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Hi I'm Craig. Lifelong gamer who is new to games development. Been fiddling with a few retro-inspired game ideas for many years but have never put anything out there for people to play. I am competing in order to break my creative logjam and hopefully make some connections and friends with people who are into making games. If all goes according to plan I'll be able to consider myself an indie games developer who can deliver a fun interactive experience. That'd be swell.


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I’m In for compo

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Friday, August 14th, 2015 12:59 am

This will be my fifth Ludum Dare. I only submitted in my first jam. The next three I attempted a point-and-click each time. My goal this time will be to create the simplest possible game with some nice looking graphics.

I have to attend a party for about four hours on Saturday, at least. I have a bit of anxiety because in addition to attending for four hours or so there is the hour ramp in and out (showering, grooming, travelling, etc) but I will just have to sleep a bit less. I may do something crazy and not drink at the party so as not to be sleepy when I come back.

I’m In for Jam

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Monday, April 13th, 2015 9:50 am

This will be my fourth jam. I’m not a great programmer. But I’ve spent a lot of time making games relatively from scratch in Flash, meaning using no frameworks beyond the base program.

I am determined to submit this time, so I will not be trying to innovate with the mechanic. I want to make a good looking game with a few complete levels.

My not-so-illustrious history in Ludum Dare thus far:

LD31 theme “all on one screen” I thought of a twist on SPACE INVADERS / CENTIPEDE but then switched it to another point-and-click. Decided fairly early on this time not to submit and to turn this game into a real thing. Here’s what it got to with a bit more dev http://wdnky.com/games/Gestalt/

LD30 theme “connected worlds” attempted point-and-click graphical adventure for the first time, using actionscript 2 and Flash. Did not submit (started late and slept too much and picked a new game type) . http://wdnky.com/games/ga1/

LD29 theme “under the surface” I submitted a barely complete side-scrolling swimming/diving game with a flood/drain mechanic. http://wdnky.com/games/hyperhydrosis/



Check out this control scheme

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 6:59 pm

I think I have found the worst game ever... - Imgur

Concept Final Mutation

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 8:37 am

Here’s the contents of the .txt file I typed up in brainstorming my concept around the theme. I budgeted 90 minutes for this step. I decided to go ahead with concept #6, a doorman/security guy type of game. Now it’s mutated to a lab assistant type deal where you’re working for a mad scientist in his laboratory.

LD31 theme: “Entire Game on One Screen”

this is suitable for old-school games:
– Tapper
– Pac-Man
– Missile command
– Space Invaders
– Galaga
– Robotron 2084


You gotta open an egg in the center of the screen before time runs out

There is a kid who lives in a house and you have to protect him from this and that like intruders, wild animals, fire,

Suds Slinger, basically.
[NOTE: Suds Slinger is a Tapper-inspired bartending game I’m creating for mobile]

Stay hidden or survive attacks from various creatures that come wandering through a scene throughout the night. Forage
during the day.

Play with the theme and have the game revolve around scenes on a movie projector.
(right away I want to keep this for a real game later and not give it away prematurely in a gamejam)

You’re the doorman somewhere interesting, like the lobby of a scientific research corp. It’s one screen with a different
scenario for each level. Meaning it’s always the lobby.

I’m In for LD31 compo

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Monday, December 1st, 2014 11:44 am

Back for my 3rd LD. Main goal this time is to make a complete game. I’ll try to make the graphics/animation stand out as that is my strong suit.

I’m gonna use Flash again, AS3 with no libraries etc except for what’s native to CS 5.5. That might be the only tool unless I have time to do some 3D or need to use Photoshop to do some bitmaps.

My LD History so far:

My first game jam was Ludum Dare 29 in April. I did a warm-up game but didn’t submit it because right away I decided to carry it forward as a commercial product and don’t want to give away the core concepts. For the April compo I aimed too high and my entry game was not a complete experience. But I learned some good stuff and the work became a starting basis for what should be a commercial release within the next year. To start LD30 in August I planned around the wrong start time and missed the theme announcement until more than three hours late. That mistake had me discouraged all weekend. Second mistake was trying to make a graphic adventure. Having never attempted this game style before I spent most of the weekend just making the point-and-click navigation work in AS3. Didn’t submit a game in the end because I only had the start of an engine and not an actual game. But hey guess what I’m still working on the game and it will probably be the third game I actually make available to play as a finished product.

So, thus far I’ve failed to really deliver a game in LD, but I’m 3 for 3 in having a useable game concept as a takeaway. In addition to a complete game I’m going to try and network a bit more for this jam. Probably won’t Twitch but I will be posting vids to YouTube and Vine throughout the jam and for follow-up.

I’m in for competition

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Saturday, August 16th, 2014 12:41 pm

I’m in for my second competition. My goal this time is to make a simple, fun, complete game with great art/animation.

Last Ludum Dare, number 29, was my first game jam. I learned some valuable lessons. Mainly restrict the complexity of the game design. Second have a better package (such as a proper title screen/main screenshot) and be right on top of the voting post-compo. Last entry I spent almost all of my time trying to massage the character movement controls while continuing to add unplanned movement states, and only started designing a level Sunday evening. I was unable to really deliver a complete game. As a conceptual prototype it was pretty solid, but the full effect of the theme, situational context, and (fairly tight if I say so myself) control mechanic was not delivered. Then I was so burned out that I didn’t do enough voting and between those two shortfalls my entry was a complete wash. I still enjoyed the hell out of the experience though. Consider this a belated post-mortem.

So this week one important task will be locking down a strict time budget ahead of the competition. One which allows plenty of time to create a level which fully delivers the intended experience. I will definitely rest up beforehand and eat well throughout the competition this time.

Tools will be Flash Pro and actionscript for the most part. If I go with a side scroller of any kind, there are some existing functions which I re-use from project to project. Aside from that it will be coded from scratch in AS2. I’m still not fluent enough with actual programming to use AS3 efficiently enough for a  jam compo.

Quick demo of theme-related game mechanic

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 11:48 am

Didn’t make the best use of time this weekend. But I’m far enough along that I feel sure I will have a few levels ready for the prototype and at least some art and animation in place. Sound and music unlikely for today at this point.

Code I might end up re-using for the competition

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 3:27 pm

I am not a real programmer. I am still on the level of hacking around in AS2 and AS3 and writing code onto the timeline. I have written some functions for scrolling platformers which I tend to re-use… I guess you could call it my own 2D platformer engine in AS2. Anyhow, embarassing as it is I have pasted the parts I might re-use via cut-and-paste below in case I end up making a scrolling/platformer game. It’s all actionscript2.

Note I have moved on to using AS3 and am making some games intended for platforms outside the web browser. But for the purposes of this contest I will build a rapid prototype in AS2. The code below is an atrocity but it’s the result of what’s only been my hobby for years, and my strength is more in combining animation skills with cheap timeline tricks. So while from a programming standpoint things are a mess I can make some fun stuff nontheless.


In for competition, starting warmup now

Posted by (twitter: @wdnky)
Friday, April 18th, 2014 9:51 am

I’m a rookie who has never released a game or even finished a hobby game. But I’ve been fiddling with making games in Flash for almost 10 years now. I’ll be entering the competition and do a quick warmup entry this weekend.

Main tool is Flash CS 5_5 using AS2. While I am creating some mobile games using AS3, I’m still learning and thus not fast enough in AS3 to compete. With AS2 I can quickly prototype. Won’t be using any libraries but if it’s allowed I may cut+paste some frequently used functions from games I’ve been practicing with. I’ve read the rules but am not sure about the cut+paste thing. I’ll be sure to get clear on this before the compo starts, but I think it falls under “base code”.

Graphics will be in hand-drawn style using a Cintiq drawing directly into Flash. I can use Photoshop or 3DSMAX if need be but am planning to stick with a hand-drawn look for this competition. Sound will probably be an afterthought, likely some recorded sounds that will be processed in Audition or Premiere. Music will probably not be included but if it was it would probably be some minimalistic loops made in Fruity Loops.

Anyhow, this is all new to me. Let’s see how it goes!

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