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Nessie : THE GAME

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Thursday, August 27th, 2015 7:13 am


Wow, it was our first Ludum Dare, it was intense ! We are a team of three french guys, doing music, art, code and screams at the same time.

The Idea

You are the Loch Ness Monster, your only wish is to be alone but people keep bothering you, so you decide to act.


What went well

  • There is a game ! I used the Löve 2D framework to do it.
  • The art part was fun to do, we designed a lot of pixel art boats.
  • The music was made by Simon and it is really good !
  • It’s the first time I have programmed a scrolling in a game. Yes. And, it worked. I even added a parallax scrolling effect. Maybe I spent too much time on that scrolling. I love scrolling.
  • The animation of Nessie is good, and the particle system works well.
  • We laughed a lot while recording the sound effects, especially the chinese ones (no offense intended).
  • Bug free !?


What didn’t go well

  • The game turns out to be too easy, we were not sure how to adjust difficulty.
  • We had no time to implement submarines, there are only innocent divers.
  • There was a special audio for the CNN boat I had no time to add.
  • We rushed the ending.
  • There may be some translation errors/strange uses of words.


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