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Escape Pod – Added Post-Compo

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Monday, January 2nd, 2017 5:48 am

I just added a last-minute post-compo version to the game integrating user feedback to the best of my habilities but keeping the original concept.

The game is about patience and dissorientation. To beat it you just to remain calm and don’t panic when the time is running short. If you get dizzy there is a pause menu (press Esc) with a rules recap. Use it to rest and recapitulate. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Escape Pod – Post Compo Version

You can read my post-mortem post with original concept and how i aproached it here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/2016/12/14/my-first-ludum-dare-at-last-escape-pod-post-mortem/

This has been my first compo and i’ve learned a lot. Next step, April compo 😀


My first Ludum Dare at last – “Escape Pod” Post-Mortem

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 12:48 pm

This has been quite a ride. I’ve trying to participate on a LD since almost a year, but everytime that the time comes, some Real Life problem prevented me to concur. This time i manage to save some time to enter a compo at last, and i made it! I’ll try to sumarize my experience the best that i can.

This is the link to the game: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=70562

All the game revolves around the idea of dissorientation in a confined space. You have escaped a spaceship in a escape pod that get damaged in the explosion, so you are dissoriented and cannot move properly and the capsule is rotation out of control while entering the atmosphere. You must control de pod before it crashes.

You can only rotate using handles and the pod controls are not properly labeled so you need to figure out which button does what using trial and error while rotating and a countdown timer flashes over you. I tried to deliver an stressful experience, it’s up to you to say if i manage to do that or not…


  • Unity3d (engine)
  • Visual Studio (coding)
  • Blender (models)
  • sfxr (sound)
  • hacknplan (organization)

What went well:

  • Hacknplan to organize myself: I’m very bad at selforganization, really. This little tool helps organize your task in panels, add them quick when you have an idea, place them into milestones (first prototype, playable teaser, final version …) and reorganize when something goes bad.
  • Good concept-skills balance: I find a concept that fit my skills pretty well. I was pretty sure from the very beginning that i could do that i was trying to do. That boosted my confidence.
  • The rotation mechanic: I needed hours to refine that mechanic until i was satisffied with it and i think that worked pretty well to generate dissorientation and stress.

Things that didn’t go that well:

  • Lack of visual feedback on the buttons: I thought that it will help dissorientate the player but it was a bit too much. The post-compo version will have a bit more feedback on that area.
  • Lack of music: I need to start practicing with music so i can make something for the next compo. The sound effects could be better too.
  • I suck at coding: Really. I lost a LOT of time coding very simple things. With that time i could have improved the textures and make a custom skybox.
  • Porting: I don’t know why, but Mac versions don’t work. Unity has been awesome always with Mac porting and i’ve ported other games to Mac, but this weekend has been very difficult to make Mac versions work enterely. Sorry Mac users.

I really enjoyed myself with this. 11/10 will do a compo again. I’m now rating other games and taking notes on all the feedback that i’m receiving (this community is awesome, there is so much positive criticism and lot of tips). This weekend i’ll work on a post-compo version using all that feedback and try to improve the experience.

To all of you that i have commented and rated my game: A BIG THANK YOU!


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