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Success! (And I’m bad at posting progress)

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 10:07 pm

ss1Well, 48 hours, a lot of unhealthy food, and extreme amounts of coffee later, I have a game. It’s not the best thing ever written, but it’s a short, sweet, and fun game.

You play as a turtle, and need to collect eggs to progress. Growing/shrinking is used to make your way through 8 levels of various monsters and levels.

I actually managed to get a lot further than I had expected. Past my original goals, I was able to add a second enemy type (the crab), exit tile animation, and I even had time to add sound effects – something I’ve never done on this console before.

The game will speak for itself better than I will, so click here for the compo page. Please toss me a vote if you like it!

One final note: I got to test it on real hardware!

File Dec 13, 8 38 29 PM

Day 1 status: It Lives! On hardware, too!

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Saturday, December 12th, 2015 1:26 am

Relatively short day one. Despite waking up late, my body and I have had disagreements on how being awake works. Ah well, more time tomorrow.

I did spend the first few hours productively however. I have a basic working engine with collisions, a resizable main character, and some really bad programmer art. I also have a health system that is currently managed with the select button.

Next steps are going to be figuring out how the gameplay physics are going to work. I plan on making this some kind of puzzle game, based off of changing the size of your character. (And maybe some other simple ability.)

You can try it out now on my website – I stuck something into my makefile to allow me to upload every change I make, so it’ll be regularly updated throughout the day tomorrow.

Last note: it works on actual hardware!

File Dec 12, 1 25 07 AM

I’m in! And writing a for a very old console

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 10:22 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve had a really good coding challenge, so I’m in for this next Ludum Dare.

My current plan is to make a game for the classic 4 color Nintendo Gameboy. I love working on limited platforms, and the limited colors/sprite size/etc will ease art creation, allowing me to focus on the game itself.

I plan to write the game in C using GBDK (I know, I should be using assembly… I feel more confident using C for this short project) GBMB and GBTD. I will like

I’ve been practicing with a simple adventure game – play it here, or see the source on GitHub. It is meant to be a Gameboy version of an NES game I’m coding, though I don’t think I’ll ever really complete the Gameboy edition. (I want to focus my efforts on the NES game. Hoping to make it a real game people enjoy playing.) I’ll likely use some techniques I’ve found, and a similar makefile for compilation. I am also hoping to test on a real Gameboy! (Though this depends on me receiving the hardware in time.)

Also worth noting, I’ll be testing on real hardware using a GB USB Smart Cart from Kitsch-Bent!

I’ll try to keep this updated with progress, and I might try streaming it.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone can do!

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