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Posted by (twitter: @CaffeineViking)
Monday, April 21st, 2014 1:58 am

I have participated in 3 past Ludum Dares and a bunch of other game jams too, so this is by no means my first game jam. Here are a couple of tips for first timers and pros alike:

  • If you live in Europe (or anywhere else where LD starts late), don’t stay awake until 3AM to wait for the theme. Sleep instead! Thinking up a game is a lot easier when you have slept well and eaten a good breakfast!
  • This has been said many times, and I repeat, “Use the tools you know best, not something new”, under the time pressure of LD the last thing you want is getting stuck on reading docs or tutorials. Learning new engines, languages should be done so a couple of weeks before the start of the game jam.
  • Don’t scrap a game you have been working on for half of LD, one of the major things you should learn from a game jam is how to finish things. Instead, try to fix it! Make note of the things you don’t like and try thinking of solutions. For example, in a previous LD I had problems with getting the collision to work on a special enemy, he would clip through buildings. The solution (dumb, but people liked it!) was to add a “jumping” sound when he did so, that way you now have a unique and fun enemy and nobody knows it was actually a bug from the start! (You can play the game here: http://caffeineviking.net/?p=284)

Here is my arsenal for this Ludum Dare:

I wish all of you good luck! But above all, make sure you have fun!

– @CaffeineViking

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