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Quick update

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 3:47 pm

Finally we settled on an idea, and we decided to try and do a rhythm based game, so rhythm is your weapon. Here is the first concept of our idea. Have a fun ludum dare

BOND. Connected and disconnected at the same time.

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Thursday, August 28th, 2014 8:56 pm



Hello dear Ludumdare(ians),

I want to share with you the game shadow and I (ilovepixel)  made for this Ludum Dare 30.

We joined the jam once again as ConflictiveLabs (sans elmismopancho, who couldn’t join us).

This game is our interpretation of the theme “Connected Worlds”.

Here I will quote shadow, the 1337 programmer, on his take of the game, even though he thinks it’s too artsy:

To be honest, [while working on the game mechanics] I had some concepts in my mind of what it means to “be connected with someone” (It could be emotionally, intellectually, etc). Not necessarily experimenting the same as the other person but still being able to support the other when it’s needed. Being in sync but still retaining their own independence.

I think this reflects what we wanted to imprint in BOND. Not only an interesting mechanic but also a nice feel to it.

About our submission; We had some problems that didn’t allow us to upload the full version of the game before the jam ended. This is why the original game is not really a full game but just a level repeated 3 times which we use to test the mechanics and the art. We apologize about this. I encourage you to play the Post-Jam version (which was uploaded a few hours after the deadline, when we were able to work on the game again an add the levels), you won’t be disappointed.

Here you can try our game!




THIS IS IT: Our favorite games (so far?)

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Sunday, September 15th, 2013 3:14 pm

Well, Ludumdare 27 is coming to an end so we’ve decided to show some extra love to those games we played and enjoyed the most with this Top-8-of-sorts that I hope helps these games get the praise they deserve! (games are listed in no particular order btw).


PROBE TEAM” by Andrew Shouldice



Man this game is good! Pretty solid and very polished. Amazing graphics and atmosphere together with a fun yet challenging gameplay make this entry one of our favorites without a doubt!  If you haven’t played it already you better give it a try now!








“You will die” by HighQuality

You will die

Looking for a challenging game with innovative controls? Well look no further. “You will die” literally delivers when it comes to honoring its title. You’ll have a great time dying though!






“Space Hunt” by korfi 

Space Hunt

Can you believe this is the first game this lad (or lady. Not sure)  makes? We couldn’t believe it either! ( I wish my first games were as good as this one is). One of the nicest things of Ludumdare is the chance to witness the first steps of a game developer and give him/her feedback in return.










“Chicks And Dungeons” by Kotstulle

Chicks And Dungeons

This is an amazing gameboy-style dungeon adventure. Please bear in mind that  the music and sfx were borrowed from the epic Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening game (which is something the author him/her-self explicitly says in the entry description!).   I’m pretty sure ladies won’t appreciate that much the (ab?)use of the damsel-in-distress trope, but I think it manages to use it in a creative (although slighlty disturbing) way while seemingly merging it with the theme.






“MegaPunch” by Nick Weihs


Solid and fun multiplayer game (yes, you heard right, MULTIPLAYER!).  I hope people are still playing this because there’s nothing more fun than fighting other players in this awesome game!






“Kitty Force 10” by Raiyumi

Kitty Force 10

I truly enjoyed this game! It’s GORGEOUS in every way. A tad difficult but not annoyingly frustrating. The level of  polish in this game is insane!






“Hand Drawn Hero” by Ritzblues783

Hand Drawn Hero

Save for minor problems with collision and stuff this game is actually QUITE enjoyable. The hand-drawn graphics will charm you to no end. In fact most aspects of this game just scream quality. Totally worth checking it out if you’ve not done so before.






“Launch_0xa” by robertcodes


If hacking and solving riddles under stress is your thing (and I know it is) you’ll love this game. Creating the perfect mood for the experience is also really hard and this game excels in that department!








There are many other games we truly enjoyed… but if we were to list them all we would end up with a list of almost every game we played!

Anyway, here’s a bonus if you are still craving MOAR LD games:

Bug Buster

What is this?! Well it’s Bug Buster by yours truly (ConflictiveLabs).

To be honest we are all pretty happy with the feedback we’ve got from you guys, so a big THANKS to everyone who played our entry. All the support and constructive criticism this community always gives us definitely makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If you’ve not tried our game before please give it a go and let us know your thoughts on it!








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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 9:06 am

LD27  ended and a lot of games were made and we all (hopefully) had the time of our lives making them.


ConflictiveLabs’ log: August 23th, 2013, Everyday I hear and see eternity….

Bravest Warriors reference. Kids won't get it.

Bravest Warriors reference. Kids won’t get it.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this LD. A lot of things were not exactly “right” this time; a few members were busy (or had plans for part of the weekend) or went through a very difficult moment due to unexpected events. And I was feeling sick, stupidly sick.

Theme was announced at 9PM local time. We agreed on meeting at 10 PM to discuss the theme and game ideas. I was lurking on IRC waiting for the theme. I texted my friends with the theme as soon as it was announced and started brainstorming, jotting down my ideas in a small notepad.


We met on Skype at 10 0’clock. We discussed the ideas and we all pretty much agreed on what essentially became the game we submitted. Things were looking dim however as we were not expecting to start particularly early the next day. We began anyway with all our energy. We -bravely- decided to use Monkey without any fancy engine. Not even our own engines or those we had access to. Pure, raw Monkey language. We trusted we could code everything for scratch and adapt particular subsystems or modules from any of the available engines only if they were truly needed.

I could go on with what could be a REALLY epic but sad tale about a guy programming with burning eyes, bleeding nose and fever…. a brave lad working through difficult times, finding time where there was none, giving his best to be everywhere at the same time … and an artist, desperately trying to cope with all the art the game needed while juggling his other responsibilities….

But let’s cut the crap out of the story and let’s focus on the positive side: The skies opened and a blinding light descended upon us, and when the deep, dark night was reigning supreme on the skies and all hope was lost, a friend of David joined us, an amazing artist. She had no previous LD experience but she had the talent to help us. We were also able to get in touch with Mr. Kriman and he decided to help us (once again) with the music. So it wasn’t everything lost after all, you see?

Inspiration for the music you say? nah.


Bug Buster is done!

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 7:29 pm

Bug buster! by ConflictiveLabs


Your mission is to destroy those pesky little bugs and defeat Bichina, the bug lady!
Each level last 10 seconds but you can slow time at will (at cost of your score, obviously!) And after each level you can see an instant replay of how awesomely you killed each and every bug on real time.








HOLD IT! We are in!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:02 pm


(Please feel free to listen to this while you read this post )

A bit of a late announcement but ConflictiveLabs is back for this LD (At least 2 of its founding members. ilovepixel will be apparently busy this time around so only elmismopancho and myself (Shadow) will be stepping into the arena this round). A friend of us, David, will be helping with the art and stuff. He already contributed a bit to our last entry (KillVille) with a rad intro screen so he is no stranger to the Jam.

As for our tools we will be using Monkey (as in our previous entries) for the codezzz and probably Photoshop for the glitter and sparkles.



So 10 seconds eh?

1 hour after the theme was announced we met online to quickly discuss the theme. We settled with a simple but fun idea: A bullet-hell-kinda-game where you have exactly 10 seconds to kill everything… BUT, -you may be asking yourself-  is that even possible? I mean, in most bullet-hell games you don’t even get to the first wave of enemies in the first 10 seconds, right?

Well, you -as a player- are actually so incredibly AWESOME that you CAN kill everyone in 10 seconds! Mostly because those 10 seconds will actually happen in slow motion for you, so you’ll have a chance to see the world around you in a stunningly awe-inspiring  TheMatrix-like way while you kill the bad guys in a MichaelBay-esque (or Tarantino-ish if you prefer) fashion… so what you see as  “normal actions” performed at “normal speed” will actually be radical and deadly acrobatics done in a split of a second. Once you’ve finished the level you’ll be able to see a replay in “real time” showing how you owned everyone in 10 seconds or less.

We still have things to discuss. For instance how to keep the game interesting?  To achieve that we can give the player full control of the way time flows, allowing him/her to slow-down or speed-up the game at will…. OR we can just make a bunch of levels,  increasing the difficulty and number of enemies in each…. OR we can make the “slow motion” effect be less and less powerful each iteration, accelerating the action every round (it could be an interesting experiment to see if given the proper “training” (decreasing the slow-mo effect smoothly) a player can actually kill everything in 10 seconds without any kind of time-bending aid).

Well, we don’t know yet, we will probably talk about that tomorrow. I’m mostly talking to myself at this point.


We would love to know what you think of the idea though. What do you think it would be a good way of keeping the game interesting? Feedback is always welcome!

We also wish the best of luck to EVERY other participant.

LD is an awesome experience. Be sure to have FUN! That’s what LD is all about!

See ya!



Kill Ville Post Mortem

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 1:02 pm

Well, ConflictiveLabs here.

It’s our second entry to the ludumdare jam as a team and we are quite proud of what we made.

Haven’t played our game “Kill Ville” yet? Go on, give it a try.

Kill Ville, The ultimate Noir city simulator. Fog and street lamps didn’t make it on the final product though.


ConflictiveLabs is back!

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Thursday, December 20th, 2012 5:31 pm

Well, this was long overdue. We have been very lazy with the posts this ludum dare, but we are going to catch up, promise 😀

So, our game for the jam is Kill Ville. If you haven’t played it yet, please do and leave a comment so we can try yours too.

Find the villain!


Our favorite games so far!

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Saturday, September 15th, 2012 11:24 pm

Well we had a blast developing our entry, and we also had a lot of fun playing games made by others!

As the judging deadline is near I thought of building a list of the games that we have enjoyed the most so far!

I think these games deserve some more love as well, so be sure to check them out!

As every member of the team has taken the time to play a number of games on their own, I’ve compiled this list based on the overall score we’ve given to those games. I won’t be making any comment on them as I’ve personally played only a few from the list myself.

So, with no further ado, here is the list! (in no particular order):

Go Back (Aceria)


Oneway (Azurenimbus)


Inu no Ongaeshi (Shmarah)


Psychiatric Evaluation’ Post Mortem

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 5:58 pm

Before I start, if you haven’t tried our game, please do it here. If you already did, continue reading :)

The introduction

This was the first ludum dare we entered as a team. Shadow and ilovepixel had previous experience in this competition, me (elmismopancho), on the other hand, it was my first time. So, I’ll try to tell an awesome story, about how three guys built an even awesomer game.

Planning Phase

We decided to do all the work online. So the first thing was to prepare and decide what tools we would use. (more…)

And… we are done.

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Monday, August 27th, 2012 6:41 pm
Back view of main character

“What has been seen cannot be unseen”

Psychiatric Evaluation is finished now!

Well, we technically finished the game yesterday night, and we ironed out a few details today (during lunchtime at work). 

It was a fun experience for all of us and we are proud of what we achieved. This was the first time we participated as a team on a project of this kind.

Although two of the members (Shadowilovepixel) had early experience with the ludumdare ride, there was a total newcomer this time around (so please, all welcome elmismopancho) which made things more interesting (and it looks like he is here to stay 😉 well, it’s only natural. It’s hard to quit LD once you try it).

It’s also our first time doing a collaborative process completely over internet. Thanks to SVN, Google (Mail, Chat, Docs), Dropbox and Skype we had no problems at all sharing information, discussing game design, and of course, developing the game itself.

We will write a post-mortem later, with a bit of the development/creative process, the good choices we made, our poor choices as well, the lessons we learnt, etc. For now we are happy to say that we are done. We made it!

We hope every other team and participant had a blast making his/her/their game (and we also hope you all managed to finish your entries) and we will probably be playing your games soon!

If you missed the link on top, you can find our game here. We would love to hear your comments/feedback!

Introducing our team, and our take on the theme

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 8:58 pm

Team ConflictiveLabs here! (Shadow, ilovepixel, elmismopancho). This is the first time we will be participating as a group so we look forward to having a great time on this iteration of the infamous LD Jam.

Tools we will be using:

  • Monkey for the radical h4x0r c0d3 (Shadow, elmismopancho)
  • Photoshop for the über artsy graphics (ilovepixel)
  • sfxr for the sound effects (whoever gets some free time first)
  • [ TBA] for music (if any… really, no real musician here, just a bunch of amateurs)
  • Coordination will be carried over exclusively online, so we set up SVN, dropbox, google docs and skype as our communication tools.
Now, about our take on the theme…


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