Ludum Dare 36
The Theme is:
Ancient Technology

LD36 has ended!
Well done to everyone who took part.
1912 Amazing Games!

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Innovation - 2nd Place - LD29 (Jam)
Awarded by r2d2upgrade
on May 20, 2014

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Lamb Cannon Submitted

Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 9:00 pm



Just about managed to get LAMB CANNON submitted. A few last minute changes including screen shake, fixing last minute audio bugs and making it twice as hard…

Really pleased with how it turned out. My best LD entry yet by far. PLAY IT NOW!

Now to bed…

Lamb Cannon

Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 9:04 am



Coming a long nicely. Latest build has scores and progression. TRY IT NOW

Certainly is unconventional

Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 4:03 pm

First Playable

Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 11:42 am

Not much to look at for the moment, but the basics are there.

Use the click and hold the mouse to aim the cannon. Release to fire the boxes. Land the boxes on the 3 platforms to win… Click the pic to try it.


I’m looking forward to getting some graphics into this sucker. Check out my stream to watch it come together:

Currently streaming PlayCanvas development

Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 6:28 am


PlayCanvas Editor

See the new Editor in action. See the game take shape beneath your eyes!


PlayCanvas wants an #LDJAM superstar

Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 6:00 am

Hey folks,

PlayCanvas [WebGL game engine, game-dev community, makers of TANX] are looking for a Developer Evangelist and I feel certain the ideal person is someone who does Ludum Dare.

We want someone to help us out part-time (at least to start with) to build stuff using PlayCanvas, write about it and help other people build stuff using PlayCanvas.


  • Who is obsessed with game development
  • Can knock out 3D games in a matter of hours
  • Who is addicted to Reddit/Twitter/Twitch/MySpace/YourFace/Whatever
  • Can’t help but talk about game development
  • Able to speak and write excellent English in a coherent blog post
  • Somewhere on Planet Earth
  • Seriously, we want to pay someone to build games and bits of games and talk about how they did it. It’s that good…

    Sound like someone you know? Please email me [email protected] with CV/resume and links to awesome games you’ve made. Note, you must have experience with 3D game development.

    P.S. I know it’s cheeky using this blog for this so I’ll combine this post with an I’M IN. Using PlayCanvas (obv), and hopefully doing our first live stream on twitch.

    Boiing! Any playtesters?

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Sunday, December 7th, 2014 1:19 pm

    Having struggled with making anything fun past the neat level transitions. I think I’ve created something with a bit of a challenge.



    But I’d love to get a few people to play thought the 17 (short!) levels I’ve got and see how the difficulty is. Too easy? Too hard? Big spike?


    Please let me know in the comments if you try it.


    Holy crap, you lot are amazing

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 2:34 pm

    I made They Launched A Probe in less than 48h after completely screwing up the first day of the weekend but then extending it into the Jam.

    It’s an idea I’d had kicking around for a while, write programs for that take sensor input data and let you control spaceships.

    Anyway I got something out for a jam entry and you’ve gone and given it SILVER for INNOVATION!


    Thanks all! And thanks to playcanvas for allowing me to actually write this in the time.

    The most ridiculous game I’ve ever made.

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 4:37 am

    They Launched a Probe!


    It’s not a great experience playing my game for the first time. First thing you need to do? Read a few pages of documentation, learn javascript and remember your vector maths from school…

    They Launched A Probe is a game where you need to program the 3 CPUs on a deep space probe that is trying to scan planets FOR SCIENCE!

    I’m fairly certain that no-one is going to jump through the hoops required to have a go at this game. It’s niche and complicated, but if you do get into it, imagine the sense of achievement of successfully filling up that Science bar, and then sharing your code with other players? (No idea how sharing will work? Maybe a Gist and a twitter hashtag? #probelaunched?)

    I had a great time making it. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to do some more work on it. So I’m not too worried about getting ratings, but still it would be nice to get enough ratings to place so if you do know javascript and vector maths

    have a go. 

    Most games end in an explosion.

    Most games end in an explosion.


    P.S. wondering about the name? It’s from a song by The Winter Olympics: The Winter Olympics – They Launched a Probe

    PlayCanvas @ Ludum Dare

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Friday, April 25th, 2014 4:44 am

    We back again. The PlayCanvas crew will hopefully be doing a couple of submissions this weekend.

    But what you’re really interested in is what the graph looks like compared to last time.

    Graph of PlayCanvas's performance

    PlayCanvas @ Ludum Dare


    As you can see, a big improvement last time for our three entries:

    Going Around


    Hungry Self-Eating Centipede


    Looking forward to seeing what we come up with this time.

    P.S. Don’t forget about the PlayCanvas Deal on the Ludum Deals page!

    We were on a podcast talking about LD and our game

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Thursday, January 9th, 2014 10:43 am
    One Life Left #211

    One Life Left #211

    On Monday night we went into London to be special guest on the UK’s favourite video game radio show One Life Left. We went on to talk about our Ludum Dare entry Going Around.

    Going Around

    Going Around – a point and click adventure

    You can listen to the podcast here.

    WebGL round up

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Thursday, December 19th, 2013 6:21 am

    It’s been about 2 years since I entered my first Ludum Dare and I did a WebGL round up then. Back then the entries were simple, often limited in scope, and the comments were often full of “this doesn’t work” type comments.

    How things have changed! Loads of high quality 3D entries plus 2D. Browser support is pretty much sewn up. And even the great Notch has leapt onto the WebGL train.

    So here is a round of a few of the best games I’ve found that are made using WebGL.

    Seven Eagles, One Lantern

    Seven Eagles, One Lantern

    Seven Eagles, One Lantern

    A lovely exploratory game where you have to find the Seven Eagle statues dotted around the environment. The Catch? The eagles are only visible in the light of the lantern and you have to leave the lantern on switches in order to access areas. Graphically lovely, and a nice gameplay mechanic.




    A nice shader effect compliments the simplicity of this game. One touch, one control. Get as far as you can.




    Simple and addictive. There’s elements of both Breakout and Super Hexagon in this game.

    Last Minute Christmas Chopping

    Last Minute Christmas Shopping

    Last Minute Christmas Shopping

    It always makes news when Notch publishes a LD game. But you know what, that’s because he creates good, solid, polished experiences. And he does it from scratch with no libraries. This game seems simple on the first playthrough then you realize it’s impossible without using the boosting mechanic from the tentacles.

    Hungry Self Eating Centipede

    Hungry Self Eating Centipede

    Hungry Self Eating Centipede

    Re-imagining a classic, but this time, your tail is trying to eat you from the back, just as you are trying to eat the food in the map.




    Rez-like game with thumping techno. Simple mechanic, and a good, if short, challenge.

    Going Around

    Going Around

    Going Around

    Finally, a plug for my own game. Going Around is a point and click adventure, solve the puzzles and get Ann out of the house. You only get one hour to complete it. I love the graphical style that Philippa came up with for this.

    Going Around – A point and click adventure

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Monday, December 16th, 2013 10:14 am
    Going Around - a point and click adventure

    Going Around – a point and click adventure

    Play it here

    We managed to finish our mini Point and Click adventure called Going Around. It’s based on the life of one of the presenters of video game radio show One Life Left, who have talking about getting there own video game for a while. So we made one for them.

    As is typical, it seems to be working perfectly for me, but as soon as I release it the technical issues become apparent. Firefox in particular seems to crash pretty often when running this game. I’m talking to Mozilla about that.

    Also some people have reported a lot of slowness. I’ll be updating the post-submission version with any optimizations.

    Ann and Nibbles.

    Ann and Nibbles.

    Still, I’m so pleased that we were able to make this game in just 2.5 days. It’s the most complete game I’ve made with any LD submission. Good old PlayCanvas. 😉

    Point and Click Heroine

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:18 am
    Our heroine is taking shape

    Our heroine is taking shape

    A point and click adventure seemed like a good idea yesterday morning. Now I’m not sure sure. But we’ve made a ton of progress.

    Our heroine Ann, is pretty much complete. The quests are in. Mostly we just need to prettify the environment.

    Hoping to get it done before work tomorrow…

    PlayCanvas is in!

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Friday, December 13th, 2013 4:22 am

    For the first time in ages, the entire PlayCanvas team is going to be getting involved with this Ludum Dare.

    We’ve been submitting games on and off for the last two years, sometimes solo sometimes in the jam. You can see from the chart that we’ve had mixed success…

    Mixed Success

    Mixed Success

    But still we’ve created some awesome stuff, and we’re definitely going to nail the top #100 again this time :-)

    Some of the games we've entered in the past.

    Some of the games we’ve entered in the past.

    BTW: If you’re interested in developing a game using the PlayCanvas engine, we’re giving away 1 year pro accounts to any LD entry using PlayCanvas. Check the deals page.

    Our heroes take shape

    Posted by (twitter: @daredevildave)
    Sunday, April 28th, 2013 9:13 am
    Male and female game heroes

    Our heroes take shape

    Really enjoying using the in-game editor for Voxatron to build most of the assets for my game.

    Unfortunately, I have to pull them into Blender first to get the normals sorted out before importing them into PlayCanvas. But still I’m being much more productive with assets, as I have little artistic talent.

    Here are our heroes, you can play as either.


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