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Thanks everyone for coming out! For the next 3 weeks, we’ll be Playing and Rating the games you created.
You NEED ratings to get a score at the end. Play and Rate games to help others find your game.
We’ll be announcing Ludum Dare 36’s August date alongside the results.

About CodeVandal

I'm new here, having discovered this site through the October Challenge. I enjoy writing mobile games in my free time and publishing them on the iOS App Store. My day job is working as a software engineer at a small company that makes home design software.

My latest game is a board game for the iPad called Five-O.


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My October Challenge results for Five-O

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Sunday, October 31st, 2010 8:50 pm

Five-O IconI finished Five-O on October 21st and submitted it to the App Store for approval that night. As the days went by, I started to get worried that it wouldn’t be approved in time, but on Friday, October 29th, I received confirmation that the game was approved for sale. I got my first sales on October 30th! Woohoo!

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About Five-O, my entry for the October Challenge

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Sunday, October 31st, 2010 7:48 pm

Five-O is a board game I’ve been developing in my spare time over the last few years. It started as a side project during college. I was taking a course in artificial intelligence, and I wanted to create a game with an AI component. Growing up, I had played one of the many “Scrabble-but-with-numbers” games and had fond memories of it. Searching the internet revealed not a single good implementation of this idea for the computer, so that’s what I set out to make.

The basic rules are as follows. Players take turns placing intersecting sequences of numbers on a board. Each sequence must total to five or a multiple of five, and no sequences may be more than five tiles in length. For example, 7-3-8-7 would be a valid sequence because it adds up to 25. The sequence 3-9-5 is not valid because it adds up to 17 which is not a multiple of five. You can read more on the game’s webpage.

With the release of the iPad, I put the desktop version of Five-O on hold and started focusing on getting an iPad version done. The device is just too perfect for board games like Five-O. The October Challenge was the push I needed to finally finish version 1.0 and publish it in the App Store.


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