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I’m in! and looking to make/join a team

Posted by
Monday, April 17th, 2017 5:23 am

I prefer using Unity C#, I was in Ludum dare a few times before:

It would be nice to find at least one artist and one composer, to round things up, but whoever joins is welcome, even more programmers ^^
Obviously Theme voting just started so I have no plans yet, we can come up with an idea together when time arrives!
We can do 3D or 2D, whatever you like, I don’t mind.

My main goal this LD is to work well with a team, so I’m not going to insist on the idea or style too much.

The only thing I really care about is:
That you have the weekend free, and be available the whole time.
That we pick an idea that is reasonable to finish.

If you want to join, leave a comment :)
(Or if you have a team that needs a programmer)

I’m in! (also, a question)

Posted by
Friday, December 9th, 2016 6:37 am

Guys, how many of you get into ludum dare with a fixed idea in mind regardless of the theme and then make small changes to fit it in?
Would you consider it cheating?

And if you already have an idea in mind, plans on how to do it come up, hard to stop it. at what point would you say it’s inappropriate?
And what about code base, is it o.k to build the engine you’ll use for the jam before hand? even if it’s specific to that genre/plan?

I’m coming into this with a fixed idea in mind, and an engine + surrounding basic stuff that will be needed. and I also have almost everything figured out about how I’m going to implement it.
the theme might get shoved in later.
I want to be honest about it and ask you guys if you’d consider that cheating, or unfair.

Please reply and tell me what you think.
so I don’t feel like a douchebag.


specifically I wanted to make a simple multiplayer p2p game. but considering how fickle that might be I decided to move to a dumb messaging server, that has NO LOGIC, it only stores/transfers
text messages. I already made the server and tested it + the class required to communicate using it (hence the above question about code base).
please note, it’s a general server that can be used for anything, it’s not specific to to this game mechanics.
I’m going to release that server as open-source so people can upload their own, in case mine will go offline.

I also used plans from my previous distributed-system app, on how to make it work without any central authority. taking some ideas from Bitcoin :)

so my current starting point is the communication base, and the formulas/math required for a distributed-system.
some of it is very general, BUT some of it is specific for the game mechanics I planned to have.

The general plan is to make a monster/pet raising game, that will require no central authority. but will still allow battling and leveling.
yeah I’m crazy for even considering it, but I think I can full it off.

I’m not going to use unity this time. I’m using C# WPF!

why the hell use WPF?! you may ask. because I need something that is mostly based on GUI (no game loop, world map), and I required some of the advanced out of the box features of C#.
I’m aware this will not target linux/mac users sadly.

I’m going solo this time, so music/sound/graphics will all be free assets.
If any artist wants to make some monster art, that would be great though!

Thanks for reading my wall of text, and good luck!

Wallpaper – Ludum Dare 37

Posted by
Sunday, November 27th, 2016 5:34 pm

It’s kinda fun to make those :)

Atlantis Builder (Post mortem)

Posted by
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 9:35 am





This half-finished game was made solo by me, except for 1 font and 1 music track. Currently only crafting / building is in.

I seem to always take on more then is reasonable and fail to finish, well, at least I’m not alone in this XD
This game was supposed to include some plot, and enemies in addition to the building/crafting, but I didn’t have time to add those. I thought this would be simpler then it actually was.

I never intended to invest too much in the art, as you can see I have zero animation skills, my modeling is so-so for simple stuff, and I barely ever used textures at all, most models have just flat colors. the poor player never even got a face, is this a horror game? lol


The part that took the longest was the world structure, saving it to file, and loading all the correct models to the correct place.

Making the crafting system was especially fun, I tried to find a way to skip all those searches needed to find a correct recipe, and I think I managed to do it well ^^

I managed to do the search in one go, with no loops, using a hash table,  if you wanna know how just ask :)


I’m not really satisfied with what I managed to get, I feel like it was a miss. as without a goal and enemies people are not going to pay any notice to my game despite all the very hard work I put in.

I think for next time I’ll definitely hook up with some artists (for art and sound), as I feel the need to handle the art really prevents me from finishing the game logic.

thanks for reading if you bothered to get this far ^^


I’m in! (so unique)

Posted by
Thursday, August 25th, 2016 1:16 pm

I’ve joined 2 MiniLDs  before but this will be my first proper ludum dare :)
I’m a bit disappointed by the no rating bit, but I’m still very exited to participate!

My only hope is to get as much feedback as possible, and have many people play and enjoy my game ^^
it’s going to be hard considering the number of participants!
So for anyone reading this, let’s make a deal, if you play mine I’ll play yours 😉

Last MiniLD I got deserted by my teammates, so I’m going solo this time. once burned, twice shy!

I’ll be using these tools as needed:
– Unity 3D
– Blender
– Photoshop/Illustrator
– sfxr
– LMMS (no music skill though XD)
– Audacity (for small tweaks / voice recording)

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