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Nafasi Conquest – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @nakou)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 1:19 am

Hello guys, need to write this story.

My theme

Okay, so the theme. I was hoping for this one so hard, when it comes out, I was so happy. All the vote week, it was the one i was thinking to be the better prepared for. Just because “Connected Worlds” speaks to me like “Do something with space in it”, and I freaking love space stuff.

So here I am, Saturday 3:00 am (I’m in France, UTC -1), stream on twitch ready to go. With a great idea : make a lite-Civilization, with planets instead of cases.

Limit the ambition… kinda

Of course I knew I couldn’t make a Civilization-like in 48 h. So I start to focus only on the combat system, with a simple system of Attack/Defense gathering. I don’t wanted to make a static map, because Universe is random, you know. I love recursive system so I try to plan a graph/tree oriented system, to generate a map, and verify connection between planets. Also, I prepare the fact than, the player is not alone, and need an enemy in this random universe.  So I planed something terrible : An AI. Yeah.

Running out of time

Last time i’ve done the Ludum Dare was for the 28. It was pretty lame because, I remember during the vote week, I was like “if <You Only Get One> goes out, i’m so dead i’ve no idea”. So you can understand why it was so “special”. Anyway, last time, I was so stressed, I’ve work all the weekend, with just 6-10h of sleep divided on 3h naps. So this weekend, I was like “take it easy bro”. I just worked until Sat 5am, goin to sleep almost 10h, woke up at 3pm,  take my time to eat, doing the dishes, do some shopping, make my dinner, all that stuff, work like 8-10h on the LD for all the saturday. And I woke up at 2pm on Sunday and I was like “there is so much work to do, that will be impossible…”.

Plus, It was very different on Unity than the stuff I usualy do on it. Like, I’ve never do some generation, graph system or RTS view in Unity3D. And It was a very long time since i’ve worked seriously on it (like 8 month).

So on Sunday, at 11pm,  the AI wasn’t finished, and the graphics was just some white textures with “SUN” and “GAZ” in block capitals on it.

But I made it. At 3am, I’ve posted the “final version” of my game. Not a sh** game this time. A bugged game but still a game!

My AI wasn’t debugged, so I just let it capture planets, not fight. My biggest regret.


– My AI does one third of what it had do at start (Capture instead of Capture/Defend/Attack).
– I’ve never find some time to create some cool GUI interface with images and stuff.
– The commands are hard, rigid, not naturals.
– There is still some bugs I’ve never figurate why there here.

But I’m proud of myself. Because, that was a big project, and if I hadn’t took my time on Saturday, maybe I would finish it on time, and make a big surprise for anyone who tests it. And it’s much much […] much better than the last game i’ve made for the LD28 x). And it’s good looking. I love the effect on the planets I’ve made.

Yeah, big experience.  Thank’s to the “Ludum Dare” team once again, i’m now completely burn at work in this monday morning x). But I can’t wait until the LD31 now :D.

So, see you next time guys, take care!


[link to game]

PS : My game is dedicated to Sid Meier btw, that’s why the name is in Swahili language, like Baba Yetu, the song from Civ IV main menu :).

Ahoy. Captain Speaks. I’m in.

Posted by (twitter: @nakou)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 7:03 am

Ahoy everybody.

For the first stime, I will participate for the LD28.

I tried to participate, but each time an unexpected thing had to ruin everything.
But not this time, I am ready, like my body.

I will work with the following stuff :

If i’m inspired by 3D stuff (or simple 2D stuff) :

Unity3D (C#)


LibGDX (Java)

For sound i’ll use bfxr (like everybody I think x) ), Photoshop or Paint or Paint.net for graphics.

I’ll probably use an architecture like the one I used for my Torch Engine (but simplified) : https://bitbucket.org/darkandlightstudio/torch-engine/src

I wish good luck to everybody. I’ll twitch/livetweet( @nakou ) /liveVine this 48h experience and I’ll be on IRC too.


Can’t wait :D.

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