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Programmer Looking for Programmer

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 1:54 am

Hey Community! I was wondering if there were any programmers who would like to participate in collaborating in an upcoming mini ludum dare. I am a programmer but I want to work on a project once where I do not do the programming and would like to document my experience with this. I am very curious and interested in this passenger seat experiment.

My contribution to the project will be in the design and gameplay mechanics. Depending on the project possibly artwork. I am also capable of producing chiptune sound effects. My cousin also contributes in these types of projects with me as well, and he is great at creating music. He made the music for our latest Ludum Dare entry and the music featured here.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment or message me and we can talk on Skype.

Altruism POST-LD Android Port (v1.1.1)

Posted by
Sunday, April 24th, 2016 10:00 am

Get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.indgaming.altruism

View Original Entry: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=24878

Altruism Cover 512x512 Mobile Screenie

I added the much-needed checkpoints that everyone talked about. Along with touch controls, a different guide for those controls, and some other minor fixes.


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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 1:03 am

After the ludum dare submission hour ended a good handful of people still uploaded their game, …  late. How is that possible?

I’m in for LD

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 11:33 am

This will be my first LD, I have entered in 2 mLDs, and now I am entering the LD Jam with my cousin Josh who is going to compose the soundtrack for the game. It looks like I might have to do the art myself


I’m gonna be using: Unity3d, and probably Paint.NET. Let’s do this!!!!!

Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS Post-Mortem

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Monday, April 4th, 2016 11:34 pm

If you follow my twitter handle “GregGreenGame” you saw on March 30th that I was working on a project for Ludum Dare when I posted this picture:


I entered in mLD #66 “Construct an RTS”, it started on March 26th and ended on April 2nd.

Throughout the whole month of March I haven’t done a lot of programming or any work on Greg Green because our pixel artist stopped contacting us for over a month so we assume she quit (sucks because she did good great work). So I put a pause on the games that I had in development. Then mLD #66 was announced, and my buddy Kai (who I met on Ludum Dare in January), contacted me and asked if I wanted to work together because our plans with mLD #64 fell through. He does 3D art (modelling and texturing) and I am in need of working with an artist so I saw a fantastic opportunity to get back in to the programming mood.


What you didn’t see is how the game actually looked when I first started it. All that was programmed was placing structures, there was no models but a simple UI and the feature for structures to not be placed on top of others. (indicated by color as shown below)


Needless to say, I got over ambitious and had tons of features planned that we ended up needing to cut.


I realized I wanted this game to be played in the web browser for ease of access to players, so I decided to use what I have before, the Unity3D Web Player. Never had issues with it before and it runs (used to run) on most web browsers.

The only browser I was sure it ran on was Firefox because Google Chrome stopped supporting the Unity3d Web Player Plugin near the beginning of 2014. I was unsure about other browsers but most people either use Chrome or Firefox.

I began programming Unit movement but the method I used was way to simple and became instantly scrapped, so I’m not even going to bother showing it. (See the new movement below in v0.3)


I never knew how easy it was to implement pathfinding into a Unity project.

The only issue I had is I had to change the type of water I was using. I originally had a pretty detailed water system with moving waves (shown in the first image up top) but it did not work with the pathfinding system so I used this other one instead and it actually looked nicer in the game so it was a win-win.

Video/Gif: https://giphy.com/gifs/xTiQyBheiIUMVRb904/html5


So as I explained in v0.2, Unity Web Player became deprecated and I was slightly unaware. Deprecated means that the feature still remains but is not recommended because it will be removed in a future update. However this wasn’t brought to my intention until I wrote this blog post.

I switched to using the HTML5/WebGL API which for a while now has been in it’s “(Preview)” stage, but it is slowly but surely taking over as Unity3d’s main web platform. I have had no experience building for this platform but I did not run into many issues at all, it actually worked with my UI a lot better than the Web Player for some reason (you can see the better menu below). The WebGL API is supported on way more browsers then the web player, AND it doesn’t require any type of additional download. I did have an issue by allocating too much memory to the game though. I thought the default (256mb) may not end up being enough so I thought I’ll just double it and crank it up to 512mb. This caused it to not be playable on some computers/browsers. Woops! I fixed this issue after Ludum Dare, in the Expanded Version.

Kai finished up some more models and textures so I implemented them into the game, the Gunner, the Tank, and the Berserker (they can all move). The color indicated structure placement was looking good and so did all the textures. I added more stuff to the map like an enemy base, satellites, and cities.



I began working on the title screen but it had some UI scaling issues.

I also started talking to my cousin Josh about writing some music for the game and told him that the game was due tomorrow. He said no problem, I can do that.

So as I realized I was looking at an all-night mission I got the Armory menu working fully functional, you can hire a unit and give it a location and it will drive out of the armory and move to that specified location.



Fixed up the Title Screen to look nicer, and with a functional music switch for the two tracks that Josh sent to me. They sound great, I can’t upload the audio here but really go check out the game and hear it for yourself.


I added on-screen controls so nobody trying out the game for their first time would have a hard time with a not-so-polished interface.

The beautiful addition here is Unit Stats on the bottom right of the screen, this allows the user to know what unit is selected, how much hp it has remaining, and if it is in attack mode or not. This helped understand the combat system a little more. (The image below shows the player’s Gunner unit attacking an opponent’s Gunner unit.)


v0.7/v0.7a  (The Release)

After a stressful night of getting the damn game in on time I realized the version I uploaded had a resolution error and it cropped the top of the screen so people couldn’t see their resources. I fixed this as soon as I could.

Kai made some GUI Button sprites so we didn’t have to use the ugly default ones, I also fixed some ugly UI scaling issues in the controls panel, the stats panel, and the menus.


Then This. In my only attempt to build a last minute AI within an hour of time I gave the opponent an Armory that automatically builds units on a random timer that I set, and sends them towards your base. One thing I regretted was not spending another hour to get them to attack your base. They will only attack your units and/or move to your base and sit there.


I still made it possible to attack your opponent’s base and armory. Destroying the armory will stop your opponent from hiring more units. Destroying the base will allow you to win the game, causing the game to go back to the main menu (THAT MEANS YOU WIN!).


Yeah, I was over ambitious and me and Kai had to cut some features and assets such as: Airport Structure + Air Units, defensive structures (turrets), click+drag multi selection, a better AI, and taking over cities to gain more resources.

A couple other things I didn’t talk about were that I made the game give u resources on a set timer, and the game was originally controlled by mouse movement instead of Arrow Keys/WASD. It was Kai’s idea to add WASD control so we agreed it would be optional but I ended up liking WASD better than mouse so I never got around to making it optional. Oh and I realized after development that there is already an RTS game called Advanced Tactics that was released in 2013. This doesn’t cause any conflict because my game is titled Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS (/Expanded), but it was kind of funny to find that out. The name Advanced Tactics came from Kai and I believe it is a reference to Advanced Wars because that was one of our main inspirations.

I had no time to get in nearly everything I planned but I also was very busy on the first few days of the dare. I didn’t even have the time to post progress about the game on Ludum Dare like i did back in 2013 for the 7DRTS (My Entry). However it brought me back to that year and the caffeine fueled nights staying up coding. I needed that, it made me feel really good mentally and emotionally. It was revitalizing almost. It really encouraged me to continue work on a more frequent basis and even enter in future Ludum Dare events. I have no idea why it took me 3 years to come back to it!

Well anyways if you want to checkout the entry it’s right here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/minild-66/?action=preview&uid=24878

Advanced Tactics: Mini RTS Expanded

If you are interested in the future of this project you are welcome to see what I am doing after the dare. I am currently working on an expansion to the game and you can play an early build of v0.8 on Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/InDGaming/advanced-tactics-mini-rts-expanded

I will probably make a future blog post addressing any updates I make to this game, so if you follow my dev blog then be prepared to see more Advanced Tactics.

Cherrys To Cherrys [UPDATE 4]

Posted by
Sunday, July 28th, 2013 11:37 am

So from devving like straight Friday to Sunday morning with no sleep, had some nice morning sleep up from like 3am to 10AM today. Oh and I totally have a new feature to show off as well.

So whenever units overlapped each other, their “health bars” would be practically illegible. Say hello to the new stacked hp system.


I originally started to design this system to be a universal tool for me as well as for this game but because of so many unexpected errors it required a lot of slopping tweaking, this will need to be improved and designed for universal use after 7drts. Heres a nother screenshot of it’s use.


stackable hp


Main menu in the game, lookin great. Yes its a full menu I promise ;p 

better mainmenu


I’m going to start working on that cannon that was shown in the last update. I’m trying to squash nasty bugs at the moment so the game will atleast be enjoyable, I woke up to a roachfest!

Cherrys To Cherrys [UPDATE 3]

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Saturday, July 27th, 2013 2:34 pm

The more I hear that deadline’s footsteps the faster I code, i’m trying to crank out all the basic intended functions and remove as many bugs as I can, needless to say this “CompEdition” will be only a beta of what this game will be after, since I do plan to continue development after the seven days. I think of it as my mark to make the best playable beta of it that I can in the time i have. I’m not doing this alone of course as my first side-by-side partner, Ryan is making 3D models for the game.

After a very long time of hardcore internet searching for a better solution for the unit health display I found no luck until i remembered something. That i have done it long ago in one of my first dev projects and instantly got to it, now it works beautiful [see below].

hp bars


Ryan is new to the Unity3D game engine so he helped out while learning in the process. He created this awesome fully functional main menu below.




Not as many pictures this time, were really working hard, im not really running on any sleep either 😀

Cherrys To Cherrys: 7dRTS [UPDATE 2]

Posted by
Friday, July 26th, 2013 5:39 pm








Along with visual improvement,

I added a handful of console commands, useful for debugging :D.



Units fight eachother, It’s nothing new but i have improved it a lot since before. They now all have semi random attack speed and damage taking delays.

rts3-3<-I added that nice new little mini island to the middle of the map

When units enter the water they instantly mount to a cherry for naval transportation. If thou to not have any cherrys? The unit drowns.


cherry voyage

Oh, and the Cherry cannon is in development.


Cherrys To Cherrys — First Dare [UPDATE]

Posted by
Thursday, July 25th, 2013 9:42 am



We have done some visual improvements and as well we developed the basic mechanics, you can hire units can battle the enemies units, the enemy has a basic AI but acceptable for it’s stage in development, it has units for attacking, for defending, and they vary on the tower’s hp.


Every Unit can level up and they all have stats (str,def,spd,acc) that upgrade randomly upon leveling up. Units start at Lv.0 and can reach a max Lv.5.


*Technical Info About Controls and Mechanics*

The selection was a pain for this is my first time doing anything close to an RTS but the controls are a bit unique, maybe a bit tricky but work when you know them well. They are still simple, you can use left click to select individual units and holding the left shift key allows multi selection. Whenever units are selected left click becomes the movement guide, at any time you can press right click to unselect your units. The units will attack opposing units within a certain radius of eachother, same with attacking the enemy tower. This allows easy protection of the base and unit self defense. The game starts in a misleading fashion that will throw off any RTS gamer. You start by collecting cherries that fall off trees into your basket. Innocent right? NO! WRONG! YOU ARE PREPARING FOR WAR! The more cherries you collect the higher advantage you have over your enemy, cherries are vital resources in war. So take that part seriously.


rts2-3 rts2-2 rts2-1 cherrys2

My first dare, wish me luck! :D

Posted by
Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 12:38 pm

I enjoy RTS games so i thought this would be a fun first mini dare to do. The concept is the whole traditional RTS idea remade to this theme of cherry warfare. The resources are obtained before battle [Figure 1] and things are more simplified to attempt to reach a more broad audience into the RTS community.

cherrys rts

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