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Infinite Loop finished ;)

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 11:52 am

I didn`t had a particularly innovative idea for the theme, and build a sidescroll shooter I called “Infinite Loop” that is focusing on a simple risk vs reward mechanic.

Infinite Loop Screenshot

“Infinite Loop” – A Steam Punk Sidescroll Shooter

At the start you have 10 seconds to live, and you need to collect orbs to gain more time. But you can´t have more than 10 seconds to live at one point. While you are shooting enemies to increase your score, you always need to keep an eye on your remaining time.

There is one power up which enables you to temporarily deal more damage and a high-score list that shows the 5 highest scores at the end.

You can give it a try here: Play Infinite Loop

“Fading” – Small Post Mortem

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 6:01 am

Fading is a simple stealth game (you can play it HERE) i made for my second LD participation. On one hand because i love stealth games and on the other hand because at my first LD i tried to make one too, and i crashed and burned. So there was a score to settle :)


As the guard in Metal Gear Solid once said: “!”


What went right

I managed to come up with an idea quite quickly, after 1,5h the game design was roughly finished. The plan was to tear the stealth gameplay elements down to the bare minimum. The player should be able to hide behind one type of object, which happens automatically when he is near such a hideout. And that is it, no shadows, no destructible light sources, no footsteps making sounds, … you get the gist.


Player is shown grayed out when in hiding.

I got that main element working fast and i am pretty happy with it.  At some moments there even comes up the stealth game feeling i was going for, when a guard becomes suspicious and you see a “question mark” above it, but you still manage to barley make it to a hiding spot before the alarm sounds goes off.

I am also satisfied with the look of the game, although i do not consider myself a good 2D Artist. I hope i managed to keep the look consistent while creating something that looks minimal without making the impression that there has been no effort to make decent graphics.

One last thing that i consider going sufficiently well is the fact that the game overall, looks quite complete. There is text intro, main menu, pause menu and a short outro. All those little things make the game feel complete, although i did not managed to finish everything i planned.


What went wrong

Oh dear, where should i begin … :) I think i start with the infamous “WALL”. I did not hit it once, but 3 times:

  1. Right after: “It is starting to look like a game!”
  2. Then came: “It does not look like i make any progress at all!”
  3. And: “Dammit! I did not think of that!”

I spend an insane amount of time trying to get the main mechanic to work somewhat decent. Although it turned out ok in the end, it still was very discouraging to work on. And it does not work perfectly, because it is to easy to just jump over the guards and vanish into a hideout.

One thing i intended to implement was a small save-point system, where the player is reseted to the last save-point he passed. Although i did have some experience in implementing such a system, i simply ran out of time.

The biggest thing that went wrong, where the doors. If the player passes a switch it should automatically open the corresponding door. They are in the level design, in the actually build level and their logic is implemented in the code. BUT i could not get it working for more than 1 door, and after working on it for 3h until 2 a.m. i decided to scrap it. Otherwise i think i would not been able to submit the game in time at all.


Doors, why Did It Have to Be Doors?

Doors, why Did It Have to Be Doors?


Because of this the level feels quite boring, it was build thinking this feature is already working.



Although not all things worked out as planned, i still had a great time participating. And now i am off, to play some more of the many great entries!

Looking forward to the next time.



And no, i have no explanation why evil robots would need that many water dispensers …

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