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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 10:42 am

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great jam so far.

This is our first Ludum-event, but it’s been a lot of fun and we will most likely do this again in the future. Our team consists of a 4 people from Guru Games, and normally we work on games that are a lot different from this one. Games that take more than a year to finish, and take up most of our time, day and night. This weekend we decided to take some time of though, and just have some fun. After all, that is what got us into development in the first place, and making something small without the added pressure of milestone-deadlines or budget limitations has been really refreshing. For me, as a CEO, it has been great getting to do real development again, and not spend my time with answering emails. So, what have we made then?

Well it’s not done yet, but the game is about our art director, Johan Zdybal, who btw is not part of the jamming group. He is also the one doing the VO in the game, even if he does not know about it yet. We really don’t like being without him, so we decided that if he is not working with us we will work with him, by featuring him as the main character of our game. Now Johan loves Coffee, it’s almost an obsession and we wanted to show the whole world that side of him. So in the game you are on the hunt for coffee beans and you steer Johan towards the beans by rotating the screen with A+D or the arrow keys. Johan will roll around, bounce and fall towards the beans, and when you have collected all of them A cup of coffee spawns in the middle. His roomies are not to happy about his plans to make coffee however, and will chase him through the levels. It plays a lot like Pacman, but instead of having direct control of the character you just rotate the screen where the game takes place.


Special thanks to @doublezeroonezero who created the music for us, and to everyone who has been supportive on twitter. We will do some minor additions to the game, but we have to work tomorrow. If you want to see what we do when we are not fooling around making games about coffee you can follow me, @cardanai or our marketing dude, @ttrengil on twitter.

Have a happy jam, looking forward to see more of what you are working in!

-Daniel Ström


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