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Stressful Short Jams are Super Duper Delicious

Posted by (twitter: @Crefossus)
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 3:46 am

So even though I made a compo entry (Neural Connections)

I also made a jam entry called –

Crime Prevention is about stopping thieves and is a crap game because I ran out of time. HOWEVER the point of this entry is to share that making a game in just an hour or two before a deadline is actually incredibly fun!

No pressure! (Maximum pressure)

First of all, you can’t expect yourself to make anything great in just an hour or two unless you’re a wizard or managore. What this means is that you actually reduce pressure in the outcome, even if the time pressure is cranked up to absurd heights. If you work the entire weekend and your game is junk, it kind of hurts (so like every ludum dare for me- boo hoo, right?). However, with less investment into the shorter jam game you are way less likely to┬ácare about the end product.

The most fun I’ve ever had in a game jam

I did this last jam too with Ride to the Moon the day after finishing Lava is Last and can honestly say it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a game jam. If you watch part of the making of videos (part1 | part2) you can see I’m just squeeing with joy, especially at the end.

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