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Another developer with some skill in java, scala, javascript, dart,... and no skills in arts.


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Postmorten : AbbrevsMaster

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Thursday, May 9th, 2013 1:15 am

This was my first participation to Ludum Dare and to a Game Jam.
I played games from previous jam, but this time “I’was in”. :-)

About the theme

I’m a fan of clean manga and “bandes dessinées” (ligne claire), of “minimalist” web design “minimalist”.
Daily I work on a game vdrones with minimal gfx (triangle, cube, plan), sound, …

So I should do something different.

"Google Search" page is a famous example of "minimalism" web design. So start on a game with a visual like it.
+ An other place where we use minimum keystroke : chat, forum, coding,... via abbreviations and acronyms
+ gamefication (try to include fun and juicy)
= AbbrevsMaster

What wrong ?

about game:

  • I prepared some stuff (atmosphere, color palette, libs of code, …), I nearly use nothing
  • poor abbrevs’database
    • not tune, simple copy / paste from some web page
    • the random selection in list should need to integrate a popularity weight of term
    • I failed to read data from a wiki page (github) due to security issue, spend too many time to try
    • I didn’t find an online service that allow to request by category
  • No introduction (instruction, credits screen)
  • Not enough funny juicy animations when traduction are crunched (quantity, quality)
    I could not fix a bug in css 3d transformation.
  • The fun is hidden, the game is hard
  • no time to provide an Assistant
  • not enough gameplay tuning
  • It’s not the kind of game I enjoy to play
  • Not enough time to provide a way to share score

misc :

  • not enough reuse
    • I didn’t reuse all the code (lib, framework) I prepared during previous week
  • very short night 😉
  • I didn’t post progression, I was not aware of others participants.
  • I failed my timelapse recording (glapse has no pause).
  • Not enough preparation, I didn’t follow my pre-roadmap
  • Last hour on a stupid bug in audio
  • Stack email, news, … during 2 days
  • I found the name (title) when I filled the submit form.
  • Crappy code (and image) lot of places for improvements

What Right ?

  • I submit a playable version (80% finished) (last deployement at H – 30 min)
  • I was able to reuse audio code (, build code from other project
  • I toke time for my friends and familly (saturday afternoon)
  • Using a kanban (Trello) vs todo file.
  • I successfully try freemarker as css preprocessor (day 2, I should use it day 1)
  • Very stimulating
  • Good wife’support (Thank you Darling)

Next time

  • Prepare better (real project skeleton, timelapse recorder, video capture)
  • Try to improve and to enjoy


An now it’s time to explore LD games (to play … to rate)

Who is the Master of Abbreviations, Smileys, ???

Posted by
Monday, April 29th, 2013 7:12 am

How many abbreviations do you know ?

Test you in AbbrevsMaster over 4 categories x 10 levels : smiley, gaming, forum, chat

Share your score on AbbrevsMaster !

I’m in …

Posted by
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 6:19 am

and I hope to come out with a game for my first participation.

  • Language: Dart
  • IDE’s: DartEditor, vim
  • Platform: Chrome/Firefox
  • Libraries, tools :  TBD
  • Entry: Lududm Dare Compo.

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