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Calcusaurus – The Math Shooting Dino Monster?

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Saturday, August 29th, 2015 9:08 pm

Yet another Game Jam game complete! This is the 10th jam game I’ve completed thus far, but not any less challenging! This is the first time I got a jam playable on Android! (but still playable on PC and Web)

Calc Promo


I wanted to try something a little different this time around, and do something with a simple but “variable” mechanic, and all puns aside, I ended up choosing to do something related to math.

Not really sure, but for some reason I associated “monsters” with “numbers/math” at the time, maybe it had something to do with my antagonistic perspective of the subject math? :)


High concept wise, the game’s concept consisted around the idea of having the monster attack jets and stuff by “doing some calculations” that allowed him to “accurately” shoot down foes. (apparently he’s a genius, so 2+2 is enough for him to shoot down a moving plane)

Concept Art

Calcusaurus Draft

First Draft of the Gameplay Window


I immediately knew that I wanted a lizard/dino like monster, and started drawing a bunch of lizards. I didn’t think a lot of my original drawings looked “Monster” enough, so I added some “kaiju” dino to his design and added in ears.



After the design, my co-partner and I started thinking of a bunch of other ideas for the game, but eventually settled around something similar to the original concept. We began prototyping right way.



I started working on the bulk of the game’s graphics on the second day of the jam. I was struggling with coming up with the style of the graphics, and settled for going with an Arcade/Sega Genesis look.

Video: Getting the Animations Working

LzersHeliMove1 Tank_1


I tried to stick with a limited palette with limited colors, and used no more than 4 frames for the animations.



Video: The First Playable

Of course, the bulk of the work was done one day three. We were having some surprising issues with enemy spawning, as well as trying to get most of the game state stuff in. The music was created towards the end of the day, and many of the backgrounds weren’t present until the final polish.



Updated Interface


We updated the GUI with more colorful buttons, and added a couple as well when more of the features made it’s way in. I started working towards getting a mobile version of the game ready, which took a while, since I haven’t developed for mobile in a while, but alas:

Deployed Game on Android

Deployed Game on Android

Overall, this was a pretty fun Jam for us. A lot of friends playtested this during development, and actually wanted a copy for them, their kids and siblings to play.

If you want to play it yourself, check out our submission page:


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