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Downfall in Polarity – Post-Mortem

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 11:42 pm

Hello my name is Daniel Felipe, the creator of the entry Downfall in Polarity and for the first time i’m gonna talk about a little of my process of creation.



first of all: i did not like the two themes, and that was a good thing, because in my first LD i did like it so i think too much and too big in the game and the results are not that good.

so, this time i tried to keep it cool and call my partners in crime on skype to do a brainstorming and see if something comes out of my mind.

we talk and talk and in the end they start to play skullgirls on steam, and my skullgirls was still downloading so i have to keep thinking by myself and then idk how but i think in a world kinda like tron, with the boolean from the studies of c# and simple as that i have an idea, they said that was a good idea and that was the beginning of A Game about changing polarity, red to blue, 0 to 1 like that.

and then i did this piece of art on MSPaint and send to them


“caindo” means falling in portuguese. “azul para passar do azul” means blue to get across blue. and “vermelho” is red, free portuguese class you’re welcome.

and strange enough, the game is very like this picture, so for the first time in my game creator’s life i had an idea and i did just like the way i want, i think that i’m evolving (but my english still sucks).

actually i did a little bit more, than my initial prototype, instead of a infinite-something, i did a rogue-like-something inspired by the binding of isaac simple rogue-like mechanics(the original one).

Engine:instead of the obvious Unity, i use the simple construct 2, because i recently made a 2d game on unity and the work was very very big, so i wanna to simplified a little bit, and my code is not the best right now, but that’s okay i’m learning, and construct 2 did a good job =D

now, i’m working on a better version of Downfall in Polarity, i’m reading the critics and thank god that majority is good critic, and i’m writing down in a paper the most annoying parts of the game that people complaint, and in this new version i gonna fix all that and wait for more critics and fix it again!

i know that this is doesnt look like a post-mortem so much and my english sucks and for this two things i’m sorry, and for all of you who play my game and gave me good critics THANK YOU!

if you didnt play Downfall in Polarity: here is the link play, vote and comment!

Downfall in Polarity – My Ludum Dare 34 entry!

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 11:00 am

Finally! my game its ready!



Downfall in Polarity is a hardcore roguelike shmup-like

You are Booliver volt, a scientist in a digital world who jumps in a digital pit to reach your motherland’s core which is being attacked by a horrible virus!
You must change the polarity of your character to avoid obstacles, and collect power ups to help in your journey through 3 levels and a boss level!

left mouse: click or hold to move your character
right mouse:click to change the polarity (red polarity passes through red obstacles, and blue goes through blue obstacles).

please give it a try! and good luck to everyone =D

Almost Done! Downfall in Polarity!

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 7:58 am

Hello! my name is Daniel Felipe, i am a brazillian game developer and this is my second Ludum dare =D

My game Downfall in Polarity it is a hardcore rogue-like shmup-like

basically you are a character in a digital world who jumps in a digital pit to reach your motherland’s core where a virus is attacking!

you must change the polarity of your character to avoid the obstacles, take power ups to help in your journey through 3 levels and a boss level!



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