90% of the time.
  • Music – I’m not a musician, so I heavily rely on cgMusic to compose! I was pretty lucky that it was able to produce some decent tunes after just a couple clicks.  All credits to music goes to the author of cgMusic, btw.  Also for those generating music with midi, look for a way to use custom sound fonts if possible, it makes a world of difference! Most noteably SGM v2.01. Solmire comes with this.

The Bad Times

  • Late Start – When the theme 10-seconds was announced (6pm PST), I had no idea what kind of game I would make.  I think I pretty much stared blank on the screen and doodled dumb things for an hour or two.  I had two thoughts: Make the obvious run before time runs out or something out of this world.  I pretty much decided on the former 😀
  • Complex Mechanic/Level Design – I really wanted to get gravity fields working for this game, it looked pretty awesome as I was testing it.  The problem is, making levels with it.  Also plenty of edge-cases I still need to iron out.  Another issue is trying to implement too many gameplay mechanics.  At some point, I wanted grappling hook for this game…grabbing and throwing enemies/objects…crazy moving platforms.  I ended up with just: jump around, gravity fields, throw/grab bomb.  It wasn’t that bad at all and might be better off just being like this.
  • Random Computer Reboot – it was right during level creating when the computer just randomly froze and just reboot.  Considering I had the power on for 2 straight days during a pretty hot weather.  This actually took a good chunk of time and motivation.  First, Windows getting stuck during the start screen…so I have to do a restore from last recovery point (luckily it was fairly recent).  After that, the project was pretty much corrupted.  Luckily I have the project backed up recently from GitHub (considering where this game is inspired from!).  How recent that was however…is no levels and all of the tweaking I made gone.  Could have been worse, so always backup your project in good intervals!

Fun Stuff


rejectsCharacters that didn’t make it into the game…for now!

level_designDesigning a level

tweak_galoreAll sorts of values for tweaking physics!

timeline_editorTimeline editor.  If you guys hate the animation editor in Unity (who doesn’t), this is a great alternative.  It’s a plugin I revived after the author abandoned it.  Here’s the link to its github repo: MateAnimator

old_newThe old and the new, they grow up so fast! Or shrink in this case!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to give this game a try!   Also stay tune for the post-compo edition of the game with loads of improvements!


It’s done…sort of!  Here’s some pics!




Quick Summary

Due to the complexity of designing the levels, there’s no way I could squeeze in a little more within 48-hour time limit!  There’s a couple physics bug lurking there, it seems to be fairly minor as far as I’ve tested.

The game revolves around an entity that lurks in the recesses of GitHub, resolving conflicts when the need arises.  This character is actually something I made during the GitHub game-jam almost a year ago.  Seeing as the theme ’10-seconds’ is non-existent in terms of aesthetics, she gets to star in the game!  It’s fun making her character and didn’t take quite long to quickly churn out her art.  I just had to draw those just to make the game have that right look and feel!

Anyhow, play the game! The link is here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=17724

For now, I must sleep.  *NEED* sleep.


LD27 tEaM Renegadeware – IN

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 7:10 pm

Going in for the 48 hour compo.  I figure I’ll post this to declare my Code of Mass Disaster.  I’ll be using the following:

Unity3D along with the following 3rd party plugins:

  • Toolkit 2D
  • NGUI
  • Play Maker
  • HOTween
  • Pro Builder (maybe)
  • AStar Project (maybe)
  • Mate Unity (my stuff)

If anyone is interested, feel free to salvage any of my code in GitHub:


Most noteably:

  • Mate Animator – This is a timeline editor akin to Flash’s, I basically fixed it so it is less resource intensive and uses HOTween.  Check it out from the repository to get an idea what it is. I will most likely make use of this for the entry and finally have some sort of decent scene animation.
  • Mate Image Effects – A couple novelty post-screen effects for silly stuff.  You need the Pro edition of Unity to make use of these.

As for other things:

  • Graphics Gale
  • Photoshop
  • cgMusic and http://solmire.com/ (for better mp3 conversion)
  • bfxr for sound effects.
  • Milkshape 3D, possibly for 3D stuff

dotLife Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Monday, April 29th, 2013 7:40 pm




I had a pretty relaxed time making this game for the most part!  This entry turned out alright and I feel happy about it.


Thanks to the theme I learned a lot about minimalism!  There really isn’t so much a category for minimalism in art, music, etc.  In art, it seems to take from other forms, mostly from abstraction. It really is just a lifestyle.  At least that’s the conclusion I made.  It seems similar to buddhism, but not exactly.

Development Summary

Post-screen FXs

I wanted to do something neat for the visuals to add that extra immersion in the game since I’m gunning for an adventure sort thing.  First I wanted to try to refrain from using what Unity 3D provides and roll out my own.  I’ve coded shaders before, but that was such a long time ago that I’ve nearly forgotten the bizarre conventions it has.  So I tried to convert my old bloom effect to cg and things blew up left and right.  Compile errors for shaders are never helpful.

What I got working though are two things: color quantization and de-resolutionizer.  The color quantization basically just lowers the resolution of each color channel with a given value.  For this game, I basically set it to 8 colors.  De-resolutionizer just gets the center pixel of each row and column based on a given x and y dimension.  This is an effect you see a lot back in the Super Nintendo days.

The rest of the effects are pulled from Unity: Bloom and noise effect.

Mixing both bloom and color quantization gave that nice effect.  I had fun just moving around the level seeing the colors mix in an interesting way.


I’ve coded this a while ago and I decided I want to try it out and see if it turns into some sort of interesting game mechanic.  Turned out to be a big pain.  Flocking is actually not that bad to implement.  The difficulty is making it behave right and, like anything physics related, tweaking it.  Between post-screen effect and this was pretty much my entire Friday night and early Saturday.

The game took a different direction when I didn’t have time to further work on the flocking.  I actually wanted it so that you sort of herd triangles around and avoid other flocks, in this case, the squares.  I played around with it and never got anything solid.  The squares still use them though.

Level Creation

Levels are mostly comprised of: 2 types of square, a triangle, 3 spikey things, and a roundish-polygon.  It got a little tedious tweaking the levels since I manually placed those things and wasn’t really grouping and organizing them.  That’s my bad.  As a result, I manage to only make a hub level and 3 other ones.

The flower is made the same way.  I basically just drew different pieces and just placed them together.  I wanted to make each one unique, but I never got enough time, so it was mostly copy/pasted.


My favorite composer, the cgMusic comes back for this one.  This time though, with the added bonus of: http://solmire.com/ Having the right sound-font to converting a midi makes a huge difference!

Everything Else

Some of the code I used in the game were pulled from my collection of Unity core scripts.  Some of those are such a time-saver.  Things like: dealing with input, changing scenes, saving game states.

Fun Facts

Compared to my old postmortem entry, only a few energy drinks were consumed for the entire time.  And I got to sleep!


In! In!

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:36 am



Hi guys! I decided I’m going to participate in LD once again.  Here’s my following tools:

  • Unity3D 4 with plugins: NGUI, Toolkit 2D, PlayMaker, A* Pathfinding Project
  • Stuff I made for use with Unity3D: https://github.com/ddionisio?tab=repositories most notably MateUnity and MatePlayMaker, lots of good stuff in there.
  • GraphicsGale
  • Photoshop CS6
  • AngelCode BMFont
  • Notepad++
  • cgMusic with http://solmire.com/ (both works amazing)
  • Bfxr
  • Chocolates

Cheers and Have Fun!

My LD #25 48-hour Mini Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 1:33 pm

What Went Right

  1. Previous knowledge of using Unity3D and its various 3rd party libraries.
  2. Able to get plenty of experience from a previous Game-Jam (GitHub Game-Off 2012)
  3. Game Idea was not overly ambitious.  I started brainstorming with the potential 12 themes, this helped me pin down certain game mechanics that will work on multiple categories.  I was able to start the project right away.  On the downside, I was still at work when the compo began…got stuck in traffic, then finally got home.
  4. Did not encounter major bugs.
  5. Planned out the entire technical design before starting, really helped gage my progress.
  6. Ready-made palettes for making pixel sprites.  Prior experience helped me make semi-decent art faster.
  7. Ready-made food, snacks, beverages, energy drinks.  I literally spent the entire weekend indoors.

What Went Wrong

  1. Took too many breaks.  Day-job habbit :)
  2. Did not sleep on the first day.  Even though this made it possible for me to get the game ‘complete’, I consider it a bad thing.
  3. My first time trying out the tile system in 2D Toolkit.  I had this grand idea of making a large map for the game…For some reason I was having trouble getting something to work nicely.  Plus, editing the map was a bit difficult for me.  I spent too much time fooling around with this feature.
  4. Some game mechanics just didn’t work.  The “guard” is suppose to deflect projectiles but never got to making projectiles.
  5. Game pacing and balance.  This is the kind of thing I never get a chance to do every time I make a game for a short time.  It’s a designer experience I need to hone more.
  6. No audio.  Always the one thing that I put aside until the last minute.  Also, robots don’t make good music (cgmusic).

Other Notes

  • I need to be more active with posting and public stuff.  As you can see, this is my second post for the entirety of LD 25 :)
  • Did not have time to add a boss…It is incomplete as you encounter it in the game 😛
  • The game originally is suppose to be in a city where you go on a rampage as you grow.  I suck at drawing modern things, so I decided on “heaven”.  Also, since I ran into some technical issues, I had to make the bounds smaller. :(
  • Next time I’ll make sure to add some sort of intro and ending.
  • The “guard” mechanic is dumb.  I should have just made it automatic or do something sinister.
  • I drank 12 energy drinks for the span of 2 days.
  • Listened to: mr-explorer from La-Mulana a lot as a motivation.

ld 25 brain storm #1 ld 25 brain storm #2


You know the idea is golden when there’s no features listed below!

Some Art Assets


satan booger: game_over


satan booger: victory

Ok, I’m in for LD #25!

Posted by (twitter: @sinfritz)
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 8:43 pm

This ought to be interesting.  My previous experience was a 2-week crunch on a git-hub game-off…so I figure I’m ready to move on to a 48-hour one!

Tools I’m gonna use:

  • Unity 3D for a web-player build.
  • Adobe Photoshop and MS-Paint for graphics.
  • sfxr for sound effects.
  • cgmusic
  • BMFont (sorry! completely forgot to mention!)

3rd Party Libraries for Unity:

  • Toolkit 2D
  • NGUI
  • iTween
  • fastJSON C# (may not use it)

I’ll most likely copy/pasta/modify some of the core components I made from a previous open project: https://github.com/ddionisio/game-off-2012

I’ll be creating a github project tonight for ludum dare and will be where I’ll update and have my code available.

Best of luck to everyone and have fun!


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