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Hope you liked our Garbage Game

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 10:46 am


So this was our second Ludum Dare and I’ve decided I’d like to do a small post about how it went for us. Our team made Nuclear Arms 2: Garbage Day. It’s very loosely based off of our Ludum Dare 32 game Nuclear Arms

Our first game was a platformer and it was our first time using Unity, we all got familiar with it then so during this round everything went much smoother. For this round we created a top down endless runner, we decided to try both themes (Growing and 2 button controls). The growing theme was implemented by growing your ship when it gets hit by garbage, causing you to have a larger hitbox and make it more difficult to dodge obstacles. The 2 button controls came in just by moving left and right. We also had a 3rd/4th functionality of pressing both buttons to fire lasers and shake garbage off at the same time, but in retrospect that was a bad idea as most people found it difficult to control your ship and do these things at the same time. If we had another go at it we’d probably just add a separate button to do it, but we wanted to stick with the themes.

This time around we didn’t have our art guy, so we had to make due with what little artistic skill we had between us (As well as taking some assets made from our last game :p). In the end I think our game turned out fairly well visually. I even had a good run at making the run procedurally generated. The majority of the obstacles you see in the game are generated at random, but there a some set pieces that spawn every now and then which are a bit more handcrafted to make things more interesting. I’m glad I got to work on it as it’s something that interests me in game development. Had I more time, I would have most definitely improved the algorithm. At the moment it’s possible for powerups to spawn inside obstacles, which kind of defeats the point.

The last and final portion of our game comes in from our portraits and voice overs. We decided to record ridiculous phrases and one liners to throw at you while you play. We kind of made it just for fun, but the comments on the page suggest that people thought they were pretty funny :D.

Anyway, if you managed to get through this whole post I hope you get the chance to play our game Nuclear Arms 2: Garbage Day

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