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Nest; Our first Ludum!

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 10:23 pm

Our game, Nest, took all weekend for my buddy programming it, and several hours for me to do the art. In the end we have a playable game! Some parts like the menus are unfinished, and we didn’t have time to implement some animations, but the sound was a pleasant last minute addition!

My first idea was basically Smash TV with one room. You control a guy constantly being assaulted by different minions. By the time I had the knight and the monster drawn and animated I realized this probably was about as much as I could do in the time I had (due to other responsibilities over the weekend.) And besides, having enemies teleport in is kind of a lame trope at this point.

So I flipped the idea on its head and turned the room into a monsters lair which the people are assaulting. This gave me an objective, protect the eggs, and allowed me to flesh out my much nicer monster sprite.

Check it out!
Anyway, we both learned a LOT and plan on making more games in the future, using what we learned here. Enjoy!

By Alexzander Stone (Programmer) and Casey Fallon (Artist, www.cfallondesign.com)

The Art of my first Ludum

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 12:43 am

Hello, my programming half is busy plugging away to get things working but, since I unfortunately have run out of time on my end, I thought I’d share the art I’ve done for our game. ¬†You should see it up for judging sometime tomorrow I imagine.

I painted everything from scratch for this game, so all assets were created in a matter of hours since I also had other responsibilities during the weekend. They’re a bit rough but I think, at the small sizes, they get the job done.

I didn’t have any time to do concept art so I just dove right in and developed the yellow knight, which is why his run animation doesn’t work in both directions and he’s a bit more detailed than anything else. I’m not sure if he’ll show up in the final product. Originally this was the player character and you would be in a room with loads of monsters teleporting into the room (the glowy frames) and assaulting you.

Second was the monster, which ended up looking better than I thought it would.

Because of that, and time restrictions, we flipped the game on its head by deciding that the player would be the Spider-thing defending its nest from smashy humans. The humans keep spawning in from the entrances around the ‘cave’ running to kill either you or your eggs. Every few kills you will spawn an egg, and the eggs act as your life. Your only attack is a ‘acid spray’ AOE near-melee range attack. The death frames could be better but I like the goop puddle last one!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy and since this is my first Ludum Dare entry I’ll be looking closely at other games to see how you handled the art!


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