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3 Apples High – Postmortem

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Monday, August 27th, 2012 2:01 pm

Hi everyone !

I’m really happy to ended up with my game “3 Apples High” . It was my first LD. In fact, I had never heard about Ludum Dare competition before last Thursday… yes, the day before it begins :).

My main idea for the game came up in the first two hours of the contest : a 3D-roundish world with a paper/carton look, and a character who can evolve in size and shape. I also wanted to have simple keyboard controls, no mouse.
These ideas gradually evolved during the week-end and, as many of us, I didn’t have enough time to implement a lot of them.

I’m quite comfortable with Unity3D, no problem came from this side. So I mainly focused on the graphical feeling, both in space and GUI. I spend a long time for the textures and UI organization. I made some meshes in Blender, but it’s mostly primitives.

The critical feature was the landscape scrolling effect and took me some hours to look right. Nope, it’s not a shader !

As said in my entry’s description, I lost my musics records during the final day, so the game does not contain any music.
It’s turned up into a good thing : they were not very good and otherwise I could not have enough time to finish many other aspects of the game. In the last hours, I quickly generated some sounds with SFXR to fill the blanks.

My biggest disappointment is the level of difficulty, I waited too much to implement it. So the game is not hard to complete and finish suddenly around the level 10. It’s also became quickly boring. At least, you’ll have your delicious apples ;).

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