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  •  “Ludum Dare is a great collective experience. Even if you participate solo, a jam feels like working in a kind of huge team development.”
  • “Ludum Dare is exhausting and can often be obsessive. Make sure to free your whole agenda for 72h and have a supportive social environment.”
  • “If you participate solo, put all your design efforts to make it good but simple or you’ll going to regret it at last hours. You don’t need to win anything but end satisfied with your work.”
  • “You don’t need to make a great art to have a nice and interesting entry but an appealing art will get you more comments and feedback.”
  • “Right after submitting I felt so… empty. Did other jammer felt the same? After sleep I needed to keep working more and more on my entry”
  • “It seems stupid but every comment you receive is exciting to the point that I don’t care about votes I receive, only want more comments!”
  • “I hate some projects and participants mainly because I loved the concept, the final result or simply the aesthetics. Is positive envy but hell, I wanted to do this, and this, and this and that…”

These are some thoughts I have a week after submitting my entry: One Man Band and since it is not exactly the final game I would have done, is the result of mistakes and successes from wich I’ve learned a lot.

What went uhmmm… bad in the process

Mainly, what went bad was a bad planning for a solo development. Too much motivation over timming caution and that translated in a entry without sound FX or music and with a bunch of bugs and design issues. Since I am not a pure programmer neither an artist it took too much time to create all the sprites and implement the game’s basic NPC’s A.I. But what can I say, since the very first moment, the game concept took control of my wishes and I was pushed in a process to make aesthetic details and try and test rare new features that ended in a game with and unbalanced quality in its aspects. In fact I think I needed this: escape from time optimized development processes and right design methods. And unwittingly, Ludum Dare opened this experimental opportunity door for me 😛

Another thing that could say that went bad was to participate solo. My idea was to have a first experience with Ludum Dare all alone to see what I was capable of as an indie developer but since i starte I knew that I would enjoyed the experience much more working with colleagues and sharing ideas, motivation and tiredness with them. I’ll keep in mind for next LD.

What went right

My overall impressions are good despite I’m not totally happy with my game’s final result. I’ve discovered I can defend myself well, making game art when I have a clear picture of what I want to draw.

In technical aspects, the use Game Maker Studio to develop games is making me easy to learn how to program things I never thought I could do before as A.I. behaviours, moving platforms or wall jump physics and Ludum dare has been a great opportunity to dig on this and I amb pretty satisfied with what I have achieved.

NPC move behaviour

I like the idea of a player that need to get “enemies” attention to win their loot and like too that player has musical instruments as weapons and gadgets to move within the scenario and “kill enemies” (when a pedestrian gives you its coin, disappears from the game. It’s kind of reversed with the usual way). Level design and game rythm need much more improvement but the idea is still there and it seems to me that has potential. To “fight” with other musicians in the scenario for the pedestrians coins is an interesting possibility too and add a minimap to know where pedestrians are (but not how to get to them) since achieve time record is the goal, would help to this idea.

Last words

And that’s all for this brief post mortem. Time to look for more entries and vote. Ludum there has become to me a nice place to get ideas and feel creatively stimulated. Any comment here or in One Man Band entry, will be apreciatted!

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