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LD… You’re getting so many new people

Posted by (twitter: @blackfizz92)
Saturday, March 31st, 2012 10:54 am

Since I watched Notch’s livestream, while he was coding a LD entry, a strong force said that I should participate, too. 😀

But at that time I wasn’t very good at game programming, I only programmed other stuff than games in my university. So I started to get in touch with some graphics/game libraries for C++ and I ended up with SFML 2.0.

I really like SFML and I hope I can make something nice for LD23. It doesn’t have to be very good. I just want to have fun.  And now I think I can start with my first project in LD23. I’m really looking forward to this compo!

The main priority for me is to finish the game and of course to code 48 hours :)

So in conclusion: I wanna code! I hope you too.

And for everyone who is interested: My coding place :)

A bit messy, but that’s OK for me.


PS: I hate to say this but I hope my english isn’t too bad. I’m from germany :)

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