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Ludum Dare #30 – Success!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:09 pm



Hey there!

I just finished my LD entry “Willy The Triangle”, my second time participating in a Ludum Dare. Willy The Triangle is a 2,5D multi dimensional platformer with evil rectangles – what could someone want more?

Development was straight forward: Yesterday, in the morning I’ve started development and finished just now (of course with some breaks, including 8hours sleep and one stop at the fitness centre – you have to be fit when developing :P) – so development was quite chill. I spent around 1 hour fiddling with some ideas and thinking about some concepts, but I have to admit I am not the planning type of guy – I really had just a rough concept, which was at the beginning time travelling in a RPG style game. But I quickly adapted this into parallel dimensions, because time travelling was too complex and time was spare. Then I realized that RPGs are much more time consuming, which again, is not something you have a lot during a LD. So I chose my favorite genre instead, which I knew is possible in 48 hours: Plattformer (as my first LD entry was also a platformer).

Then development kinda rushed through. On day 1 I basically developed the engine and maps and on day 2 I made all the assets and finetuning. I personally like this approach a lot, because you reduce the amount of unnecessary assets you have to create and you are in different mindsets when developing and when making graphics – switching too often is not healthy for a game in my opinion. I think I spent around 30 hours on this game in total. No serious bug hunting or other unexpected time issues were encountered during the development.

My toolchain?

  • Development: GLBasic
  • Graphics: Paint.NET / PS / Milkshape 3D
  • Sound: sfxr / GarageBand + my VDRUM
  • Misc: calc.exe / Notepad++

I chose GLBasic because it is in my opinion one of the best rapid development tool for games out there. It offers real flexibility, while still having a wide range of features. I personally am really the fastest with GLB. The 3D engine is low level (nearly OpenGL) but because of this you can do astounding stuff with this very fast.

What went wrong? I do not think the game itself is that fun to play, because I am a terrible map creator, and the result is kinda what you expect. I think the game mechanic could have been much more involved in the map creation process and would have lead into a better gaming experience. Next time I’ll do better – I hope.

What went well? I think the entire development process and the asset creation was very good. Escpecially the graphics I kinda like, as I am not very talented with 2d drawing/3d modelling but it looks in my opinion not that bad. Sound is another story though… Music I have never done before, so I struggled a lot and sounds are the default sfxr creations.

Please take a look at my game, if you leave a comment I would be very happy:

Greetings from Austria, Vienna :)

Android version of JoeTheAlien

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Saturday, April 28th, 2012 12:57 pm


I’ve just released the android version of JoeTheAlien:


Thanks to the power of GLBasic it was quite easy and fast. I hope you will play the android version :)

Original game: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=11847

My first LudumDare and a 2.5D platformer?

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 7:50 am
Joe The Alien

Joe The Alien Titlescreen

Hey guys!

I’m Robert and I live in Austria. This is my first LD I have participated and it went quite well I think. I read about the LD and decided spontaneously to give it a shot. I programmed 20 hours (nearly) nonstop and I think it was worth it. I know a 2,5D platformer isn’t the easiest game you can make but I love these kind of games and I wanted to make something with 3D graphics.

Originally the game was called “JoeTheAnt”… but I failed at modelling a reasonable ant, so I decided to make an alien out of the current “ant”. Luckily I made the model very early in development so it was no problem to change it. Then I implemented the key features: Map (drawing, loading, decoration, etc.) player (running, jumping, collision, …) , the enemies (the bug and the mushroom (in code it’s considered as an enemy because originally it was considered to be moving…) and some extra goodies (intro, outro, “tutorial” system, etc.). This took around 12 hours.

Then a strange bug occured… The game crashed with no pattern. It just crashed at a random position. The debugger didn’t help and so I was only able to remove code test… because there was no pattern it was just guessing… after 5 hours of trial and error I fixed the problem (I hope I fixed it…). Then I created the seven maps and tested them and the very last step was adding some (annoying) sounds and test it again. Yeah then I had the finished game and I uploaded it 6 hours before the 48h competition ends.

Which tools?

  • GLBasic for programming
  • Milkshape 3D for modelling
  • Paint.NET and Photoshop for sprites and textures
  • sfxr for sounds
  • calc.exe for minor calculations

What went right?

  • The key features were no problem, Got them working in a reasonable time
  • Graphics – Not the best but I did my best. And I think for 20 hours it’s okay.
  • The game is finished as it is – It has a beginning, ending, 7 maps and some “extras” I wanted (tutorial system, intro, etc.)
  • I had no time issues

What went wrong?

  • I should have planned a little bit more (planning took around 5 minutes…)
  • Sound/Music effects are awful… I have to learn to do better.
  • Some minor problems (bugs, focus on important features, …)


I hope you like it and give it a good rate 😀 http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=11847

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