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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 1:57 pm

title…or, after partial translation, “The Tomato chronicles”.

First, the team:

  • cybek, main programmer and BabyMetal listener (he wanted to add that)
  • me, everything else (partial programming, awful graphics~ )

Second, the game – simple top-down shooter. After entering the building, you have 10 seconds to destroy the target. If you fail to do so, after another 10 seconds new enemies will spawn, making your retreat more difficult. If you manage to destroy target, walking around will be easier.

Third, story – player’s character, unnamed girl, was asked to buy tomatoes. A lot happened and now she is fighting some kind of evil organisation (SERN or anything you want it to be). Whole story told by black-and-white images.

Fourth, word from main programmer:  “BabyMetal”.

It’s getting late here, so good luck to compo’ers and good night to everyone else~

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