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The Art Hater’s Guide to Sexy Trees

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 7:48 am

Hi all! Today I’m going to give you lovely people a quick guide to how I accidentally made the trees the prettiest thing in my game.

Art is hard. It takes a lot of time. Don’t even get me started on animations, tilesets… it’s all such a massive timesink, and for us art amateurs, it doesn’t ever seem to pay off either.

One pet peeve of mine for a while was background decoration. And by “Background decoration”, I’m talking trees and grass. And by “Trees and grass”, I mean trees.

Yeah, look at those giant smug amalgamations of bark and leaves. Challenging you with their complex shading requirements. Such jerks…

So how can us mortals hope to compete against such a cruel and mighty foe? Well, anyone who’s done programming for Ludum Dare knows that the code will be full of hacky solutions that somehow work. Well guess what! Art has hacky solutions too, and today, I’m going to tell you how I hacked these lovely things together:

Are you ready to learn? You better be, you’re about to face the greatest tool of the tree architect.

Behold! This is a grass texture:

How did I make this grass texture? First I chose three greens: a light, a medium, and a dark, . Then I painted it all in the medium shade. Then I drew a lot of small random shapes with the light colour. Then I underlined the shapes in the darker shade, which I did in an intentionally sloppy was, so it looked more varied than what it would’ve looked like had I underlined it all with the same thickness. Give it a shot, heck if you’re feeling uncertain, copy the colours I used! It’s surprisingly easy!

So you can use this as your grass. “That’s great, Crumpet,” I hear you say, “but you said you were going to teach us how to make trees, not grass! Where are the trees?” To this I reply, “What are trees, but grass on sticks?”

I’m not kidding.

The first step is to take your grass texture and delete the middle shade of green. This should leave you with this:

See? Leaves!

It’s looking a bit sparse though… Our next step is to clean off some of the leaves from the side. We want our leaves to be round.

If you want, you can also recolour your leaves. You know, so they don’t look the same as your grass. I did mine in pink and darker pink because cherry blossoms.

Prepare yourselves, this is where it gets technical. As I said, this tree is sparse, so we must harvest the most advanced technique known to our species.

Copy and paste it onto itself a load, moving it around a bit.

Phew! That was hard… Don’t worry, the next step is easier. Use some tool (many pieces of graphic software have this built in) to just apply a 1px wide black outline to the whole thing.

Ta dah! Leaves!

This next bit is probably the only actually challenging part of the process. You need a trunk. Harness all your art skills and draw something that looks kind of like a stream of brown liquid hitting the ground. The top part doesn’t need to be good, it’ll be covered in leaves, but make some nice roots.

Automatically outline the whole thing in black. Do an inner outline of a darker brown, and make this inner outline thicker on the bottom and right corners. Ignore the top of the tree. Do the shading sloppily (I did this one left handed), it makes it look more detailed.

Throw your leaves on top of it, and ta-dah!

If you want to make more variants, use the same trunk and remake some leaves with the copy paste technique. And that’s all it takes to become a master of forestry!

Remember, there are hacky solutions to all problems! Go forth and find them!


Confirmed Ludum Dare to be unhealthy

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 8:26 pm

I may have RSI or Carpal Tunnel or something like that right now. Certainly this pain in my arm is not natural.

Still, totally worth it!

Feeling very proud of Purging Cuddle Kingdoms, a game about using magnets and holding a lot of guns. Check it out!

Big shoutouts to everyone on stream!

Goodnight you fellow crazy sleep deprived fools ♥♥♥

Pretty trees and stuff

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 6:06 am

The Cuddle Kingdoms hired a gardener last stream…

They still need a shadow or something, but they do look cute.

Music complete! Time to livestream!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 3:38 am

Last night, I and the poor souls who popped into my stream discovered together that OBS doesn’t play well with FL Studio’s AISO driver. The bottom line is, there were a lot of crashes.

So I wrote the music off stream! You can listen to the banging guitar and synth mix here:

Gonna get back to streaming the game dev soon, join the fun at http://www.twitch.tv/mkarp!

In a world of magnets and miracles… Time to stream music!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 6:02 pm

Making good progress on my game “Purging Cuddle Kingdoms”!

The premise is that the Cuddle Kingdoms, a peaceful nation who produce no weapons, are being invaded.

You control Princess Eliza Anne-Marie the Unlimb-ited, and use your mighty magnet to steal the invading forces’ weapons, before grasping them in your infinite hands, and unleashing hell.

So what’s going on in this picture? For one, I put way too many enemies in my test level…

The fair Princess uses her mighty magnet to steal weapons from a hoard of foes. The enemies who have their weapons stolen run away, defenceless.

At any stage, you can put away the magnets and use the weapons you stole. All at the same time. There are probably only 15 weapons being held in the gif above, but the sky’s the limit!

You face two enemies at the moment. Ghosts which move towards you slowly, firing single shots, and imps, which teleport when you’re about the steal their weapons and fire multishots.

Do feel free to drop into my livestream at any time, to give me questions, suggestions, a piece of your mind, or some well crafted insults.

I’m about to start writing music! If you need an extra incentive to come and watch that, here’s what I wrote last Ludum Dare:

Hope to see you there!

The Livestream continues!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 12:05 pm

Why have one weapon when you can have 20?

This is starting to look worryingly like my previous game…

Going to be livestreaming as I make some better AI, the graphics for stealing enemy weapons, and some nicer visuals for stolen weapons.

Tune in at http://www.twitch.tv/mkarp!

Streaming “Purging Cuddle Kingdoms”!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:30 am

Last time on stream: We made the main character art, and panicked over how to make them carry so many weapons.

Big shoutouts to the chat for being so helpful. You guys rule.

This time on stream, we get the weapons looking nicer, we get enemies to behave, then we add in the vacuum cleaner that will give you your weapons!

Join the stream here at www.twitch.tv/mkarp/

Help me, Ludum Dare!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 4:53 am

I’m stuck on several colour variations of my new character.

Anyone got a favorite? Both dress colours and skin colours seem to work fine, so I could use some help in figuring out which to use.

Lemme know what you think is best!

The stream begins!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 8:22 pm

I’m livestreaming now!

Need a reason to watch me? Fair enough…

My previous game netted me overall 6th place! In spite of having a button mashing minigame!

Here’s the same .gif I’ve posted earlier tonight because I’m shameless in trying to get people to watch my stream:

To start off the livestream, I’ll be discussing the theme, and how I plan to implement it. I may go over some concept, and better plan out the rest of the jam.

I’ll try and fire off a quick prototype, and go to bed. Eurobros gotta sleep.

My body is ready.

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 2:29 pm

A CD full of goodness and a computer, all you need for an effective game jam.

You’re all gonna have to step up your games to match this newfound dream team of me and Rick.

Yeah that’s right. I can see that jealousy.

Well butter my biscuit!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 8:42 am

Hey, one and all!

I’m Crumpet, and I’ll be throwing my lot in for this competition.

Ever since the results to the previous competition came out, and I came out 6th overall, I’ve been pretty hyped for trying to raise the bar. Also I’ve probably been insufferably arrogant. That’s fine, it makes me fit in with most of the game devs I know.

I like making shooty games with screenshake and gameplay than lends itself to looking chaotic as hell more than anything else, but I’m also hoping to raise my game musically.

Should be streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/mkarp, so tune in during the competition to watch me make what’ll probably end up being a pixely shooter, write some music, and probably spend too much time chatting with the others at my meetup.

Just to try and convince you to come watch, here’s are some of my previous contributions.

ESC – Made for Ludum Dare 29, this was the most stereotypical Indie game I’ve ever made. It’s a pixel art puzzle platformer with a deeper meaning. The only thing I forgot was some arty filter that actually just makes it all black and white. Maybe next time.

Deep Breath – For Ludum Dare 31, this fast past, three stage shoot ’em up featured a Necromancer who had a beef with the President, particles and explosions everywhere, and some of the most kickass music I’ve ever written. This is the one to beat for me.

I’ll be making my games in Gamemaker (really good for fast prototyping, deal with it), music in FL studio, and living on a diet of too much pizza.

Best of luck to all!

Mission accomplished!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:55 pm

Deep breath is complete and submitted!

Rejoice, as the time of necromancers is upon us!

Soundtrack complete!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 5:37 pm

Gotta work on some background tiles tomorrow, some sound effects (yay SFXR), some enemy variety, scoring, and then all that’s left is polish!

Maybe something explaining the controls? The game’s mad enough to maybe be intuative, but a sorta tutorial couldn’t harm anything.

Help guys there is a game

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 12:46 pm

I don’t know what happened all I remember is putting on a lot of screenshake and particles and now I don’t even.

Having no mouse on the gif makes me look pro

Soundtrack on soundcloud!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Monday, April 28th, 2014 8:59 am

At last, I have recovered from yesterday’s long night, as well as the sheer volume of stress that comes from trying to take on such a genuinely serious topic as my game did.

More on that in the postmortem, whenever I write that. Probably when I have some good feedback to work with.

In the meantime, I finally figured out how to make game gifs!



…I say that, it’s not doing much of the whole “animated” half of “animated gif”.

That, and I just uploaded the OST onto Soundcloud. Have a listen! Let me know what you think!

You can find Esc over here, if you want to give me some feedback.

Happy jamming, everyone!

Oh hey look!

Posted by (twitter: @mkarpd)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 8:55 am

They’re holding hands!

Mechanically speaking, the game is almost complete. My shedule leaves me the rest of today to finish level design. Should hopefully be doable…

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