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We’re in!

Posted by (twitter: @@cam12win)
Thursday, December 1st, 2016 8:00 am

My second time here! This time going through with some friends because I can’t do making levels, or art. However I can do programming and music (Sonic Pi!)


We have, me who has a job as an app developer and uses Unity all the time,

One guy who does hardware school tech support but has used Unity a little,

Another guy who has used Unity a little and is currently sleeping through basic Python classes in school

And finally we have a guy who hasn’t a clue about programming, games or computers but he believes that we can do anything, so he’s our ideas guy!


We’ll be using Paint.net for art (Or GIMP if really needed), Unity3D as an engine, Sonic Pi and a guitar for sounds and music, the files that are over on my GitHub for ease of use in starting. We’ve got loads of code snippets to put together and use over there!, all versions of Visual Studio and Monodevelop and many more things I’m sure we’ll realise that we need!

This seems like it’s going to be a fun time! Hopefully aiming for great optimisation if at all possible. Great optimisation and cross platform so we can hopefully deploy to PC, Mac, web, Linux and mobile! Benchmarking for optimisation is going to the the Raspberry Pi (Or a 2013 Macbook that I have at work, I’d say the Mac is slower 😛 )

Goodluck to everyone else and have fun!

Unity starter kits. Made for Ludum Dare.

Posted by (twitter: @@cam12win)
Sunday, November 13th, 2016 7:07 am

This coming LD will be my second. This time I decided to do it with some friends in a team. Some of the people I’m working with have used Unity before but are LD newbs, and others have never seen a script in their lives. So I decided to make a set of basic things that loads of games use. Things like movement and level manager code and scripts. I was going to make them into exportables anyway so I decided why not make them public for all to use. So here they are!


The importables:



The Unity project they are going to be made in:



These are open source and if you’d like to contribute then that would be great. I need some help picking a licence so if you know what I should use, please do tell me. I’ll be updating these over time.

Remember that these can’t be used in the Competition due to the rules over there but if you’re new to Unity and you’re wanting to do the Comp then you’re welcome to go download them or look at the sources and learn what they do. Each package will have it’s own level in the original project. Some might have other things too (The level manager for instance) but I will try and explain what you have to do to make them work for you in the README. You’re welcome to use the art too if you really think you can’t do better than me writing in the initials of the object 😛


Good luck to all, and happy gaming!

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