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Ludum Dare 31: I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @thomasgainant)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 3:37 am

Yes. Just like everyone else, I am making this kind of post.

I am in and very excited to attend the compo again! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make a 48h stand just like I did for LD#26. First of all, I have some social stuff to attend to this weekend. Yes. Social stuff. With friends and people like that. I’m a nerd and I have to go social this week end! I’ll be damned but this is so unsual that I can’t afford to cancel everything for Ludum Dare! 😀

Then, I remember that last time, I went full time the whole weekend and slept for something like 3 hours. In the end, my work on Sunday was completely useless. I was too bushed to concentrate easily. This time, I will try to get something solid in one shot. If in a few hours I don’t get a high-quality prototype, then I will just consider the deed undone.

The compo #26 taught me some crucial stuff: I won’t spend hours going crazy because my prototype needs more design or redesign in its code, just like I did for the #26 compo. This is useless and the opposite of being a good game designer. I think a good piece of art is something that is recognizable in a single stroke. Always start small then always go forward.


My strategy for achieving this? Going mainstream. I mean… going Unity! Yes, I’ve always loathed the fact that, with engines like Unity, you don’t have any control on low level features like open gl or direct x functions, memory management and, last but not least, optimization. But the #26 compo made me realize : “Hey! To get a fun game, you need a solid prototype.” and to get a solid prototype, I know that you need a clear, simple and innovative game design. You need to throw your idea into a prototype in the quickest way.

I realized this is what Ludum Dare is about: clear, simple and innovative game design. So yeah, I’ll be using Unity just like everyone else and I hope I will do better than last time.

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