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Grease Colosseum – Postmortem

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 11:17 am

Hey there, BoxedMeatRevolution here.

First post since joining in LD 31.

Who are we?

Just a bunch of people who like to program but struggle with pretty much everything else.

Our game?

An arena game where you kill enemies by using grease to slide enemies into obstacles. Play and rate our game here!

Grease Colosseum. Beware of fire!


This time ’round we used: Processing (js), MS Paint/Paint.net, LMMS, SFXR.

Stuff we did well?

  • We pulled through in finishing (we had a bit of a crisis halfway through in our creative direction)
  • Execution of our mechanic was passable; the grease was fun to use, albeit with a bit of a learning curve
  • Fairly complete game in most aspects
  • Deployed the game via the web

Stuff we could have done better?

  • Smashing into enemies is too difficult to pull off
  • There are some graphical incongruities
  • Our choice of using processing.js made debugging painful and performance terrible on low-end machines
  • We had some light-bulb moments after submission was over for cool gameplay enhancements, too bad we didn’t have time to implement them :(


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