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So what’s been happening outside of Ludum Dare?

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 3:35 am

I’ve been doing great!

Up until last December, I consistently quit on Ludum Dare’s. The idea of completing a Ludum Dare, let alone an actual game was unfathomable to me. Shortly before Ludum Dare, I started work on what would later be named ‘Never Stop Fighting’. It was on and off until Ludum Dare came, and I actually completed a game for it!

That completion got me hyped up and carried me through until just about a week ago, where ‘Never Stop Fighting’ officially released!

I have to say, it feels great to not only break my quitting streak on Ludum Dare, but to also release my first real game!

I’d seriously appreciate it if you’d check it out and maybe leave some feedback so I can maybe get things a little better next game I make!

Check out Never Stop Fighting!


I. Am. In.

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 3:21 am

I’ll be competing for LD32!
I’ll be working in a team with the artist from my Ludum Dare 31 game, Duck, Jump, Die!(which is now in the process of being made into a mobile game!) and hopefully learning a lot and producing a game from start to finish, just like last time!

Oh, and I’ll be timelapsing.
Game Maker Studio

(not sure what Kazma will be using for art. Probably PyxelEdit)

Looking for a new programmer!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Friday, January 2nd, 2015 10:32 pm

I’m honestly not entirely sure if this type of post is allowed, so please forgive me if it’s not.

We have continued development on our ludum dare 31 game, and are hoping to launch for mobile devices in March. There’s one giant kink in this plan, though. We no longer have a programmer.

While I did the programming for the original game, I don’t have the knowledge required to do it justice. This is where the community comes in to play.

We’re currently looking for another programmer to join us (you’ll be using java with LibGDX). If you’re interested, contact me either via twitter (@DivitosGD) or on Skype(bkghwh).

Final confirmation that we are in fact working on a post compo version!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 4:53 am

Me, Brad, and recently Squid4Life have joined forces to create a post compo version of our endless runner Duck, Jump, Die! for mobile.

This game is going to be drastically different from the ludum dare game, made completely from scratch in an entirely different language, and will have loads more content!

We’re shooting for a March release, but nothing is currently set in stone.

To follow us along for the ride, make sure to follow our brand spanking new twitter account, @RealTeamOmi!

The ludum dare 31 season has come to an end!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Monday, December 29th, 2014 7:03 pm

As I’m writing this, we’re still unsure of our results.

I love each and every one of you. You’re amazing.

Thank you all for the kind words on Duck, Jump, Die!

This was important to me, because for the past few months I’ve thought of myself as going nowhere.

And now, as destiny would have it, me and Brad have began development on a mobile version of Duck, Jump, Die!

Thank you.


January 1st, Remembrance Day!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Saturday, December 27th, 2014 3:45 am

I was thinking back to a couple old products and unpurused projects of mine.

I realized that in a way these defined more of who I am as a game designer than all of my released projects do.

I propose that on January 1st, everyone posts an old prototype or unpursued projects of theirs to help usher in a brand new year of game development!

My favorite games so far!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 3:22 pm

I didn’t get around to playing a bunch of games this time around, and there’s certainly a bunch of amazing ones I missed.

From what I have played, though, I compiled a list of my top 5 favorites (in no particular order)!

 An RPG For Ants

Play The Game!

RPG for Ants was among the first couples games I played, if not the very first game. Ever since my first play through, I fell in love with it. I’m a sucker for procedural generation and hyper leveling, so this game really hit the spot for me. It seems simplistic at first, but it’s that simplistic edge that makes this game a must play!


LD Scan

Play The Game!

I’ll be the first to admit I had absolutely no idea what was going on while playing this game. That’s what made it fun, though! The entire thing felt like a learning experience, and was quite an amazing nod to Papers, Please. This game finds you as an inspector attempting to prevent the spread of a virus. One small screw-up, and you kill everyone.


7 Days Of War

Play The Game!

By far the most immersive game (that I’ve seen) to come out of a ludum dare. I’m virtually speechless when it comes to just how amazing this game is. You find yourself as a figurehead of a family who is expecting you to provide for them during a bombing. You have to risk going out in the bombs to collect care packages and food, or stay inside and let everyone starve. Wow.


No Space For Error

Play The Game!

Not really much to say about this one, this is one you have to play yourself to experience. One thing I can say about it, though, I absolutely loved the graphics! It just all fits together amazingly well!


Eat Fruits

Play The Game!

This is one of the latest games I played, and it really stuck with me. It’s main selling point in my opinion is the simplistic yet elegant graphics mixed in with the simplistic yet elegant game play. I haven’t actually got a chance to play the mobile version yet, but based on how the game played for PC, it’d be even better on mobile!



Now that we’ve got that list over with, here is the point where I show off a picture of my game, drop a link to it, and ask you to play and rate. So yeah.

Play Duck, Jump, Die!


Work has began!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Saturday, December 20th, 2014 12:34 pm

We have began work on a post compo version of Duck, Jump, Die!

Play The Game!


Duck, Jump, Die Will:

  • Be an entirely new game designed from scratch
  • Be made with mobile devices in mind, rather than just a port of a PC game
  • Feature new and improved graphics
  • Feature hundreds of new obstacles, collectibles, and costumes

Duck, Jump, Die Will Not:

  • Just be a bug fixed version of the jam submission (We already have that!).
  • Just be a port of the already bug fixed PC version

Duck, Jump, Die (Post Mortem + Timelapse!)

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Sunday, December 14th, 2014 4:11 pm

First off, the timelapse.

Post Mortem

We faced several problems right off the bat. My original intentions was to program it in Game Maker: Studio completely by myself and submit for the compo rather than the jam.

A friend of mine offered to team up with me about 5 hours before the jam. I wouldn’t be able to help with the programming due to the language he was using, but I agreed anyways. It was decided I’d work on audio on concepts.

Fast forward towards the beginning of the competition, and I was running off of 2 or 3 hours of sleep. I’d tried previously, but couldn’t get to sleep, so I just opted to stay awake until we at least had a concept done. ‘We’ included me, the friend from earlier, and one of his friends(an artist).

Then we get to the theme being announced. We all dabbled with some ideas for about 10 to 20 minutes before the programmer decided to opt out and leave me and the artist to our devices. I prepared to program while we continued to concept.

Our initial plan was a top down twitch reflex maze. The walls would be moving at you at an accelerated rate and you’d have to us WASD to navigate without hitting a wall or falling behind. We in a way kept this concept, but just changed it around to being an endless runner.

He began on the art, I began importing it. About an hour in, he went to sleep, and I followed shortly after. Luckily realizing I had forgotten to start the time lapse. I started it, and ended up getting some sleep.

A couple hours later, I woke up, and started on the main game. I faced quite a bit of problems. The floor was initially tiled, and I was hoping I could make it sync to the obstacles. I eventually gave up and just made the floor one seamless line and added in some obstacles. After that, I had my initial concept of how I was gonna do anything, and added in some more obstacles. A short bit later, Brad(the artist) woke up and I sent him a build. We ended up getting a bit addicted to it, and didn’t get much work done for about an hour.

From then on out, it was pretty much just him doing art, me hacking away at the programming, occasionally sending builds to him and some friends, occasionally us finding ourselfs in a skype call, and a lot of the time us joking around about things.

We ended up finishing about the time the regular compo was ending, and submitted for the jam(albeit with some undiscovered bugs) and the rest is history.

Fast forward to a week later, I just released a bug fixed version of it, and Brad and I have decided to carry on development from scratch on an entirely new version of Duck, Jump, Die for mobile!

The Good

We ended up with a final product! That broke a 6 competition long quitting streak for me, with my last completed Ludum Dare being LD25.

We ended up making a pretty fun game! Even after the horrors of the battlefield, I still find myself playing it when I get bored(on occasion).

We ended up meeting each other! We actually work out pretty well as a partnership, and if it hadn’t of been for this Ludum Dare, we never would’ve met.

The Bad

We didn’t use the remaining time we had on polish and bug fixing, when it really could have used it.

The game is highly unoptimized, and tends to slow down for some people.

The music is incredibly loud, and ends up hurting peoples ears first time around.

Play The Game!

Obligatory Cross Promo!



Duck, Jump, Die is out!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 7:45 pm

I finally broke the quitting streak and finished a game for ludum dare!

The last game I completed for LD was LD 25. I’ve tried everyone since then, but dropped out.



I just fixed the worse bug of all!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 8:25 am

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, and it didn’t really detour people from playing.

But still, for whatever reason I felt like I HAD to kill that bug.

Things are finally back on track!



Screenshot #2

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 2:09 pm



Here we are, close to 24 hours in, and we got screenshot #2!



I’m playing as much as I’m programming

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 11:20 am

I’ve gotten addicted to my  own game.! 😀


On another note, if you look back at my Ludum Dare history, it’s quite grim. I think I may actually finish this time, though.

Screenshot + Why this is the most creatively free theme

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 7:46 am

After a bit of collaboration with an artist, some sleep, and a couple hours of programming, I present to you the first screenshot of our entry!




And now onto why I think this is the first theme in Ludum Dare history that allows for absolutely anything.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Ludum Dare themes have no set meaning, and is completely up for interpretation.

You could interpret this as one level, one window, or somehow the game literally taking place on a literal screen mesh.

Why does this allow for complete freedom? You can also interpret this as being on one monitor, in which case you can do pretty much whatever.

We got something!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 7:43 pm

This time around I’ll be submitting for the jam and working with a partner.

We opted to go for an endless plaltormer/runner.

Sleep Time + Playable even more!

Posted by (twitter: @DivitosGD)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:26 am

There’s a lot of random factors involved, but this far in the competition, this is all I can afford in terms of depth.

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