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[PostMortem] ClanFree – LD32

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Monday, April 20th, 2015 1:22 am

On year after my first submisssion into jam, I tried the compo… and I made it!

But I really hope to do better next time:


– had fun

– clear concept

– tried to innovate

– learned about sound

– learned about graphics

– happy to witness that I have a strong understanding of libgdx + ashley and jbox2d



– concept may be to simple or lack fun :-(

– need to learn much more about sound!

– need to learn much more about graphics!

– libgdx got angry at me when I tried to compile for the html target

-> I need to figure that out

-> It may be time to learn haxe



I have managed to submit by myself in 48hours something that is better than

my first jam submission one year ago, ludum dare is making its work, I AM

getting better :-).

The game is not glitchy and what needed to be working actually works but

it is not fun for a long time and it clearly lacks a visual atmosphere.


TODO until next ludum:

Make sur to understand what is required to run a libgdx project in a browser or

learn haxe. Learn more about graphics to create a nice atmosphere.


You can test my game by clicking here, please let me know what you think!



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