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[Jam] BognetTeam is ready!

Posted by (twitter: @Bognet6)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 7:42 am

Captain’s Journal: 00:00 GMT+2, EET.
I discussed with my team at about 3 or 4 hours before the start of Ludum Dare to be ready with a plan, before LD starts, after all we are in different timezones [GMT+2 (That’s me), GMT (Graphics Guy), GMT-4 (Audio Guy)].

We took the all the themes from Round 5 and tried to sort them out to ones we want to get, deeply don’t want to get and neutral ones, finally we took the themes that we considered that could be merged and started making a plan in case those themes were selected.

01:10 GMT+2
So far, here’s the plan:

// Alternative worlds scenario //
##Materials needed:##
[Graphics Guy Karyete] +Tiles
[Graphics Guy Karyete] +Sprites
[Graphics Guy Karyete] +/-Background
[Hybrid Guy NanTheDark] +Music
[Hybrid Guy NanTheDark] +Anything else needs to be done (graphics)
[Other Guy Bogdan] +Stencyling
[Other Guy Bogdan] +Anything else needs to be done

##Possible “plots”:##
-> try to merge two universes into a single, peaceful one by collecting various artefacts and their counterparts in other world
-> you are lost between worlds by accident (ex: you fall in a portal) and you want to escape, but need to travel between worlds to pass the obstacles
-> (already dead scenario) you are in the afterlife an look for a second chance (be it to live or change from hell to heaven)


Level Concept


  • Bogdan – Project Leader, Stencyler, Publisher, Whatever else needs to be done (That’s me)
  • Karyete – Graphics Guy, does the sprites, the tyles and other things that’s related to graphics
  • NanTheDark – Audio Guy, composes the songs, can also do graphics if needed

Good luck to everyone!

The future of: -End- (after the LD results will come out)

Posted by (twitter: @Bognet6)
Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 6:05 am

After reading the comments from my entry, -End-, here is a few things I’ll consider adding in next updates.

  • Firstly, I fixed hitboxes a bit and a few bugs
  • I shall nerf the first levels a bit… or maybe add difficulty options which may not be possible for me at this time, but I’ll do something.
  • Now about music, I tried to fix that, but it loops only one song for a reason, so I tought about something else. If you noticed, only when you die in first, third or fifth level you die, that’s because these levels contain the music playing object. The solution? Intros! (before every 5 levels (yes I’ll add more levels)).


This thing stays on the screen for 3 or 5 seconds, starts the music and after that the actual level begings with the music already playing. With the m.p. object in another room, when you die the music won’t restart on reloading scene. Because the m.p. was already crated somewhere and because it’s looping and not just playing the music, you’ll here the same song until a new intro appers.

  • More enemies! because only zombies would be boring. In an actual apocalipse what is the first thing you meet (except a few people if you are lucky)? That’s right, the army. That’ll be recolour of the player with a “cap” and a sort of gun (a few gray pixels). You may want to say “hey, but that’ll make the game even harder”, well nope because they will be avaible only in a few levels.

That’s what I planned for now, of course many ideas are floating in my head but after reading the comments I know I should really work on bugs and difficulty.

(And I would like to thank the people who gave me feedback! You rock people) <3

-End- Post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Bognet6)
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 6:36 am

Well, since it’s my first REAL Ludum Dare entry, I can say everything went in other way than I expected. At first I was like “Oh yeah, we’re going to finish in 3 seconds”, then “Oh gosh we are not going to finish this ;_;”, fortunatelly everything went okay in the end.

I’m really really proud of this game, it showed that my team can actually do something if we are devoted and if we put a bit of effort and my teammates did, an epic job.

So what are the good things:

  • Graphics – I think they really fit for the minimalism theme, and it makes the game look like a retro game which might be interesting to continue
  • Audio – Cleary, our composer has talent, and I really like what job he did there.
  • Levels Aspect – Well, I designed the levels myself (except for last one), and I really suck at that, but I did something, I think, I hope. I am a bit dissapointed; I wanted a bit more complex levels, harder…a bit and a bit not that empty.

The wrong stuff:

  • The bugs – well a game without bugs is not a game, but  I am pissed off because I think I could actually fix this.
  • The time – Parents, school, everything was against me there, luckily I could finish in time but I wanted more levels and stuff.

In conclusion, this was an amazing experience. At first I hated minimalism as a theme, I hated it much, but now I love it because it showed me how great can be a minimalistic game. Cleary I won’t abandon this game and I’ll update it in the future.

So we are going to finish our jam entry today

Posted by (twitter: @Bognet6)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 3:54 am

I didn’t expact minimalism to be a theme, I did not expect to find something for this theme, but here it is:

That’s right, a minimalist apocaliptic game, where the levels are supposed to be short and hard, and sometimes with crazy gravity because why not. However everything is almost done (except a few sprites). I hope it would be good 😀

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