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I’m in (free unitypackage for proceduralMap!)

Posted by
Friday, August 26th, 2016 4:14 pm

I’m in for the Idon’tknowhowmanytimes ” st


Also, I want to share a unityPackage I quickly create to make a procedural map with a algorithm I made for Unity. This only works in Unity2D, but can be ported for 3D it needed.




(Sorry, because I didn’t have the time to translate the variables to english and the script itself is in spanish :D)




Good luck for you all!



In for the 3rd April LD

Posted by
Friday, April 15th, 2016 12:56 pm

Let’s rock this thing out!


I’m going to use Unity, I Imagine that 3D max, photoshop or illustrator to get the job done with graphics and abundant-music.com



Also I would like to give for free a litle editor code that I made specially for preparation to the LD. Has a template to made a 3D platformer game, two canvas and all the folders you might need for a project.






GL AND HF to you all

In again

Posted by
Friday, December 11th, 2015 3:07 pm

I’m in! Almost late to write the post, but better late than never.


I will use:


Unity 5



Good luck to all and greetings to my fellow spaniards :)

I’m in from Spain (4th time already)

Posted by
Thursday, August 20th, 2015 10:08 am

Here I go again, after pass succesfully all my first year college exams (In videogame Design) let’s do this.


Game Engine: Let’s try this time with Unity

Graphic tools: Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

Music/audio: Sfrx and abundantmusic.com


Let’s do this mates, let’s rock this time harder :)

I’m in (Third time)

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 3:28 am

Hi everybody from spain, I’m in here again. Let’s have fun together!!


I will be using:

Engine: Construct 2, or Unreal. I left libgdx behind.

Graphics: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Sound and music: sfxr and http://www.abundant-music.com/ . Maybe I can try something further.


GL & HF newcomers!


Pong with a twist

Posted by
Monday, March 30th, 2015 6:50 am

Hi, now that the MLD is over, you can play my entry!


Click here




The grey ones make the original ball bounce.

In for the second time

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2014 3:24 pm

Hi there, I’m in again for the ludum dare 30! No much to say this time. You can see my previous game here: Greys

I’m going to use:

Language: Java

Library: Libgdx

IDE: Eclipse

Base Code: Probably I will use the Tile based- collision of my first game ever, that you can see here! Also you have the right to use any other code in my public repo.

Graphics: PyxelEdit and Inkscape

Sounds and Music: http://abundant-music.com/ , SFRX, Audacity.


Greys: The postmortem

Posted by
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 12:03 pm
Yeah, it's THIS  cryptic game

Yeah, it’s THIS cryptic game


Hello everybody! Here I am with my first postmortem to my first entry ever in Ludum Dare.

First of all, sorry for my bad use of english, I’m spanish.

Let’s start


What went right:

  • The minimalistic art style seems to work pretty well with the whole game. So I’m happy with the idea
  • Seems to be hard to get all secrets to most people, this is a right thing to me!


What went wrong:

  • Maybe my entry was a little too cryptic, because nobody seems to understand the game. This maybe is a fine thing, and it’s good that some people enjoy the game with alternative interpretations or whatever
  • Some bugs, like the background’s weird lines or some performance issues in old computers / computers with a lot CPU use.



And now, let’s explain the ten secrets. If you didn’t play the game, this is the moment to go and play it, and after that, you can read this and see what in hell you’ve been playing to. You can play Greys here


The secrets:

  1. Oh… .    You just started to know a person, and one of the first things you see of it is the things that the person doesn’t tell you (Obviously, when you know somebody, “somebody” doesn’t tell you all his life, because this will be weird). Because you are not a friend yet, or the person isn’t confident enough with you, this things are in a jail.

    Yeah, only nine to go!

    Yeah, only nine to go!

  2. He… is dead? The person you started to know maybe have some relatives that are dead, if someone you know it’s parent-less you just don’t tell him a parent-related joke, because you don’t want to be a jerk, do you? (The symbolism here is that the “dead pixel” is a amount of greys, that are the same greys that the main character animation. So maybe you are the dead person? :) )
    Maybe this is a creepy one...

    Maybe this is a creepy one…


  3. What…? Here the main character started to know the bad part of this person, but sometimes this person shows the main character his good part, making the character a little confuse.
    What what what?

    What what what?


  4. Soul States: This maybe is a little too freak: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plato’s_tripartite_theory_of_soul  I just add the grey one to show a mix of all the three. (Grey is a mix of white and black)
    Hi plato!

    Hi plato!


  5. See something? Appetitive part of the soul. The part in charge of the love, because of this, this part is in a red colour. The black part of the map just represents the bet that you have to do to seek love. (Blind love)

    Blind love...

    Blind love…

  6. Clearer here… Background stops to get darker here and begins to get clearer. This represents the true person that is behind the good parts and the bad ones. But you already know the bad parts, so the screen always show something black to reminds the character that.

    This is a heart, is beautiful!

    This is a heart, is beautiful!

  7. You remembered some stairs… I know it, you don’t like this secret xD, this represents the best part of the person, and the “seems impossible” way to reach it. So the secret is a white square! …. Yeah, not so smart here

    White like my heart white (8)

    White like my heart white (8)

  8. The background is the key. If you keep an eye in the background you see three “greys” but in the bottom of the photo are  4! This represents the weird parts of a person, the “freak” part that amuses you.



  9. White or darker grey? In this room you choose a side. If you choose the grey path you will leave the room with nothing. If you choose the white you leave the room with a four greys secret. This represents the main character itself, with lighter greys in the secret.

    Greys everywhere!, Good choice ;)

    Greys everywhere!, Good choice ;)

  10. Christine’s heart: Just a name guys! A name to the person that the main character gets to know. Or not?… This represents the many states of a relationship between two human beings. (The heart have multiple greys)

    The end

    The end

I hope you all enjoy with my bad english, see you 😉



Posted by
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 10:28 am

If you feel like playing an abstrat little and short game, you can play greys 😉



Click me! 



Maybe later I write a post explaining all the secrets and the general meaning on the game. Before that I enjoy the general confusion 😉

Make it personal.

Posted by
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 2:48 am

Thanks to the theme, i’m going to make a very personal game for my first ludum dare. VERY personal.

Beneath the surface of a person… (Beneath a person’s surface)

I’m in from spain! (1th time!)

Posted by
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 12:54 am

Let’s watch this weekend burn together!

I’ll be developing in the solo compo, first time in my life, I’m going to use:

Libgdx and Java as my developer tools (And Eclipse, badly)

Inkscape and PyxelEdit as my shitty graphics productors!

– And SFRX of course, :)


I’m a little nervous, but let’s see what happens the weekend!



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