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Chromboid – Post Mortem (The musician’s side of the story)

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 2:06 am

The entry. http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=preview&uid=110

Pekuja manufactured the code, Arne created the splendid art, and I made the music.

We didn’t get as far as we’d have liked. All of us fell a little short of where we wanted to be. The game was made in C# with Unity.

Pekuja did great in getting things done, even when having to deal with quite a few technical concerns. Also, Arne. His artwork surpasses an amazing amount of completed games on the web.

Everything from the background tiles to the moon are beautiful.


From what Pekuja said, it sounded like he was unhappy with his choice of Unity. It seems that all the bells and whistles just kind of got in the way.

All in all, I learned a few things from this LudumDare. I’ll try to keep the list short.

  1. Time is limited, so make use of what you have. Don’t mull around thinking, just start doing. If you want to just think on it the first day, that’s fine, but don’t let it hold you back from getting things done.
  2. Working in a team is awesome. It allows you to focus on just the task at hand. Working with great teammates to make a game is an experience every game dev should be able to have.
  3. Don’t wait for inspiration. Make it yourself.
  4. Use tools you’re familiar with. It’s just not fun to spend all your time learning a new API, or bug-fixing weird corner cases. Once again, “Time is limited, so make use of what you have.” I used a new vst when working, and ended up wasting a lot of time fixing a problem where some of the sounds were desynchronized on the final audio render. Learn from my example!
  5. Don’t get stressed out. It’s just a compo. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish on time. Just do your best! A lot of people take their projects further even after LD is said and done. (That’s what we’re trying to do.)
  6. Most importantly, have fun doing it. Accelerated game development compos are an awesome way to teach yourself tons of things at an incredible rate. All the minor things you get caught up in during normal development get thrown out the window, otherwise you run out of time. You learn where all the little pieces fit together to make a complete game, where most time gets spent in the development process, and most importantly, you get better at it. Sometimes you need impractical experience to learn how to be practical. Compared to LD’s time restrictions, ordinary development afterwards looks easy.

I guess one of the biggest points I’m trying to make, is that if you spend time and effort on something you enjoy doing, you’ll have fun and become better at it. LudumDare lets you make something you want to make. That’s it.

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