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Game is art and code: ARTISTS NEEDED

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 4:25 pm

If you play Vaults Inc you will agree with many of the players that gave me detailed feedback: it has substance, but it is buggy (specially the interface) and has mixed graphics.

As the developer and programmer, bugs affect my very soul. I’m bound to a moral code that I will fix them ALL. In fact, many of them are already fixed in the major rewriting that I’m doing.

What about the GRAPHICS

I’m not an artist. I have a good sense what is good and what is bad, but I cannot execute. As an indie, I can do something, but definitively not a professional.

That is why I decided to open the my heart and my wallet to find a partner for my gaming adventures. I’m hiring artists. I need someone with great artistic view, bold style and great skills. But I have to confess that it is harder than it looks. Maybe I’m searching in the wrong places. Currently, I opened a position using oDesk freelance platform and advertised the job at Pixel Junk. Also in my blog.

Is there anyone with experience that could share hints and tips?


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Vaults Inc will become a full game

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 6:13 pm

for the reasons I mentioned in http://blog.gamenific.com/2014/05/the-power-of-good-feedback-new-game.html, I am very proud to announce that my Ludum Dare 29 entry, Vaults Inc, will become a full feature game. Thanks for everyone that played and gave me crucial feedback.

Future development

The game needs to go back to design. Not only there are several features that I could not implement, but also I have to give a total remake on things that already done.

From a quick list, here are some items:

  • Save and Load functionality: auto explaining and the benefits are quite obvious
  • Graphical revamp: it was one top complains from LD players and not with reason
  • Bots: a computer opponent for single player
  • New game play features: challenges and empty blocks are among the things I want to implement to make the game richer
  • Campaign mode: for single players, with specific scenarios
  • Multi player: online and local
  • Social: comparing scores with friends
  • Multi platform: PC, Mac, Android an iOS for sure. Other platforms could be considered


If you have not played yet, Play it now!

vaults inc LD29 logovaults inc title vaults inc LD29 6 vaults inc LD29 4 vaults inc LD29 3 vaults inc LD29 5

Divided attention

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Saturday, January 4th, 2014 10:33 am

Fellow dares,


regardless the voting output, I consider my LD28 game a success, Creator Saga Story Tycoon. There are simply several good comments! I promised to create an Enhanced Edition, dealing the most common issues, specially with saving and scrolling.



HOWEVER, I’m in the middle of a funding campaign in Indiegogo of my other game, Picubic. You cannot imagine how much work it demands. All days writing about it in blogs, sites, facebook, google and twitter; dealing with the t-shirt and statue makers, etc.


I promised to build the Enhanced Edition, and the promise will be kept. I will try to spare some time this weekend to finish it. And for all those that played the game and liked it, my sincere thanks!



Bruno Massa


Enhanced Edition

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Saturday, December 21st, 2013 12:26 pm

Fellow dares,


as promised, I`m working RIGHT NOW on the enhanced edition of Creator Saga Story Tycoon. It will features all promised bug fixes and little enhancements.


as a bonus, i will study how to record a session of the game and publish both as video and as gif.



Bruno Massa


CreatorSST: Enhanced Edition in the oven

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Friday, December 20th, 2013 2:37 pm

Fellow dares,


During a the competition, we all must focus on THE most important thing: scope. It is absolutely important to keep things simple in order to achieve the goal of a fun game. Even this blog post was reviewed and edited a couple of times before being published.



I tried hard to focus the design on simple mechanics. It gave me an opportunity to give much more time to work on graphics and music, things that were completely negleted in the previous LD game i did. Also I created a loop schedule: think a new feature, program, art, think, program, art, think…

CreatorSST4 CreatorSST3 CreatorSST2

But while it was near from what i originally designed, there was a list of features that simply didnt make it due time constrains and bad decisions i did.

  • Mute sound (I knew the game would take hours to play and the music loops would be )
  • Complete tutorial, teaching the concepts of PowerUps and scrolling the creatures list
  • Tiny tiny little creatures walking in the planets surface
  • Visual rewards for players actions
  • Some micro and major objectives
  • Calculation of coins while the player was not playing
  • Some extra logic about the creatures ecosystem, like “you must have 2 bugs to buy 1 scargot and 2 scargots to buy 1 snake”


For this reason, for the number of relevant feedback I got, I will work this weekend on an Enhanced Edition, which will get most of the above TODO list. I will post here tomorrow and Sunday all the updates.



Bruno Massa


Feedback: excellent music. But can I mute it? :)

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Thursday, December 19th, 2013 6:16 pm


My daily routine is back, but one thing has changed: I am playing my own game with a surprisingly frequency during the work time.


However, one thing that friends said to me personally and LD feedbacks told me is this: why didnt you put a mute button! They are also playing for long sessions, sometimes as a background window, and it would be very very very useful a mute button. At least for the music.

CreatorSST2 CreatorSST3 CreatorSST4

I totally agree. I really missed that. SORRY!

I will invest on the game, including new features and bugs reported and name it as Enhanced edition this next weekend. So thanks for your feedback.


keep praying



Bruno Massa


Nice first day

Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 7:15 pm

Fellow dares,


after the first full day of playing and voting for Creator Saga Story Tycoon, I say I really happy. Two reasons


1 -people that are playing a lot (but I will comment it in another post) and are are really liking it. It gives a very nice morale boost and personal felling of accomplish

CreatorSST3 CreatorSST2 CreatorSST4

2 – people are giving feedback. The players are commenting everything they liked or disliked, not only a generic thumbs up.


Thanks for every player that gave me a minute to write about it. TAHNKS.


If you are still having a social life is because you didnt play yet the game.

Check it NOW!



Bruno Massa



Posted by (twitter: @twitter.com/brmassa)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 8:58 pm

Fellow dares,


I finally “finished” the Creator Saga Story Tycoon.


With a very very simple mechanics, the game is surprisingly fun and addictive! I beta tested with some friends and all laughed at my face about the preposterous objective, but none stopped playing!

CreatorSST3 CreatorSST2 CreatorSST4CreatorSST5

I hope everyone like it

It is now time to go bed, I played so much during all time that I scored — literally – more than a trillion points.


Bruno Massa, Gamenific

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