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So here we are again :-)

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Friday, August 26th, 2016 6:46 pm

I’ve been on a long hiatus, but I’m definitely not sitting out LD36! :-)

My original intent was to enter with a custom game engine based on NET Core and OpenGL, but didn’t manage to get things into an usable state in time.

So plan B it is! I’ve always been a big fan of LÖVE. I’ve gathered a bundle of community libraries (including anim8, simple-tiled-implementation, hump, bump and lovebirds ❤︎) that I intend to use.

I’ve put this bundle in a Github repository: https://github.com/cryovat/ld-template-love2d

My toolbox will look like this:

Best of luck to all of you!

Time to get started!

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:39 am

Hi everybody!

I just woke up, got out of the shower and checked the Ludum Dare site for the theme. I haven’t been too excited about the previous themes, but this time, I’ve got ton of ideas!

I already set up a Github repository with a preconfigured projecet prior to the compo, so it’s time to dive right into things. My tools this time around looks something like this:

  • Tech: ThreeJS and TypeScript
  • Graphics: Photoshop, Expression Blend Design and possibly Wings3D
  • Sound: Sfxr as usual. :-)

It ruuuuuuuuuns! (sort of)

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 7:26 am

Roughly four hours in, I’ve gotten to the point where there is a proof of concept in place.

The game is about managing a group of deep sea divers (I am mister originality) hunting for treasure at the sea bottom. However, as their air supply is limited, it is up to the player to manage their resources soundly and make sure they get home safe. This part is not implemented yet. :-)

However, the little guys can now run along the sea bottom on their own and  hunt for riches. If their air runs out, they’ll panic and run off to the nearest diving bell.


I’m pretty happy with the start. I made things a bit harder for myself by opting to use Impact++ for the first time. So while ImpactJS is warm and fuzzy for me, there’s a big unfamiliar body of code to get used to. Especially since it introduces concepts and classes meant to supersede the original Impact ones. It’s a good experience though, as the Impact++ code feels solid, and the documentation is amazing.

There’s still a ton of stuff left to do, but it feels managable:

  • Player interactivity (ability to drop supplies from above)
  • Victory/failure
  • Hazards and bonuses
  • Effects and eye candy
  • Making actual levels

All code is being pushed to Github as I go. :-)

Good morning <3

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 3:30 am

The last couple of times, I agonized a lot about the idea. This time the idea came to me in the shower just after getting up, and it’s unusually unterrible!

In my extreme originality, it will be a maritime themed puzzle game where I think the scope should be managable.

Here’s a quick mockup of the mood I’m going for.


4th LD; go!

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 1:49 pm

I’m joining #LD48. :)

My arsenal looks something like this:

I’ve set up a preconfigured project on Github. This contains the ImpactJS “hello world” code, modified to run using Impact++. The HTML file has my personal branding. The library source files are not included in the repo, and need to be dropped into the appropriate places.

After publishing this, I will try to eat, clean my room and get a good night of sleep. Hoping to wake up to an inspiring theme tomorrow! 😀



Meowfinity and Beyond – Game and post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 2:13 pm
Meowfinity and Beyond - Title

Click for entry page

Hi darers and jammites!

LD27 was my third time to enter Ludum Dare, and my first time to enter the compo. In my insanity, I decided to make a platformer, and by some crazy streak of cosmic luck (and hard prioritization), I was able to finish it on time.

Please give it a go, rate and let me know what you think. I hope you will enjoy it. :-)

Ingame screenshot

The introduction cut-scene of the game

What went well

  • The theme: I originally hated it, but in the end, I think it worked out pretty well.
  • The tools: I’ve used IntelliJ quite extensively for Javascript development before, and used ImpactJS in LD26. The familiarity saved me a lot of time and let me spend most of the compo time in “the zone”.
  • Git: It’s a lifesaver. Don’t do any kind of development without source control!
  • Preparation: I set up a Github repo during friday evening with a pre-configured IntelliJ project, empty game template and “branded” HTML page. This allowed me to dive straight into the project. Compare to LD26 where I spent an hour configuring IntelliJ to run a debug web server with PHP support and getting the level editor working.
  • Pro Motion: Pro Motion is an amazing tool for creating pixel art and tile maps. I couldn’t have pulled off the graphics without it.
  • Impact:  ImpactJS just feels right to me as a game engine, and the bundled level editor and deployment tool is great.
  • Feedback: My friend Irubataru and wonderful people on IRC gave me feedback and motivation to keep going. I couldn’t have done it without you. <3
  • Sleep: I got my full eight hours between Saturday and Sunday.
  • Water: I had one Starbucks coffee. Apart from that, I just drank water.
  • Art: I had a crazy art sprint during the Sunday evening. I can’t believe how much the feel of the game changed. At some point, the characters also became cats.
The game with place-holder art

The game with place-holder art

What didn’t go well

  • The theme: While I ultimately think it benefited the game, I spent a long time agonizing over what to do before getting started. I need to do some off-line work on brainstorming techniques.
  • The controls: Ultimately, the jumping turned out a bit floaty, but I had already come too far with the level work to do anything about it. :-(
  • Timekeeping: All of my self-imposed deadlines slipped. I intended to finish levels by noon on Sunday; finished at six. Intended to have art done by six, finished art at midnight (CET), etc.
  • Music and sound: I just didn’t have time. They had to go.
  • The purrtraits: They don’t mesh too well with the rest of the art style, but I still think they make the game more lively.
  • Community involvement: I was active on IRC throughout the event, but failed to do blog posts, live stream and post real-life pictures. Hopefully next time.
  • OS juggling: I did my primary development on Ubuntu, but had to reboot to Windows for the art parts. The push-reboot-pull routine was cumbersome and highly unnecessary.
  • My mouse: At the day of Ludum Dare, my mouse suddenly picked up a bad habit of registering two clicks unless I held the mouse button down. This was highly annoying.
  • Food: I didn’t eat regularly. Next time I will be setting fixed eating times.
  • Getting up: I got up pretty late (past noon) on both days. I could probably have done more if I’d gotten up when intended.

After spending the evening sleeping, it’s time to check out some of your work. Congratulations to everyone who finished. I’m looking forward to seeing how you tackled the theme. :-)

Go on, click him. You know you want to:

Click to play the game.


Cryovat is in.

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:03 am

Indeed I am! After two jam entries, I’m hoping to make my first compo entry this time around.

I’m excited! Almost all of the possible themes feel inspiring, and a few great weeks have fueled me with energy to do this. The pigs are greased, the Github repo is waiting, and all that remains is for the theme to be unveiled.

My entry for 26 used Impact, and I’m planning to use it again for 27. It feels like it has the right features, and the built-in level editor is great for productivity.

For coding, I will be using IntelliJ IDEA, which is hands-down the best Javascript IDE I’ve used. Git for source control and probably sfxr (again) for audio. For graphics I will probably be using a combination of Photoshop, GrafX2 and Paint.NET.

That’s it for me. Let’s do this!

Good morning Ludum Dare!

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:57 pm

Just woke up (good morning!) and saw the theme. Like others, I’m a bit miffed that the theme isn’t more… inspiring?


I’m still excited about participating though! Due to time constraints during the weekend, I will not be able to get much work done beyond sketching and offline prototyping, so the actual coding will have to be done on Monday.
For this jam, I will be using Impact, Photoshop and sfxr. For concept, I’ll be looking into minimalism of controls. The first thought that struck me was “one button”. The challenge then is to come up with something engaging that doesn’t copy verbatim from Canabalt…


Lord Evil’s Daring Escape

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 5:24 pm

Jam entry submitted! Somehow it shaped up to something decent. :-)

screenshot1 screenshot3

Lord Evil needs your help to escape the long arm of intergalactic justice. Go to the entry page to help him!

Game jam for the vat…

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 2:58 pm

I ended up setting my goal too high, and I find that I have to concede that I won’t be able to finish in time for the main compo. I still have the intro and outro screens to go, backgrounds, particles and sound. Since work beckons tomorrow, it’s the jam for me… :-)

The idea for my game is an inverse Megaman of sorts; you are the evil emperor, and the league of Good is banging on your front door. You have to escape, but unfortunately, all of your defense mechanisms are standing between you and your spaceship. The LD entry will only have a few screens, but I like the concept enough that I hope I can make it into a modestly sized Metroidvania over the coming months.

Until tomorrow, have some screenshots:

ld25-cryovat-s2 ld25-cryovat-s1

Another player joins the fray

Posted by (twitter: @Cryovat)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 7:33 pm

I’ll be joining the Ludum Dare compo for the first time! My tools will be:

  • Tech: LÖVE, Lua and some unfinished framework code I got lying around
  • Graphics: GrafX2 and Pinta? We’ll see. :-)
  • Sound: Sfxr for audio, Google for music.
  • Motivation: Espresso!

Step one will be to come up with a fun concept that doesn’t rip off the gameplay in Overlord too much. 😉

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