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DO’s and DON’Ts of packaging your game for Ludum Dare.

Posted by (twitter: @@BubuIIC)
Monday, April 25th, 2016 6:57 am

I’ve played and rated quite a few games in the last few days and there are a few things I repeatedly stumbled upon, which I think can easily be avoided.

So to make it as painless as possible to play and rate your game here are a few suggestions:

  • DO put your game into a separate folder before you zip it up. It is so much easier to extract it into it’s own directory if you do that. (It’s okay if it’s only one file.)
  • DON’T name that folder or your game executable ld, ld35, ludumdare, win or game. Use the name of your game instead.
  • If you are using Unity DON’T include the .pdb files generated for the Windows build. These contain debug information relevant just for the developer. And often they take up more space than the game itself.
  • If possible, DO link directly to a downloadable file. DON’T link to a page where I have to find the link that lets me download the game without donating anything. (Also itch.io has repeatedly been very, very slow for me. It often takes an hour to download  a 100 MB game. :-()
  • DON’T make your game an installer! I think Game Maker is the worst offender here. This is just very, very inconvenient. I just want to extract your game into a folder somewhere along with dozens of other LD titles and delete the whole thing after I’m done with rating it.
  • DO provide a Linux and MacOS build if your engine easily allows you doing so (Mainly Unity, but also Unreal Engine, Libgdx, etc…). Even if you can’t test it someone else will tell you if it doesn’t work.
  • From the comments: DON’T zip only the exe file if your game is made with Unity, you DO have to include the data folder in the zip.

Please add your comments and your own suggestions below. :-)

PS: You can play and rate our game ‘Gerry Wins’ here.

Don’t forget to vote!

Posted by (twitter: @@BubuIIC)
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 7:58 am

We finished our little game about the newly established democratic voting system of the animal not-kingdom. Shape your electoral districts to win the election, because Gerry wins! (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerrymandering)


So this is our interpretation of the shape shift theme, because we soon agreed, that we wanted to make some sort of puzzle game. The fact that the overall topic is currently of interest is sheer coincidence. Nevertheless, we “jumped on that bandwagon” when it comes to the game’s style and overall design. (more…)

Battle of the Philosophers

Posted by (twitter: @@BubuIIC)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 9:51 am


Take the place of one of histories greatest philosophers and battle your opponents with philosophical concepts and clever word plays. Try to convince all other 8 thinkers of your position by attacking their sanity and crushing their conviction.

Please Play and tell us what you think! (more…)

We made it! (Game of Roots)

Posted by (twitter: @@BubuIIC)
Monday, April 28th, 2014 7:02 pm

Yay! We actually kinda finished our game!

I mean there are a thousand things which we wanted to add and tweak but you can actually play the game.


Game of Roots

May need help with pygame on mac.

Posted by (twitter: @@BubuIIC)
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 3:04 am


Is anyone using python with pygame on OSX? I would love to distribute a Mac build for my game but I don’t own a Mac and am not really experienced in packaging applications there.

Under Win and Linux I’m using cx_freeze to build a binary version of my game and it works perfectly. And it should also work “the same” for MacOS. So if anyone is using the same toolchain under OSX and could help me build my game for MacOS this would be really cool :-)

…that is if I can finish anything worth building at all…. right, coding!

(Ah, I should mention I’m using python 3.2 with pygame.)

Our first ludum dare, Day1

Posted by (twitter: @@BubuIIC)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 7:42 pm

So, finally got around to posting here. So here is a late: “We’re in, yay!” :-)

That’s two German programmers, for the first time taking part in Ludum Dare. We go for a jam entry because we wanted to work together; even though this means taking monday off from university.

Language/Libraries: C++/OpenGL/SDL/Irrklang
Engine: Some basic code from previous projects, else custom built 3D
Sound: sfxr, and some music generator
Art/Models: C++ :-)
Timelapse: chronolapse, this will be fun
I wanted to compile for Google Native Client, but we wanted to use a few libraries which are not available there, so no web version for our game :-(.

First Day experience:

After theme announcement at 3 am we had a comfortable amount of 7h of sleep, got breakfast and started brainstorming. We decided for a concept quite quickly. It will be a game about a genie trying to escape his world in a bottle. (Is ‘Genie found in a bottle’ a good name…? Probably a bit stretched…)
So on with the coding. I’m quite rusty in C++, but getting better again. So I didn’t got too much done today. I implemented a sphere tessellation algorithm, starting with an icosahedron. Took a long time debugging some heap corruption (oh how I missed C++…) and other stupid bugs. But at least this works quite nicely now.
Maik implemented a Menu and  the event handling system, we have gamepad support(!).

A few screenshots:

I’m really excited how this will turn out. There is quite a bit of way to go. I think we can probably finish coding, the interesting things will be graphic and sound.

Now sleep.

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