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Ludum Dare 35 postmortem

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 6:39 pm
I did it! I finally fucking did it! I made and finished an actual playable game! 😀I'm one of you guys now

It’s been quite an experience to participate in a game jam, trying to crank out a playable game in just 72 hours.. I would highly recommend trying it to anyone even remotely interested in game-making.. Even if you have no experience making games, you quickly become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.. Once I started prototyping, I quickly became aware that I was not very good at colors and making them work well together.. So I looked up some videos about color theory and color schemes.. I also learned some different idea generation techniques.. Overall I got a pretty good general idea of the whole game making process from start to finish, since you’re really forced to manage your time well and prioritize your tasks..

So now the game is out! It’s called “I’m one of you guys” and is a kind of assassin game where you can possess dead bodies to blend in and progress, keeping in mind who is picking on who.. So I’ve had some friends play it and even had people play it on Twitch..! Overall positive feedback with few suggestions and complaints.. Not a super great game, but still, I thought I would do a lot worse than I did..

It feels pretty great to have made a game and have people enjoy it.. And it strongly confirms my belief that this is what I want to do..! This is what wholly makes me feel like myself.. It’s a great way for me to grow like a person, challenging pretty much every bit of potential I might have.. :)

I feel pretty happy right now.. :)

So where do I go from here..? not quite sure.. I’ll probably polish my game some, make myself a proper website to put it and future games in.. Then I might take a course in pixelart, so I can make games that doesn’t just consist of colored blocks.. :p

I think I might try to do some of the past Ludum Dare themes and get each done in a weekend.. short deadlines and being part of a great community of game-makers seems to be what it takes to get something done for me..

:) :) :)

I’m in!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 11:51 am

This game jam thing might be the kick in the pants I need to get started making games.. :)

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