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Come Home – Day #1

Posted by (twitter: @cwkx)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:28 pm

Taking this opportunity to improve my pixel-art and test an experimental HaxeFlixel framework. In particular, i’m testing hscript for writing all the game code at runtime. Press the ‘/@ key for the HaxeFlixel debugger. I’m using a lot of references so feel i’m sailing too close to the compo rules, hence the Jam entry. @cwkx



Break the Rules

Posted by (twitter: @cwkx)
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 8:43 am

Incoming VVVVVV clones… wait what? …if “Break the Rules” is chosen, and you want to max out the theme, then make sure know what the rules are:


.. so basically, to clarify:

  1. Don’t work solo. Bonus points for working with crowds on IRC.
  2. Do make changes to the game after 48 hours has elapsed.
  3. Games must not be based on the theme. Any game about “Break the Rules” is following the rules.
  4. No public libraries or middleware are allowed.. that makes things interesting. I guess you could take a public library with a permissible license, then branch it with your own non-public library and use that.
  5. Don’t use the following tools, or others like them: 3dsmax, Photoshop, Flash.
  6. Source code must be securely locked in a vault.

*sarcasm mayhaps*

…anyway, here’s what I had intended to use:

Editor: Tiled
Language: Haxe 3/OpenFL
Physics: Nape

Frameworks: HaxeFlixel
Basecode: http://haxeflixel.com/demos/
Visuals: ASEPRITE, Paint.NET, Photoshop
Audio: Depends on theme: Sunvox, FL Studio, PxTone, Famitracker

Late Entry in 5 Hours!

Posted by (twitter: @cwkx)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 2:34 pm

A little late to the party, having decided to participate 5 hours ago, but decided what the heck; just go for something simple and fast.. you only have one after all :)

I really enjoyed making this tonight, it’s a very simple concept where you only have one cube that falls:



And you gotta avoid other bad cubes. Only if it hits a bad cube it splits into 8 octants recursively up to depth 5, plays a sound, and bounces of walls:



You loose when there’s not bits of the cube left, and the high score (time) is recorded.

Play/rate/comment here:


I streamed the 5 hour design & dev process on twitch (streams in the above link). It went according to plan with only a couple of minor problems that got sorted fairly quickly, and somehow managed a couple of hours polish! Very happy to have participated, and looking forward to playing your games tomorrow 😀

Night night!! @cwkx

First LD

Posted by (twitter: @cwkx)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 9:26 am

Engine: Unity
Audio: autotracker.py + Audacity (possibly sunvox)
Sound: bfxr.net
Image: Paint.NET & Hexels
Bugtesting: XChat-WDK & Skype
Stream: XSplit – twitch.tv @cwkx
Lapse: Chronolapse
Location: Hong Kong
Drink: Schweppes Ginger Beer
Distractions: Newborn baby daughter!

Goodluck all, time to sleep!

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