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Onward to my second year of ludum dare!

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Sunday, April 10th, 2016 1:19 pm

Without a doubt im in! Ld 32 – 34 was a blast, and you can bet these next three will be even better. Not to mention the October Challenge! I’d like to share what I’ve learned this past year, if you dont mind. I’ve gone from using google for everything, to working on a full game without using google once. By the way, I’m using Unity.

1. For the love of god use Time.DeltaTime!

My past two games were extremely broken, because I had no idea what Time.DeltaTime is. For those of you who are unaware, it will determine how much time has passed between each frame. This can come in handy if your doing anything in void Update.

2. Your game is harder than you think. There’s nothing wrong with an easy game.

You’ve been playing your game for way longer than anyone else. In development, if your game is coming along and you have plenty of time, you might get bored. So you add something to challenge yourself. Thus, playing with the new challenge, you master that too. Next thing you know, the new players are getting thrown into a brick wall right of the bat because you decided that procedural generation is fun.

3. 48 hours is both way longer than you think, yet way shorter too.

You have a whopping 48 hours to make a game. Yet, you only get 48 hours. When making every one of my past 3 LD games, I’ve finished just about all the required concepts less than 24 hours in. That gave me tons of time to brainstorm new concepts, polish the game, and even search for bugs. That’s the point in which you either decide to add another concept, or find the most game breaking bug of all time. Making that new concept, you may feel cocky due to seeing how much time you have, and bite off more than you can chew. When fixing the bug, you might be panicking and try to rush. It’s night time so you sleep. When you wake you have 12 hours left, which turns to 6, which turns to submission hour.

4. Care about what you’re making.

If you dont care about your game, why would I care to play it? Even if the theme is something dumb, find a clever solution. Put effort into it, and make your point. “You are the monster”, I can’t draw monsters, how will I draw a good one? I drew some dude, gave him shades, ripped clothing, heely’s, and made him beat up a child all day. Monster? Reletively speaking, yes. (I gave him heely’s cause I was too lazy to make a walking animation) Build on top of your characters. Give them a personality! You want the player to really know what kind of a person your character is. My guy had posters of himself. Who does that? This friggin guy.

5. Dont give up.

I shouldn’t have to say this. If I gave up on ANY of my past three LD’s I wouldn’t be half as far as I am now. My first game was an unpolished piece of garbage, yet I still got 41’st in innovation. That was the first game I’ve ever completed, and people liked it! People gave suggestions on how to improve, and people thought it was clever! My second ludum dare, I tried my hand at pixel art. It was garbage. People still enjoyed it. My third ludum dare I had some quiality pixel art that I spent way too much time on, but it paid off. My first two ludum dares I wrote my music in freaking Little Big Planet! People liked my music! Now I use LMMS and people like it more. Ludum Dare can be so inspiring if you just TRY! I’m going to say this again. Don’t Give Up.

6. Have fun.

If you aint having fun making it, I aint having fun playing it. Be creative. Throw in stupid amounts of puns. Chessyness makes the world go ’round. Give your characters dumb names. “Frank the Tank”, “Matt the Bat”, “Grant the Plant”, Who cares! The one note you should always strive for, is “Tone it down”, because that means you went over the top. You went above and beyond what was necesarry. Are you going to tone it down? no! why? Because it’s fun! Ludum dare is fun! Making games is fun! Playing games is fun! With this attitude, you will make a game of pure gold, and people will sigh at your dumb jokes. That is how to win.

Oh, and dont forget to play other games, and raise your coolness. ~Blobo

Year1: Sol Survivor, Over The Course of A Day, The War of Japants

Sol Survivor
Over The Course of A Day
The War of Japants

Engine – Unity, C#
Music – LMMS
Graphics – Some really outdated version of Game Maker from like, 2009 or something


Im in for year 2.

Comments about comments

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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 9:55 am

Hello! I’ve been playing lot’s of games recently, and they are all wonderful! I’ve also taken the time to read the comments that everyone has said on not only my game, but the other games that I’ve played too! As a young developer, comments are my Go-To source of feedback, it helps me understand what I did right, wrong, and even hear some mixed opinions. After playing someone else’s game, I always leave a comment, and I try to keep it motivating.

However, some people suck at leaving comments. im not just saying that they say “meh. alright.” or “could be better.”, but like, take a look at this f-ing guy.

He gave 0 useful information back to the developer. Not to mention, every single comment after him was exceedingly positive.

What I’m seeing is a lot of suggestions, but they arent suggesting how they should go about them. there was a game I played, someones first LD, (grats btw) and it had lots of pixel graphics! I loved the game, however, in unity they didn’t change the sprite settings to look good, and everyone complained in the comments. Now, I dont mean to shamelessly self promote myself, but I’ve been taking the time to help new developers and overall improve their next LD.

This is what you want other people to do on your game, right! You don’t want to just hear what you did right or wrong, you want to know how to fix the wrongs for next Ludum Dare! You want to know what to do if you’re making a game much larger than a Ludum Dare game! Wouldn’t you?

As a young developer, I always have a little giddy feeling about seeing what people say about my game. I’m always looking forward to more feedback. One guy even made me a youtube video of him playing my game! Freaking AWESOME! It gave me so much feedback, because I can see, first hand, his experience with my game! Watching the video was the coolest thing too! I loved it.

Now I’m not saying everyone should go out of their way and make an imgur album, or a youtube video, but it would most certainly be nice to have more feedback than “neat.”, “cool.”, or “could use work.”

Ludum Dare isn’t about being selfish, it’s about helping developers improve their next game, challenging yourself to see what you can make in a very short timeframe, and most importantly, having fun. I’ve loved all the games i’ve played, and I’ve had tons of fun with this Ludum Dare. keep up the good work everyone.

while were on the topic of comments, if you want to play and leave a comment of my game, go ahead. it makes me feel good whenever someone comments on my games. positive or negetive feedback. The War of Japants

The War of Japants Post Mortem & Post LD

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Saturday, December 19th, 2015 11:57 am

For my third LD, i think it went really well. my 2nd LD game sucked, so i’m really proud of this one.

First things first, what did you guys think of my LD game?

1. “Its really hard”. I’m well aware of the difficulty of my game. i wanted it te be challenging, yet not impossible. the random generation CAN rarely screw you over, but there shouldn’t be any situations in which it was 100% the game’s fualt for your death.

2. “The controls are frustrating”. To be honest, i never thought this at all. During development, i thought having shift as attack was pretty convenient. apparently i’m the only one who thinks that.

3. “The music is great, but repetitive”. I tried making it similar to an arcade game. they usually have repetitive loops, but they are catchy and sound good.

4. “It’s impossible to play this game without a huge, stupid grin”. This was one of my favorite comments. i’m definitely going for humor on this one, and this comment made my day.

Thanks for all the feedback! i’ve fixed some of the errors in my brand new Post LD version of my game! but what all does the post LD version have to offer?








(There were pictures, but imgur kept breaking. sorry about that.)

Check out my game here and enjoy! thanks for a wonderful LD34!

The last of the Ninjean Lineage

Posted by
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 9:21 pm

Have you ever wanted to play a game in which you are a pair of pants, and a ninja? you have now.

my game takes place in the great country of early Japants, where the ninjean lineage was almost finished of by all the other lineages. it’s your job to be a totally cool ninja, and jump from building to building, climb towers, and kill all the other pairs of pants that get in your way.

this game also features…

A Totally cool background!

A Fancy Ancient mode, setting the game to look like a really old movie!

The coolest protagonist you would ever want on a wire coat hanger!

Headband Physics!

Wall Climbing!

And so much more!

Jumping off of some dude's dojo into a tower.

What are you waiting for!

Monster Is A Relative Term…

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:11 pm

This is my 2nd Ludum dare, and it has been quite a success. I feel like I did a pretty decent job on the art, and I had fun with this! Plus I’ve created the greatest character ever, Some guy who beats on on a little kid all day long, so this has been a good weekend overall.

My first Ludum Dare, and definitely not my last.

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 12:25 pm

To me this was a huge accomplishment. I’ve honestly never even completed a game before, so to have made a game in a weekend was a nice feeling. It was tons of fun, and the 48-hour deadline got me really motivated. Even if the game wasn’t too huge, it felt like a huge accomplishment, and i can’t wait for the next Ludum dare!

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