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I’m in again…

Posted by
Friday, December 11th, 2015 8:24 pm

….I think!  I’m getting my excuse matrix out early – I have a busy weekend schedule already created for me by my family, and I have some final bug testing to do for a forthcoming steam release of my game there.  But – what the heck – I’ll give it another go!


Good luck everyone!

Compo Post-Mortem == Monkey Business

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2015 8:43 am

Well, what a hard and fun weekend!  This was my 4th LD and I am definitely learning loads about time management… as well as game dev!

I lost a couple of hours at the beginning when I was not really being sure how to apply the theme.  Then I became fixated on the idea of throwing poop around.  I cannot explain this – I promise!  That then evolved into the idea of you, the player, being a gorilla who has to defend his territory from invading poachers and tourists.  I wasn’t sure if I was biting off too much because enemy AI can get time consuming…

So, I ended up focusing most of my time on the art and the character/enemy animation.  In my previous attempts I became bogged down in the game-play mechanics in c2, but not this time.  There were a couple of stressful moments when I couldn’t get the correct animation to play on the poachers, but they were (as usual) my fault because I had failed to pick objects correctly whilst working late (is my excuse).  The enemy AI is good enough; nothing super-complicated but I’m pleased with what I made.

Here’s a link to the end result:


I would love it if you gave it a try and provided me with feedback.  I am tempted to make this into a full-up game – what do you think?  Am I mad, or does this have potential?

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Half way through – I hope I can turn this into a game!

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 8:20 pm

Hi everyone.  Here’s my half-way status update – the engine’s almost done (except that there is a massive lack of killing and non-player death, so far).  Here’s hoping that I can turn this into something resembling a game!!!


half way

I’m in and my family are out

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2015 4:39 pm

Metaphorically out, that is – my family will really be trying a variety of tactics to get my attention while I try and keep focused.

Slightly anxious and excited now…


Construct 2,
Music Maker Jam,

Good luck everyone!!

LD31 Post Mortem, or whatever you want to call it

Posted by
Monday, December 22nd, 2014 6:45 pm

So, after hiding myself from my family as best I could, I settled down to think of a game theme…  that could be played on just one screen.  Settled down is a bit strong, on reflection – I couldn’t think of anything for the first couple of hours!

So, some wine was quaffed and some junk food was consumed, which seemed to help.  And this is the end result:


screen shot


A physics puzzle game – match 4 or more falling objects that are next to each other (click with the mouse) and they explode, give you points, and mix things up a bit.  I had never made a fully functioning physics game before, so it was a good challenge putting this together.  Of course, some things went well and some have helped me learn for the future….

The good bits: the physics interaction between the falling objects is quite satisfying, and so are the explosions when you match the objects.

The not so good: the game lasts a bit too long – perhaps you should be able to run for as long as you can, rather than having a time limit – and the dispense system works but doesn’t add to the game’s pleasure.  To be a better part of the challenge, if I could do it again, I think I would have the player choose when to dispense each object – to bring the dispenser into the game more (perhaps with a count down time so you can’t wait forever).  Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I’m already looking forward to LD32!!  Come on, already!


I’m in!!

Posted by
Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 10:46 am

I’ve pre-warned my family and, although I have a commitment on 5 Dec that I cannot get out of, I’m in for LD31 (my 3rd).  Such a great way to learn and become slightly less amateur…

I’ll be using:

Construct 2

Inkscape / GIMP / Genetica

sfxr / Music Maker Jam

My objective it to enter the compo, but we’ll see how things go.
My target player will be HTML5 (of course – it’s C2…), but most browsers seem to have jerky playback at the moment – I might have to resort to asking players to take on a 25 Mb node webkit download.  We’ll see how that goes….

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