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I am in! (plus an open source workflow)

Posted by
Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 12:59 pm

I am so happy that I actually get to participate in Ludum Dare this year because I’ve been in school for almost a full four years now and its taken up so much time around exams that I haven’t had any time to compete…
BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT! Because I don’t have crazy exams, but a few projects that are already wrapping up.

Anyway, during school I’ve found my favourite workflow, which is all free open source software that runs on Windows Mac and Linux. Not much but its what I’ll be using.

  • Gimp: 2D Graphics
  • Blender: 3D Graphics + Cutscenes
  • Godot: Game Engine
  • BFXR: Sound Effects
  • Audacity: Audio Editing
  • Linux Multi-Media Studio: dank beats yo (Music)

Good luck and have fun everybody!

Finished Early

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 4:13 pm


So I finished a bit early. I tried to not stress myself out by keeping everything simple. If you guys could play it and let me know what you think that would be awesome! If you really like it maybe give me a good rating on GameJolt :). Thank you for reading and even more to those who played it!

Here’s a link to my Games Page:



Some Screen Shots:

ss1 ss2 ss3


Source Code: http://www.github.com/jedStevens/center-of-the-sun

My First Real Game

Posted by
Saturday, October 19th, 2013 10:23 pm

Hey guys!

I thought since this is where I got heavily inspired by the indie scene, this would be a great place to share the start of my Game Dev career.

Today I put out my first real game; Lil’s Big Adventure. Rescue Lil, a little pink ball who fell in a hole from the creepy monsters that block his path.

Image0 <- This is Lil

I’ve been working on this game for a while, but there is a reason for this. I created everything from scratch. I programmed everything, I wrote all the music in Famitracker (which is really hard if you aren’t musically trained), and I drew literally everything down to each pixel. Every map is randomly generated with randomly placed enemies for a different experience every time.

If you guys could give it a play and let me know what could use improvements or of any errors that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this :)


October Challenge

Posted by
Saturday, September 28th, 2013 3:35 pm

I made a stupid maze game. Does anyone want to buy it for a dollar and help me be an October Challenge king? http://sbx.sk/Akar

Any tips on programming boss battles?

Posted by
Friday, July 19th, 2013 6:43 pm

Hey guys! I’ve been working on my first real game called Lil’s Big Adventure. Right now I’m stuck programming the boss battles. My game is heavily physics based and I’m not exactly sure how to program the different states of a boss while also not messing with the physics engine too much. Does any one have any tips on dealing with states (for example; idle, melee attack, ranged attack, etc.)?

Is my music okay?

Posted by
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 8:34 am

I’m working on my first full game that I’m putting everything I have at. I’m only 18 and I don’t have a very good music background so I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers on my Level 1 soundtrack. https://soundcloud.com/jed-stevens/caves

I just don’t want to go ahead and start making a bunch of garbage music that sounds shitty and makes people feel shitty whilst playing my game.

3rd times the charm

Posted by
Sunday, April 14th, 2013 7:11 pm

I’ll be joining for the third time using this:

Language: Python

Libraries: Pygame, Pymunk, Personal Game Engines

Content Creation: Photoshop, Paint, Garageband, sfxr, my sketchbook

28 Hours in

Posted by
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 11:27 pm

Here is a basic look at what I have right now but I’m running on 5 hours of sleep and a 19 hour day so I’ll see what I can do tomorrow

My game engine

Posted by
Saturday, August 18th, 2012 6:54 pm

Here is my game engine every one!!

I know its simple but it is a Pygame extension that makes game-state handling easy. (ie. menus and transitions and such)

URL: https://sourceforge.net/projects/j-engine/

Open Source and free! 😀

Im in

Posted by
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 7:08 am

This time I’m actually going to put a decent amount of effort into this instead of taking skateboard breaks and I got it off work this time around.


Language: Python + Pygame

Graphics: Photoshop CS5

Audio: SFXR + Garageband for Ipad

Extras: My handy-dandy sketchbook


Edit: I may write a simple base engine for pygame to enhance run-time efficiency

I’m super stoked

Posted by
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 4:07 pm

I’ve never entered a contest like this and I’m only 16 so hopefully I won’t completely flop. I’m using Python and Pygame so hopefully that doesn’t cause any problems. I may even convert it into an .exe if I can so you don’t need to download a bunch of useless crap for a game a kid made :). Toodles

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