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Eiradirian Wormfare – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @BlayTheNinth)
Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 3:13 am

Eiradirian Wormfare
Eiradirian Wormfare

Okay, first time I did the jam rather than the compo. I still mostly worked alone, but had some assets made by a friend and used lots of CC0 and CC-BY stuff from OpenGameArt.
It was clearly the most fun, but also the most tiring Ludum Dare for me. Due to timezone issues I only got like 4 hours of sleep the first day, second day it was 5 hours. I stayed up way too long too, my first work day was 24 hours long. The day after it was over I was pretty much dead. Didn’t do anything, had a headache and dropped down asleep very early.

But even though I worked pretty much throughout all of my awake-time (I did do 1-2 breaks of at least 30 minutes every day), it got pretty tight towards the end. Levels needed to get setup properly, dialogues needed to be implemented, and The Romanian didn’t even have his special ability yet. I implemented that in the last 10 minutes, along with the Credits screen. Was pretty awesome, coding at super-speed.

So in contrast to my last entry, this is probably my best Ludum Dare entry so far. First time I made a platformer too. In fact, I like how the game turned out so much that I’m considering a post-jam version. More levels, more Wormsweave content (that was planned initially, but time was like “nah man”). An arena mode, achievements, collectibles. Controller support…and if I’m really crazy, Multiplayer Support (this game would play nice in COOP).

What went right:

  • Audio: First time I didn’t have to make music myself or using some auto-generator. Nor did I have to make shooting sounds with my voice this time!
  • Idea: I wanted to make another Eiradirian game. When the theme was announced, I had no idea how to properly put Eiradirian into that context. Then I thought of worms and made them the friendly quest-givers in an invaded underground realm.
  • Code: The same as with other Ludum Dare games. The first two days I produced high quality and beautiful code that allowed me to add new things easily. Then on Day 3 I lost my sanity and produced weird crazy stuff.
  • Graphics: Good thing I grabbed Kenney’s Donation Pack earlier, it had just the tiles we needed for our levels. Also used his platformer player character as a base for our characters.
  • Visual Effects: Lighting, lots of particle effects (my favorite is the force field) and I even used a shader for the first time (the ASCII effect when nearing a wormhole). Learned a lot of new things.

What went wrong:

  • Timelapse: Oh come on, I forgot to timelapse day three. Anyways, I just downloaded all 15 hours of footage and am going to render it as a timelapse, so it’s not that bad.
  • Tutorial: I always forget that the people who are gonna play my game won’t have the bonus of working on it for 3 days. What seemed obvious to me got others stuck before even getting to the first levels.

That’s it. Try my game here (it’s fun). Or check out the prequel (also fun but not looking as good) and see how much difference that extra jam day made.

Mad Mandy – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @BlayTheNinth)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 1:18 am

Mad Mandy
Mad Mandy

Hmm.. well, I didn’t finish this entry. Does that break the x5 combo? Nah, participating and submitting at least something is enough to keep it up.
Ludum Dare was fun. At least for the first 24 hours. Then I realized I wouldn’t make it in time. Some other things didn’t work out like I planned (derpy room generation).
This is probably my worst Ludum Dare entry so far, as it’s not even a game, really. But I got to sing music for my own game, so that’s pretty cool.

What went right:

  • Music: Did you hear it? I actually sang my game music! I didn’t know I was so…uh..talented..?
  • Idea: Considering I didn’t like the theme, I guess my idea wasn’t too bad.
  • Code: Well, at least in the beginning my code was beautiful. On Day 2, towards the end, I started hacking things in because I felt like I was running out of time.
  • Livestream: Sharing your Ludum Dare experience is fun.
  • Timelapse: I almost forgot – but then I seem to have captured most of the footage. So yeah, there’ll be a timelapse!

What went wrong:

  • Sound: Well, lots of sounds are missing. Even forgot to put one in. But there are FIVE farting sounds.
  • Theme: I hated it. Only thing I came up with are the boring things like “only one life”, “only one bullet”, “only one key”, “only one choice”
  • Graphics: Sure, the intro and death screen have some style. But the furniture is ugly and not aligned in the game grid.

That’s all. Try my entry here.


Posted by (twitter: @BlayTheNinth)
Monday, December 9th, 2013 10:37 am


I’m in and will be livestreaming again.
Maybe this time I won’t mess up the timelapse either :)

Language: Java
IDE: Eclipse
Framework: libGDX
Graphics: GIMP
Sound & Music: AudaCity and my microphone!
Timelapse: Chronolapse
Streaming: OBS

It’s gonna be a great start into my vacation from work. See you in a few days!

Eiradirian Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @BlayTheNinth)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 6:03 am

Eiradirian Timejumpers
Eiradirian Timejumpers

So this is where I talk about how things went this time and how great I am, right?
As always, Ludum Dare was so much fun. This was my fourth time and I’m still loving it. I feel like you can really see how much you improved by comparing your entries with each other, and this one was surely my best entry so far – at least I think (hope?) so.

What went right:

  • Theme: 10 Seconds was one of the themes I voted, and looking back I’m glad it was chosen :)
  • Idea: I’ve wanted to do a game like this for a bit now already and the theme finally made it possible. Yay!
  • Code: I have to say my code turned out pretty beautiful, if you disregard the last-minute hardcoded ugly things. It should be clean, efficient – and most importantly, it works!
  • Sound: I’m not a fan of sound generators, so I usually record them myself. It was hard to get going because I tried to take myself seriously, but once I gave up and decided for silly sounds again it ended up beautifully.
  • Livestream: This was my first livestream and even though I only had one monitor it worked out well. I even had a viewer come and chat with me! If you are reading this, hello and thanks for coming ;P

What went wrong:

  • Timelapse: ..uhm..oops? I totally forgot about it.
  • Graphics: Well, the character faces turned out nice. But the rest? Eww.
  • Music: I actually wanted to do cool ambient music using my voice and the PaulStretch effect, but I had no time left.

That’s all. Play my game here. Do it. Now!

I’m in again!

Posted by (twitter: @BlayTheNinth)
Thursday, August 15th, 2013 4:16 pm

Yay, I’m participating for the fourth time in a row now!
Already can’t wait. Will be livestreaming this time, too.

Language: Java
IDE: Eclipse
Framework: probably libGDX, depends on what I’ll make though 😉
Graphics: GIMP
Sound & Music: AudaCity and my microphone! No, I won’t sing, silly. For music I’ll probably use Autotracker.
Timelapse: Chronolapse
Streaming: OBS

Alrighty, that’s all. Whoosh.

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