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I love grass and every improvement in rendering grass pushes the world ever closer to my dream game : Grass Watcher 20XX.


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Geofront, my first game: a post-mortem

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 7:44 pm

I made Geofront for practice, to see if I could find it within myself to design on my own. I never intended to make a good game. It was just setting myself a challenge.


What went wrong :
– The game was supposed to be more obviously tied to the theme. Basically you live inside a sphere, and that sphere is inside another surface, and then a third one. Each level should have been the player-character shooting their way out of one sphere, only to encounter the next one after. I didn’t want water and I didn’t want caves. I wanted sky.
– I ran out of time. The game should have been triple its current length, it should have had three levels in total, more enemies and more gorgeous, detailed, furnished backgrounds. Taught me to check my ambitions.
– Not enough playtesting. That’s a lesson I will keep in mind. If someone else hasn’t tried your game before release, it probably isn’t as fun as you think. This is probably basic for many of you. I did have a couple friends, the guys at H-bomb playtest though, they really helped. You can have a go at their current game, Clodo Crush Saga, originally made for this year’s Global Game Jam. It’s loads of fun.
– Enemies randomly become extremely resistant. They practically stop registering damage. There might be something wrong with how the Flash/Stencyl combo seems to handle collisions. Or, more likely, I just looked for the bug in the wrong places.
– The boss design wasn’t really well thought out, visually. I can and will do better.

Untitled 2

What went right :
– Had loads of fun, tested my abilities and limits, saw lots of beautiful projects being made following #LD48 on Twitter.
– Pixel art is a blast.
– Learned a lot about logic. Stencyl doesn’t require programming skills, however I’m pretty sure what I’ve learned developing this will be useful soon.
– Great music from Lucien. His work really added a playful, happy vibe. Check out his soundcloud page!


If you’ve played Geofront, thank you. Know that just thinking about you playing it makes me happy.


I have no idea what I’m doing

Saturday, April 26th, 2014 4:16 am

Hello, people! This is my second Ludum Dare and third game jam overall. I usually hang around the guys at H-bomb, but this time I’m doing it all by myself.

I’m using Stencyl to make the game, but I haven’t tried making a full game with it yet, learning it as I go, which I’ll admit is a recipe for failure. But we ARE here to have fun after all.

Still not done with the brainstorming part. But I did come up with several cool titles, like, for instance, Super Shaman Bayou Cop. I don’t even know what I’ll be using for music. I see everyone here likes Audacity, so I might give that a run and see what comes out.

Good luck!

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