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Roadkill Post-Mortem

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Monday, December 17th, 2012 7:25 am

Wow. I still can’t believe I pulled it off. This is my first Jam, my first “racing” game, the first time I worked with Game Maker and the first time I had to design and code something quickly. So, without further ado:


What went wrong.

-Screen-shots: The graphics turned out pretty bad but the low res screen-shots look horrendous. If you don’t try the game because of this I don’t blame you.
-Graphics: Simply put I suck at drawing. What is more, I didn’t have time to make all the assets I had planned (trees, lampposts, tables, chairs and proper rooftops). The action was supposed to take place in an old city center (thus the cobblestone) but the result doesn’t look like it.
Innovation: I realize a Gta/Carmageddon clone is a very low hanging fruit. I had a couple of really neat ideas but those would have taken much more than 48h to implement.
Game Maker: It appears that the final version has a bug in the sound engine so that it crashes when you quit the game, this is incredibly annoying since I can’t do anything about it bar disabling all audio.Also the HTML5 plug-in is a bit of a joke, each time I added a new feature I realized that it did not work, in the end I gave up on trying to make a web version of the game.

What went right.

The feel of the car: I realize it’s probably a bit hard to control, but I really like the way the car drifts, skids and roars.
Running over goats: Do I need to say more?
Game Maker: Despite the many problems, I’m impressed by how quick and easy it is to get a prototype running. Especially for a person with very little experience like myself.
Fun: It’s really empowering to build something in such a short amount of time and I had a lot of fun working on this project.

You can view the game’s page here.

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